Drug Addiction: The Stages of Recovery

Woman in remissionWhen you hear of recovery from substance abuse, you may be curious to know how long it takes a person to gain complete recovery. Professionals normally divide the recovery into three important stages: the early, middle and last phases.

In every stage of drug addiction recovery in Orem, healing institution Renaissance Ranch Outpatient notes that a person should complete several tasks and learn several lessons before reaching the next stage. A person is an addict when he or she has lost control over the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Eventually, the addiction would have affected them in an adverse manner morally, physically and mentally, adversely distressing all their relationships. A recovering person faces all these negativities gradually and tries to change them into positives.

The first stage

The initial task in the early recovery stage is to obtain control over drugs that change moods and thinking of the affected person. They have to admit they have a problem; otherwise seeking treatment would not work.

This allows the brain to recover from the chemical alterations that have taken place in the brain. This takes time, and depends on the extent of the addiction and the drugs the person abused. The addict can become aware of the addiction, work on a prevention plan, and build a support system in this phase.

Second stage

In the middle recovery period, the person tries to strengthen his resolve to stay away from the substance. During this phase, the person re-learns all the lessons he or she might have forgotten or did not learn at all in the first place. The addict turns towards a balanced and better lifestyle from here onwards.

Last phase

Here, the person will address some fundamental issues, those that are deeply rooted and might even go back to early childhood. This needs analysis as it might explain the addiction in the first place. The person also mends his relationships with other people.

The last stage also acts as the maintenance of sorts of the patient. This is where he starts to live a normal life.