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Person on Wheelchair

Discover the Versatility of Lightweight Wheelchairs for Ageing Patients

Person on WheelchairLightweight wheelchairs are very versatile and can be used by different groups of people with mobility problems. If you have limited mobility due to old age but you wish to have independence, then a lightweight wheelchair from Karma Mobility may be the right option for you.

At Karma Mobility, we take into consideration many factors when designing our wheelchairs and we always make sure that they are user-friendly for older and incapacitated people. If you wish to propel your wheelchair by yourself, but also want to have someone push it for you at times, then our lightweight wheelchairs are ideal for you.

What is the difference between a regular and a lightweight wheelchair?

Unlike some transport wheelchairs, which have four small wheels, lightweight wheelchairs come with two large wheels on the rear and two small up front. This makes them easier to use outdoors and ideal for elderly people who want to be moved around with the help of a carer or a family member. Some of our wheelchairs have a self-propel mechanism for better control and independence.

How can an older person benefit from a lightweight wheelchair?

Older people are not necessarily immobile, but sometimes wish to use a wheelchair for longer distances. This causes less fatigue and allows them to make the most of their day. Plus, most lightweight portable wheelchairs are folded and can be stored in the boot of a car or transported around with relative ease.

Lightweight chairs at Karma Mobility are sturdy, strong and provide balance and flexibility to older patients who are at risk of falling while walking.

If you plan to spend quite some time in your wheelchair, then you are advised to add customised cushions, backrests and other accessories that will add comfort. High-quality lightweight wheelchairs such as those available at Karma Mobility will be effective even for longer distances. However, a regular wheelchair may be a safer bet in this case, especially if you want someone to push it for you.

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To learn more about our wheelchairs and explore the differences between our models, visit our website or contact us today.

Baby on an Infant Seat

Going on Vacation? Renting a Car Seat Could Save Your Child’s Life

Baby on an Infant SeatIf you’re going on vacation and have to hire a rental car, you can hire an infant car seat too. When coming from abroad or using public transport, hiring infant products makes the holiday easier.

When flying into the United States or using public transport to get to a final holiday destination, carrying bulky items can be awkward. It’s amazing how many things a baby or toddler needs. Tourists with tots will need a car seat if they are planning to hire a car on their arrival. Rather than struggling to try and bring one along, why not hire one instead?

Children and RTA’s

There are far fewer child fatalities due to road traffic accidents than there were in previous decades, but hundreds of children still die every year in RTA’s. 38% of the children who died in 2013 did so because their car seat was not properly installed or they were not buckled in. Children up to the age of 12 should use a car seat or booster seat, but 618,000 children throughout the states were found travelling in vehicles without one. Even where they are used, the vast majority of parents don’t know how to use them correctly, reducing their effectiveness in a crash by almost half.

Keeping Baby Safe

The protective effect of a properly installed car seat is even more apparent for babies. A baby of less than one year old has a 71% reduced risk of death in RTA when he or she has a secure car seat. Infant car seat rental is available at Baby Borrow Rental for visitors to West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Delray and Boynton. Knowledgeable staff can also show parents how to install their car seat to keep junior safe correctly. They also hire out cribs, strollers and other baby equipment to keep baby safe and happy on holiday.

Don’t let baby become an RTA statistic. Rent a car seat when going away – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Common Mistakes People Commit When Buying Office Chairs

Interior design of an officeThere are so many things to consider when you order office chairs on the web from sites such as Online Office Furniture. The best office chairs shouldn’t be hard to come by, although there are certain mistakes that you have to avoid when choosing the best one for your workstation.

Take a look at some of the most common mistakes and see if they apply to you.

Wrong fabric

One of the most crucial factors you need to consider is the fabric. It has an effect on maintenance and cleaning. These pieces of furniture are often exposed to dirt and stains.

Vinyl is the most popular choice because its fabric doesn’t stain easily. However, most companies that have a large budget often choose leather since it’s easy to clean, and liquid doesn’t seep into it.

Wrong color choice

You can never go wrong with a black chair, especially in the office. But, there are times when you just want to see a pop of color to give your office a more modern look. Furthermore, white and brown chairs look stylish and classic, but they might seem boring at times.

As such, choosing bright colors, such as red, can add a little flair to your office aesthetics. Consider how you want your office to look.

Not testing the chair

The office chair may look great and looks like an interesting addition to your office. However, it won’t do you any good if it’s damaged or doesn’t work that well. It’s better to try the product first to see if it’s comfortable enough to sit in for a few hours a day and if it’s free from any damages or defects.

There’s more to an office chair than just being a piece of furniture. That’s why it’s important to choose the best one for your office needs. These mistakes are something that you have to keep an eye on.

Making Your Motorcycle Ride More Enjoyable

Man riding motorcycle along highwayDid you know that stereo systems are not limited to cars and trucks? Motorcycles can have fully functional stereo systems and still function well. Stereo systems on a motorcycle make rides fun and enjoyable. You can also ride for long distances and not worry about battery life. Shopping for a portable motorcycle speaker can be tricky if you do not know what you should look for. Here are some useful hints you can apply when going shopping for motorcycle speakers:

Mounting Options

It is important to consider the position of your motorcycle speakers on your motorbike. Some speakers are fit for mounting on the rear side of the motorcycle, and others are suitable for mounting on the handlebars. Motorcycle riders might prefer mounting speakers on their handlebars.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Safety for you and other road users is critical when riding your motorcycle. It is advisable to play the music on your phone on the speaker via Bluetooth connection. A Bluetooth connection can also work with turn-by-turn GPS navigation services. Connecting your speakers via Bluetooth also projects the sound of your phone.


Ordinary indoor speakers is not suitable for outdoor use. Exposure to humid air and rain can damage the electrical components of the speaker system. It’s best to find portable speakers that are waterproof and dustproof to ensure longevity.


Like any electronic device, you should only purchase your speakers if the manufacturer offers warranty for the same. You can then be sure that you have a place to go to should the speakers malfunction within the period in the warranty statement.

You could improve and enhance your motorcycle with a simple addition of speakers. Ensure you get the right portable motorcycle speakers so you’ll still stay safe but still have fun on your ride.

How to Remove the Insulation Off Copper Wire for Recycling

Scrapheap of copper foil (sheet) for recyclingWhen it comes to recycling scrap wire, the higher the amount of metal recovery in the material, the better. This means there should be less insulation, plugs and fittings, because the purer the metal, the higher the value.

Here is how you can strip the insulation off your scrap copper wire.

Cutting and peeling it from the copper wire

You can safely remove the plastic insulation by a mechanical process. Just cut the insulation and remove it from your copper wire.

High-temperature burning

You can also process the insulated copper wire in an incinerator. Metal recyclers here in Auckland recommend the use of an approved incinerator rather than an open fire to burn the insulation off the wiring.

The high temperature in a recommended incinerator gets rid of the insulation, destroying the contaminants in the insulation. An open fire leads to low-temperature burning. Such burning then releases pollutants into the soil, air and water.

The pollutants include heavy metals such as selenium, cadmium and lead. Elevated concentrations of such elements are a risk to the environment and human health. An open fire may also downgrade your copper.

Using a wire stripper

If you have a lot of waste wire, a wire stripper may make your work easier. The machine is an efficient and quick way to strip the wire. However, a stripper is an extra cost, and the investment is only necessary if you will be dealing with bulk amounts of scrap wire regularly.

Metal recyclers here in Auckland buy old copper wire and send it over for necessary refining or smelting.

Recycling means fewer demands for new manufacturing materials and less copper in landfills. If your scrap metal dealer wants you to remove the insulation on your old copper wire, you can quickly detach the plastic mechanically, burn it, or use a machine.​

Priority Tasks When Filing an Insurance Claim After Fire Damage

Burning houseHouse fires are becoming a huge threat in areas of the world with abnormally long and persistent droughts. The damage caused by a conflagration can be devastating, and the loss may be too traumatic to comprehend.

Nevertheless, in the aftermath of a tragedy, one must keep a clear head and do what needs done to facilitate insurance damage claims.

Documenting the aftermath

The steps to complete restoration are too many, and although you may be too overwhelmed to comprehend, you must have the presence of mind to document the carnage. The obvious effects of the fire are easy enough to see, but there are hidden effects as well.

Fire damage is only one aspect. The soot is on the walls, and the smell of smoke is everywhere. Moreover, water damage becomes evident once firefighting efforts have ceased.

As soon as the vicinity is cleared and safe to explore, inspect the damage and document thoroughly and within the bounds of safety, of course. Also, you must secure the property to mitigate additional problems.

Making a list

To prepare proper fire damage claims, you must make a list of items lost in the fire. A comprehensive list is a must so you cannot delay making it. Ask every member of the household because you may neglect or forget something important.

There is no compensation for items thrown away during clean up and restoration efforts, so be watchful and meticulous.

Immediate action

If you expect the insurance company to respond as soon as possible, you must file the claim immediately. Comply with requirements and they will have no reason to delay processing. Proof of loss is one of the most important documents, which includes the items lost with their value.

You do not have to worry about that if you have already made a comprehensive list.

When you are unsure about something concerning the claim, call someone for help. A professional adjuster can give you good advice on the claim you are planning to submit.

Britain Orders Fire Safety Tests for High-Rise Cladding

Fire alarm in case of emergencyThe Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) ordered British councils to submit a portion of exterior cladding from tower blocks, following the Grenfell Tower fire incident.

Local authorities will immediately need to inspect cladding materials used for high-rise buildings to make sure these are flame-retardant to avoid another fire accident.

Safety Requirements

The DCLG’s order covers councils that have buildings with aluminium composite material cladding reaching more than 59 feet. These areas must submit testing samples of the material to the government unit to determine their safety qualities and compliance.

It scheduled the examination of samples on June 20 to check if these materials are combustible. While the investigation of Grenfell Tower continues, the submission of samples will allow the government to find out whether or not cladding systems for buildings require certain upgrades.

Other than cladding, other aspects of maintenance work include commercial HVAC repair. M&E Maintenance Solutions Ltd agrees that UK property owners must recognise that the Grenfell Tower accident is not isolated to high-rise apartments.

Sprinkler Systems

The installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems within tower blocks can serve as added safety measure, although the government should not be responsible for promoting their use, according to former Housing Minister Brandon Lewis.

Instead, the fire-safety industry should urge property developers to equip buildings with sprinkler systems. That is because obliging developers to install the systems could affect their decision of building more homes. Demand for housing remains strong amidst a lack of supply.

This complicated situation of balancing the interests of public safety and housing should influence the government’s consideration of reviewing building regulations.

Owners of high-rise buildings should not seek to cut corners when it comes to proper maintenance of facilities. Despite the seemingly high costs of routine inspections and repairs, these expenses are worth the lives that can be saved.

Dealing with Oil Spills: Current Methods and Possible Alternatives

Oil Spill CaseResearchers are keen on finding new and effective ways to deal with oil spills. A breakthrough involving the introduction of nanoparticles in the plume, which a magnet can recover, offers an efficient alternative.

However, while the methods are not yet in the mainstream, we must familiarise ourselves with typical recovery and remediation techniques.

Absorbent materials

A new material called Petrogel is the next big thing in oil recovery. A polymer with high absorptive capacities takes up the substance and then transforms it into a gel. The gel is stable enough to hold the oil while transported for reuse in a recovery facility.

While we await the commercial availability of this product, we must be satisfied with the containment capabilities of available oil spill absorbent materials to contain the substance and lessen its damage to the environment and marine life.

Biological agents

Oil sits on the water surface once spilt. Component of petroleum products along the shoreline can still do damage to wildlife. You introduce biological agents to degrade the substance faster than the natural rate, thus producing by-products, which are non-toxic.

The action of microorganisms can be hastened using minerals that increase the rate of biodegradation.

Boom containments

One of the simplest and most widely used means of containing spills is the use of floating booms. These are physical barriers, which anchors on strategically to prevent the spread of oil on a body of water that is already contaminated. The set-up is most useful if there is a stream outlet or inlet at the location.

Booms can effectively prevent the contaminant from entering other areas.

Biological agents, absorbent polymers, boom containment equipment are some of the common tools and used to contain and remove oil from bodies of water. We can only look forward to a time when more effective and efficient methods are available to arrest the catastrophic consequences of massive spills.

Modern Workstation

Make Way for the Latest Work Station Design Trends

Modern Workstation

The personal space an office worker requires these days is smaller compared to a decade or two ago because of the rise of the digital age. Filing cabinets are almost obsolete now that the primary file storage option is a desktop or laptop computer. Office spaces are also becoming more effective—a necessity given the rising cost of real estate.

When you are planning to start a business or renovating your place of business, the designers at Bishop Interiors says that it helps to know about the defining characteristics of modern office workstations, as well as new trends in workplace design.

Office Desks and Seating Options

Configuring a limited amount of space is a huge challenge. The number of designs for office desks and seating options should be on top of your list. The right kind of furniture inspires people to work hard and boosts productivity.

You need to know how many people in your team need dedicated office desks. These days, not every employee needs one. You have to consider space requirements for collaborative work, which may be more important for your organisation than allotting desk and chair for every employee.

Meetings at the Lounge

Managers still meet in boardrooms, but some companies hold their meetings in a multi-purpose lounge room. A relaxed and casual atmosphere encourages creative ideas to come forth. Rigid environments seem to foster rigid attitudes as well. Your company might want to consider the merits of a setting that promotes free-flowing discussion and encourages innovative solutions to problems.

Nature Within Reach

When you bring the outdoors to an office space, you are bringing natural elements that make the area livable and hospitable. Bringing nature within reach promotes positive attitudes and improves team success rates. Start reading about living walls and how you can incorporate the design in your workplace.

Modern works spaces are adaptable, smart, and efficient. Create workstations appropriate to the needs and working styles of your workers. Add elements that foster creativity, comfort, and relaxation to bring out the best in your team members.

Gears of a Swiss Precision Machine

4 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Swiss Precision Machining

Gears of a Swiss Precision MachineYears of technological advancement have made precision Swiss machines better than they were before. More than conventional CNC machines, Swiss machines provide fast turnaround times that make them the industry standard in creating precision parts.

And because of their flexibility, Swiss machines are preferred across a multitude of industries, from aerospace engineering to health care and information technology. Typical parts produced by Swiss machines include everything from medical valves, pins, watch parts, medical implants, and machine components.

Numerous workshops have switched over to Swiss machining, thanks to the following advantages they get.

1. Produce High-Precision Parts

The biggest benefit you can get is the high-precision production of parts you can expect. Swiss machines can produce parts with absolute precision, whether you want one or 1,000 parts of the same design.

2. Save Time

Swiss machines can continue running for several days or weeks without burning out. This means you can continue producing products 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as long as you conduct constant preventive maintenance.

3. Take Advantage of Technology

Swiss machines have the advantage of using software that is perpetually improved to increase the functionality of the machines. Because of this, workshops can now produce certain parts that were previously impossible only in the last few years.

4. Increase Production at Lower Costs

Swiss machines operate automatically, which means you do not have to hire as many operators as you need to handle conventional machines. This allows you to focus on the production of high-quality precision parts without having to pay a bigger staff to do so.

Of course, there are also downsides to these machines. For one thing, it is not cheap to invest in Swiss precision machines and in training your staff to operate them. However, the advantages of switching to Swiss machines far outweigh the disadvantages, and you will see your investment paying for itself over time.