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Why Do People Go Outdoors Without Sunglasses?

Woman wearing sunglasses outdoorsSunglasses are necessary for eye health. Unfortunately, millions of people never, rarely, or just occasionally wear shades when outdoors. According to various surveys by the Vision Council, here are some of the reasons most people fail to wear sunglasses:

1. They don’t believe UV exposure can hurt eyes.

Some people go outdoors without sunglasses because they don’t think their eyes are at any substantial risk from UV exposure. In reality, though, too much UV radiation from the sun can cause problems, such as cataracts, cornea burns, and eyelid cancer.

It’s due to such issues that St. Paul opticians recommend wearing sunglasses every time you’re outdoors, whether it’s sunny or cloudy.

2. They simply forget to wear sunglasses.

Some people who go outdoors without protective lenses say they forgot to put their sunglasses on. But, if people understand that shades are as crucial as sunscreen, they wouldn’t forget to pick their sunglasses every time they step outside.

3. They don’t expect to be in the sun for long.

People may not wear sunglasses if they do not expect to be out long enough to warrant putting on eye protection. Unfortunately, eyes start accumulating sun damage as soon as there is any UV exposure. The damage is more significant between 2 PM and 4 PM when UV exposure to the eyes is the highest.

4. They don’t own prescription sunglasses.

People might give this excuse if they don’t appreciate the importance of sunglasses or they think all protective lenses are expensive. Sunglasses do not have to be costly. According to experts, all you need is to pick comfortable shades that block 99–100% of UV rays.

Wearing shades is fashionable and fun. Besides this, however, sunglasses are a health necessity for everyone. Unfortunately, there are still millions of Americans who don’t slip on their shades every time they go outside. Hopefully, the facts here will convince you otherwise.

Do’s and Don’ts in Buying an Engagement Ring

The engagement ring set.Every man’s goal is to make her woman happy. That involves getting her the perfect engagement ring. Whether you have the resources to buy the ring or not, there is one thing you won’t want to do — spend your money on something that is not worth it. With this economy, you always have to make sure that you get your money’s worth.

It doesn’t actually end with the ring. There are many decisions to make: getting the right type of stone, color, and cut, planning the actual proposal, and the list goes on. Here are some do’s and don’ts that you should take note:

DO make sure it’s unique

AAA Jewelers notes that you can get something unique when you get custom jewelry in Utah. Some couples keep the tradition by getting grandma’s diamonds and putting it in a whole new setting. This way, you can still have something new and distinct for yourselves.

DON’T give her what she does not like

The ring should look good on her; it has to be the one she likes. When choosing a ring, think of her personal style and preference. Be creative in making her tell you what she wants or in researching on what she likes. For sure, she has all these information on social media.

DO look beyond the Four “Cs”

The four “Cs” has been the usual consideration for jewelry buyers. Yes, it’s how diamonds are certified and given value, but there is an extra sparkle that you should be looking for, which is not stated on its certificate. You can go for a customized ring or an heirloom. Remember, diamonds should be felt and experienced.

DON’T focus much on the value

Many people say you’d need two months worth of salary to get the perfect engagement ring these days. The truth about this is, it doesn’t really matter how much you spend, as long as you are comfortable with it and you know that what you have chosen will make your loved one happy.

Buying the perfect ring may sound tedious but at the end of the day, all these preparations will be worth it when you hear her say “yes”. Go get that perfect engagement ring and start planning your proposal.

Boot Styles You Should Own

Part of hippie women sitting on curbEvery stylish woman must have a pair of boots in her closet. Boots are versatile that no matter what the trend is, they will never go out of style. There are plenty of hipster boots trends this year that you can try, including boots by HELM Boots USA, LLC. Remember that your footwear is essential to your style, so be sure to choose the right pair.

Below is a list of some of the types of boots that you can wear:

Rain Boots

Not only is a pair of rain boots convenient and useful during rainy days, but it can also brighten a gloomy look by wearing a colorful pair. These also look great on a background of fall leaves so you can get that perfect photo.

Suede Boots

Whether it’s black, brown, or pink, suede boots are best for any occasion. You can also wear these with any fall look. The chunky heel offers more support for your ends and looks great when paired with an oversized sweater or plain shirt.

Cutout Boots

Traditional boots inspire cutout boots. It added a fun twist with its rock style. Great for a party or a night out, it is recommended to pair these with tinny, slouchy socks. You can also wear this with jeans or dresses.

Snake Skin Boots

A pair of snakeskin boots is a wardrobe essential. A snakeskin bootie with a thin heel and pointed toe can effortlessly replace pumps, especially during colder weather. These also work with skirts, denim, and dresses. Remember when you pair these with a skirt; wear black tights to achieve a more serious, sexy look.

Riding Boots

Riding boots are handy. You can wear these over dark skinny denim jeans with a plain shirt. These are also budget friendly compared to other kinds of boots in the market today.

A pair of boots is a great investment so be sure to choose quality boots that you can wear any time of the year.


Rum’s Long Journey to the Drinks Cabinet

Glass of rumRum, with its beautiful woody sheen and complex taste, is greatly revered around the world. Bottles of rum line the shelves of bars and can be found in the drinks cabinets of many homes. But, the sophistication of its taste belies its long and colourful history.

Pre-Historic Roots

The history of rum is believed to pre-date the written record. The drink, like many great spirits, traces its birth to antiquity. The fermented liquid of sugarcane, the first iteration of rum, was distilled in either India or China. However, details are scarce. It was in the 14th century that one of the first accounts of the drink graced the annals of Western history — Marco Polo first mentions an excellent “wine of sugar”.

Caribbean Nights

Several centuries after Marco Polo’s first taste of rum in a region which is now in present-day Iran, rum production became a thriving trade in the Caribbean. Slaves on plantations discovered a sugary residue — molasses — and took advantage of its innate tendency to transform into an intoxicating elixir. This process can be closely observed in brewing kits from stores such as Distill Spirits. From the canteens of the slaves to the coffers of the masters, rum became a much-valued product.

Records show that in the 1620s, there was already rum production in Brazil. A tin bottle, filled with the liquid has been discovered within the wreck of the Swedish ship Vasa, which sank in Sweden in 1628.

The Spread

Before the end of the 17th century, the popularity of rum reached North America, and several distilleries were set-up in areas that were being populated by early colonists. Soon, rum production became one of New England’s most prosperous industry. Since then, the spirit’s popularity has continued to grow worldwide.

With a colourful history bound intimately around travel and enterprise, rum has managed to capture the imagination of many.

6-Month-Smile: Makin Dreams Possible

Woman SmilingIt is usually during middle school that children wear braces. Some of them have it until the day the graduate from high school, thus that awkward yearbook picture.

Thankfully, as an adult, you need not go through that awkward and embarrassing phase of sporting metallic braces because there are other alternative ways to get the perfect set of teeth, minus the shiny metals.

What is Six-Month-Smiles?

Your dentist in Sutton Coldfield can offer you a six-month clear braces treatment known as Six-Month-Smiles. It is a teeth alignment procedures that, unlike traditional braces, uses brackets and tooth-colored titanium wires to align your teeth. The whole treatment process itself is designed to last for 6-months ideally. This means a more comfortable and safer alternative to traditional braces.

How does it work?

Six-Month-Smiles works like traditional braces in a sense that it aligns your teeth but is focused on aligning ones that can be seen when you smile (thus the name). Six-Month-Smile is a popular choice for teens and adults because of the seemingly invisible material used in the procedure.

Aside from shorter periods of treatment, Six-Month-Smile also boasts of its comfortable treatment procedure. Because the treatment itself is gentle, patients can barely feel pain or discomfort during the whole 6-month period.

Who can undergo such treatment?

Patients who aspire to have a perfect set of teeth solely for aesthetic purposes are the ones who can benefit most from this treatment. People who do not need any correction with their bites, or teeth positioning can opt to have this treatment to have the perfect set of teeth instead of going through intensive procedures of traditional braces.

Have the smile that you always wanted minus the pain and the hassle of braces. Whoever said “no pain, no gain” certainly haven’t experienced the Six-Month-Smile treatment.

On Base Malts: Distinguish the Six Types of Malts for Your Beer

Beer in a glassPeople often drink because of either of two reasons – to celebrate or to wash away their sorrows. When you are forlorn, you drink, and when you feel triumphant, you drink, as well.

Why Do You Drink?

Alcoholic beverages have become a necessity in many occasions – and it’s not a new phenomenon. People have been drinking wine for centuries; it’s even present in the oldest of scriptures, such as the Bible. More often than not, to partake in drinking is to raise glasses for merriment.

Apart from wine, beer is a drink that many people across the world enjoy. Over the years, some beer aficionados have transitioned to brewing their own beer or spirits, burying themselves in the process of achieving that particular taste or their individual drink preference. The Brew Shop offers hints and tips for those who want to pursue the craft of brewing beer:

Brewing Your Beer: The Six Types of Base Malts

Malt beer is amongst the most famous of beers. But there are only a few who know what base malts specifically offer. The three elements that base malts contribute are flavour, colour, and sugars that are fermentable. Listed below are the six types of base malts:

  1. Pilsen Malt is the lightest. Its colour offers a thin and crisp flavour to beer, with a grain bill of less than 80 per cent.
  2. Pale Ale Malt provides an amber colour, making it the top base for most kinds of ale like amber, mild and extra special bitters because of its bready and sweetish taste.
  3. 2 Row Pale Malt is the usual base malt for a lot of beers. A tad yellow in colour, it offers a bit of grain flavour, which makes it attractive.
  4. 6 Row Pale Malt, meanwhile, has a sharper flavour whilst having nearly the same colour as the 2 Row Pale.
  5. Vienna Malt, on the one hand, is darker and has a nutty and tangy flavour that can be a little overwhelming.
  6.  Munich Malt is the darkest. Its flavours are toasty, which makes it a significant part of German lagers.

If you want to brew your beer, it’s best to start out with these six malts. Always remember that these base malts have their respective characteristics that distinguish them from one another.

Bath: Your Next Short Holiday Destination

The Roman Baths of Bath, England in the evening Going for a short day trip or a weekend break in Bath has always held an appeal to many people. Aside from the hot springs and the water’s purported healing properties, many people love to see the surrounding countryside that has held an appeal since Mesolithic times. However, Bailbrook Lodge advises that short breaks need detailed plans and great places to stay, too. For those going on a short trip to Bathmake a list of the things you must do to make the most out of your stay.

Visit the Roman Baths

Never leave the city without visiting the Roman Baths. These are the remains of one of the greatest spas during the Roman era. An active site since the Iron Age, the area has been known to be dedicated to the Celtic goddess Sulis and the Roman goddess Minerva. A free audio guide is given to help you navigate the complex.

Drop by the Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent is a prime example of Georgian architecture. Built in the 1700s, this structure includes several townhouses which housed various notables in British history, and a five-star luxury hotel. Visit this 250-year-old structure and marvel at its 110 Ionian columns.

See the Victoria Art Gallery

This is one of the free galleries you can visit in Bath. It is known for having extensive collections of works from Thomas Gainsborough, Walter Sickert, to many modern artists.

Grab a bite at Sally Lunn

Bath also has a world-famous bread. Sold since the late 1700s, the bun is similar to a brioche. You can visit Sally Lunn for afternoon tea and enjoy the colourful history of the town and the bread itself. The restaurant also doubles as a museum, so take the time to stroll around and investigate the myths surrounding this bread.

Enjoy your accommodations

Accommodations in Bath are something to enjoy as well. Different establishments from Georgian homes, English countryside barns, to unique bed and breakfast boutique hotels allow you to enjoy the City’s historic atmosphere and serene countryside.

Who says short breaks are not fun? Bath offers day trippers and those on a weekend trip an enjoyable time. No matter how short or long your stay is, you can make it memorable and fun in Bath.

Barber Shop Business: Why Not?

Successful Barber ShopIn America alone, there are thousands of barber shops operating on a daily basis. These barber shops have a steady flow of clients, are easy to manage, and do not require a heavy startup cost. But then again, businesses succeed, thrive, and oftentimes fail. To avoid these pitfalls, there are certain key elements you need to remember. There is no reason to shy away from operating a barber shop. All you need to know are the basics.

What You Need to Know about the Barber Shop Biz

It is important that you know your target market. Who are your target customers? What is the demographic for these customers? If you are aiming for the yuppies, then the location and operating hours will vary as well, as yuppies frequent commercial establishments after working hours.

You also have to be clear with the kind of services you want to offer. For example, you could do the basic cutting and shaving. You could also add massages and facial treatments, depending on the kind of market you want to have.

The next element you need to consider is the place where you plan to set up your barber shop. Conduct a feasibility study if possible. See if the location is convenient to you and your target market. Check the routes and neighboring establishments. If you see any competition, consider establishing your barber shop elsewhere. It may be ideal to choose a place where you are the ONLY one offering barber services.

Moreover, you have to study the space where you’ll set up your barber shop. Consider the rent that you’ll pay on top of your other bills. Other matters include your staff, payment, training, and the overall management of your business.

However, the more important thing is the education you’ll get from a good barber school in Salt Lake City, Utah. Choose a school where you could learn new haircuts and styles. A barber school should not only teach you how to style men’s hair, but also aid you in the business side of things. Solid skills and impressive technical know-how is one thing, but entrepreneurial skills are something else altogether.

Athletes and Eating Disorders

Woman with eating disorderWhen you look at the world’s elite athletes, familiar images come to mind. They seem like the perfect examples of peak physical fitness: faster, stronger, and quicker than most of the general populace. Not to mention, they have great-looking physiques to boot. Typically, such people wouldn’t be suffering from any debilitating conditions, such as eating disorders. After all, they have to be on top of their nutrition for maximum athletic performance.

Not a lot of people know, however, that even high-level athletes can suffer from eating disorders. Treatment centers such as EDCare would know. Despite the seemingly strict diet regimen of these competitors, they are as vulnerable to eating disorders as anyone else.

An Inconvenient Dietary Truth

A study of NCAA Division 1 athletes, as stated by the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), reveals concerning results. Over one-third of female athletes are at risk of anorexia nervosa. It’s worth noting that the data isn’t something surprising. The NEDA also maintains, in these terms, that the pressures of athletic competition (when combined with a cultural emphasis on a slender body image) seem to present perfect conditions for the development of eating disorders.

The situation isn’t different for male athletes. While 5-10 of anorexia cases are already composed of men, 45 percent of these males participate in occupations or athletic endeavors where weight control is considered critical for peak performance. In comparison, only 9 percent of anorexic women figure in physically demanding activities where weight control is necessary.

A Focus On Individuality

Eating disorder specialist, Dr. Ron Thompson believes that the kind of sports plays is a factor. He cites the situation of athletes participating in ‘lean’ sports or those with strict weight class requirements as good examples. In these sports, low body weight or a lean physique is believed to be essential for a competitive advantage.

There is one harsh truth, however, about these ‘lean’ sports: they focus on the individual athlete rather than the team. Experts also call these tilts ‘judged’ sports, where bodily aesthetics comprise much of the competition criteria. A perfect example is bodybuilding, where athletes go on extremely strict diets (alongside intense training) to improve their muscular definition. The tendency of these athletes to develop eating disorders is self-explanatory.

It’s wrong to assume that athletes don’t develop eating disorders. They need help as much as the common populace does when that day comes. 

4 Secrets to Enjoying a Great Ski Holiday with Your Family

Ski HolidayThere is nothing like enjoying a ski holiday with your family. There is the thrill of rushing down the slopes, followed by some quiet bonding time with each other inside your comfortable accommodations. 

Like with almost every other trip you make, however, group ski holidays require some research and planning. This helps you ensure that you and your family end up having a good time together. Here are a few things you need to do:

1. Schedule your holiday wisely.

Christmas and half-terms are some of the busiest days at the slopes. They are also, of course, the most expensive. If you can schedule skiing trips off-season, such as in January, you will be rewarded with almost-empty slopes and lower prices.

2. Book everything ahead of time.

Book your accommodations, rent your ski gear and equipment (which is more advisable than buying brand new ones), and get ski lessons for beginners well ahead of time. Otherwise, you will end up in a queue for hours when you could be enjoying your holiday time on the slopes.

3. Get ski lessons.

If you are planning to stay in the snow for several days, then at least take the time to make sure everyone knows the basic ski manoeuvres. Ski lessons for beginners can be quite costly, but everyone needs to learn how to make their way around in their skis if you want them to have fun.

4. Choose a family-friendly chalet.

Family-friendly accommodations offer special services that can help take the stress off travelling with family. For instance, they provide childcare (which you have to book in advance), playrooms, and catered meals to ensure you and your children have healthy, nutritious meals all throughout your stay.

A ski holiday with your family requires some time to plan. To make sure everyone has a great time, it is important that you pick the right time, choose the right resort, and book everything in advance.