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Photographer capturing the newlyweds' moments

Current Editing Trends for Wedding Photographs

Photographer capturing the newlyweds' momentsPhotographs might be the only timeless memento you remain with from your wedding. Ensuring that they are a perfect souvenir is vital. The only method of guaranteeing this is by choosing a good photographer studio. Taking excellent photographs is only the first step towards perfect souvenirs.

After this, there are various editing styles the photography studio you work with in Salt Lake City will recommend for your photos. Editing trends come and go, and keeping up might be a challenge. Here are some of the currently trending editing styles for wedding photos.

Bright, Light, and Airy

The images in this option are overexposed to create a seemingly clean naturally edited image. To enhance the appeal of bright, light, and airy edited photos, the photographer shifts the color accuracy in your frames while lifting the shadows. The images created have thus little contrast and super bright highlights and appear whimsical.

Dark and Moody

This editing style is also known as a zombie style. Dark and moody photos are romantic and have a cinematic feel and an added mysterious angle. There is excessive saturation in different areas that should be highlighted, and the photos’ backgrounds are left to look as real as possible. The most vibrant colors in your wedding are also dulled to match the overall trend. Pinks and greens, for instance, can be dulled to gray.

Classic and Timeless

This edit preserves your photos in the exact manner they were taken. Classic and timeless edits will hence not go out of style and can be appreciated by many generations. They are the perfect option for those looking for timeless beauty in their wedding photos.

Perfection is generally the hardest thing to get in your wedding photos. With the given photo editing styles, perfect images are now a reality. Discuss with your photographer on the best option based on your theme and budget before settling on one.

Family with Kids on Snow

Winter Wonderland: 4 Ways to Dress Up Your Kids for the Cold Season

Family with Kids on SnowGear up your little ones for some winter action. Ensure they’re dressed properly for the season to keep them warm and safe even during the extreme cold. Here are some simple yet useful rules to help you out with their winter attire.

1. Coats and Jackets

When picking a coat for your little one, try to avoid buying heavy and bulky jackets. They might feel uncomfortable wearing it for long especially if you’re planning to do any snow sports.

If you’re currently searching for this, why not try considering some of Obermeyer’s kids’ ski jacket collection. They have ultra lightweight and fully insulated parka, which will warm up your little ones.

2. Boots and Footwear

Just like with the jacket, if you want your kids to keep on having their boots on, be sure you find a pair of boots that fit perfectly with them.

To get the right fit, have them try it on with their snow pants and socks on. This way they wouldn’t complain about it being too tight or loose on them. This would also give them the right amount of heat so they will never feel cold.

3. Hats and Knits

Hats are important to keep their heads and ears warm. Now, there might be cases where the kids would feel weird about wearing one. To convince them into keeping it on, why not let them choose theirs. Or you could also pick something colorful or designs that are popular among kids.

4. Mittens

Mittens are essential so that the hands and fingers of your kids wouldn’t freeze up. However, this may take a lot of convincing, since they’ll constantly remove it each time they need to hold something. This is why you have to teach them the right way or if not, having them to wear gloves is always a great alternative.

Make the winter season more fun for your youngsters by dressing them in pieces that keep them warm. These are just some tips you could follow to make this task much easier to fulfill, so be sure to keep these things in mind, so you and your whole family enjoy it even more.

Newly Weds Inside Marquee

Tying the Knot: 3 Creative Wedding Themes Every Couple Should Consider

Newly Weds Inside MarqueeAre you and your partner ready to settle down and tie the knot?  Ease your way into planning by considering any of these three creative wedding themes.

Rustic or Western Wedding

One of the themes that can give a simple yet homey feeling is the rustic wedding.  D.I.Y. items from string lights to mason jars and the like will make you achieve your dream wedding style.

Also, from various country styles, you can narrow down your choice to a western wedding. Couples are selecting ranch or barn locations as their wedding venue to attain the aspired western feel.

More than the decors and venue, the bride, groom, and even all guests could opt for a pair of cowboy boots than the typical high-heeled or black shoes. The bride may even top off her wedding gown with a matching corral boots. This and other western clothing supplies that you may need can be easily availed, and you can check them out.

Garden or Casual Wedding

If you’re planning out a more laid-back style, then the garden or casual wedding is perfect for you. This theme will give you a more intimate and casual feel.

An outdoor garden party-themed wedding suits the spring or summer season.

You can try out the backyard wedding you have in mind or find a beautiful garden as your venue. Adding organic elements and floral garlands in your set-up and design will complement your theme.

Bridesmaids may wear pink, light, and airy dresses, while a floral overlay is the perfect wedding dress for the bride.

Nautical or Beach Wedding

If you are an ocean or marine lover, then a beach or nautical theme is the right one for you. This theme will complement a seaside ceremony.

Beach motifs like shells, anchors, or sailboats can highlight the maritime style. Subtle touches of the ocean through colors blue and white are perfect for your decors and design.

Adding a little bit of a country chic style in the bride’s wedding dress and linen for the groom’s suit will give you both the best beach wedding attire.

The list of creative wedding themes will go on, but these three are among the top choices you can choose from. Plan out all other necessary details as soon as you’ve decided on the best theme for the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

4 Ways to Become a Celebrity Hairstylist

Hairstylist trimming the hairSome people want to become celebrities. There are also those who would wish to become instead one of those people working in the background as someone else takes the spotlight. One of the jobs closely tied to the celebrity culture is the hairstyling profession.

These are effective tips that may help you on your journey to becoming the next celebrity hairstyling star.

Purchase top-notch hairstyling tools

If you want the attention of top celebrities in the world, you need to make sure that your tools are up to it. You are joining the big leagues, and you do not want to use anything that is substandard. For example, the scissors that you will use to cut hair must be of great quality.

Look for the best hairdresser shears or scissors that you can order now.

Come up with a strong portfolio

Gather eight to ten of the best of your work and post them online. This way, celebrity managers and agents can find your work and evaluate if they are the right fit for their client.

Ensure that the pictures you will be picking are the best you can do so you can persuade them of your professional experience and skills.

Gain experience

What people may not realise, however, is how difficult it can be to become a celebrity hairstylist. You will be experiencing a lot of hardships on your way to the top. However, your experience will be the strongest items on your resume, so you have to work hard on this.

Join professional networks and groups

Part of becoming a celebrity hairstylist comes down to having the right network. These groups will be your support cliques and can bring you opportunities later on.

If you do these four things, you will be four steps closer to achieve your dreams of becoming a celebrity hairstylist.

Collage of people wearing glasses

Answer These Questions to Find the Best Pair of Glasses

Collage of people wearing glassesA whopping 69% of people in the U.K. wear glasses. A large proportion from that percentage are not clued up on what style of glasses would best suit them. Admittedly it can be a confusing task, as there are so many shapes, designs, and colours to choose from.
However, by answering a few questions, you can easily find out what style of glasses would suit you best. Here are a few questions that you can answer to select the best pair of frames:

What is a trustworthy brand?

Usually, buying from top eyewear brands is the best option for many people. It not only gives you a variety of choices, but it matters in longevity as well. Purchasing your glasses from a reputable supplier promises that you get great designs and superior quality, with the longevity factor.

What is your face shape?

Knowing your face shape is a crucial part of getting the right pair of glasses. It helps narrow down what kind you should or shouldn’t get. For example, a round face shape would suit square-shaped glasses. It will balance off their rounder features and give the appearance of a slimmer and sharper face.

A square face shape, on the other hand, should go well with a rounder pair of glasses. That way, it contrasts and softens the angles of the face.

What colour do you prefer?

You could choose a colour based on what your favourite is, or what would most likely match most of your wardrobe. If not, you can choose based on your personality. If you were to wear a bolder colour such as a bright red, that means you want to set trends and aren’t scared to show off your style.

A good tip is to decide based on your skin colour as well. People with darker skin tones would look great in a lighter colour. People with a paler skin colour look great in darker shades, such as the classic black.

Just by answering these three simple questions, should assist you with your decision. Soon enough, you will be wearing frames that suit your personality and style while accentuating your features.

Why Do People Go Outdoors Without Sunglasses?

Woman wearing sunglasses outdoorsSunglasses are necessary for eye health. Unfortunately, millions of people never, rarely, or just occasionally wear shades when outdoors. According to various surveys by the Vision Council, here are some of the reasons most people fail to wear sunglasses:

1. They don’t believe UV exposure can hurt eyes.

Some people go outdoors without sunglasses because they don’t think their eyes are at any substantial risk from UV exposure. In reality, though, too much UV radiation from the sun can cause problems, such as cataracts, cornea burns, and eyelid cancer.

It’s due to such issues that St. Paul opticians recommend wearing sunglasses every time you’re outdoors, whether it’s sunny or cloudy.

2. They simply forget to wear sunglasses.

Some people who go outdoors without protective lenses say they forgot to put their sunglasses on. But, if people understand that shades are as crucial as sunscreen, they wouldn’t forget to pick their sunglasses every time they step outside.

3. They don’t expect to be in the sun for long.

People may not wear sunglasses if they do not expect to be out long enough to warrant putting on eye protection. Unfortunately, eyes start accumulating sun damage as soon as there is any UV exposure. The damage is more significant between 2 PM and 4 PM when UV exposure to the eyes is the highest.

4. They don’t own prescription sunglasses.

People might give this excuse if they don’t appreciate the importance of sunglasses or they think all protective lenses are expensive. Sunglasses do not have to be costly. According to experts, all you need is to pick comfortable shades that block 99–100% of UV rays.

Wearing shades is fashionable and fun. Besides this, however, sunglasses are a health necessity for everyone. Unfortunately, there are still millions of Americans who don’t slip on their shades every time they go outside. Hopefully, the facts here will convince you otherwise.

Do’s and Don’ts in Buying an Engagement Ring

The engagement ring set.Every man’s goal is to make her woman happy. That involves getting her the perfect engagement ring. Whether you have the resources to buy the ring or not, there is one thing you won’t want to do — spend your money on something that is not worth it. With this economy, you always have to make sure that you get your money’s worth.

It doesn’t actually end with the ring. There are many decisions to make: getting the right type of stone, color, and cut, planning the actual proposal, and the list goes on. Here are some do’s and don’ts that you should take note:

DO make sure it’s unique

AAA Jewelers notes that you can get something unique when you get custom jewelry in Utah. Some couples keep the tradition by getting grandma’s diamonds and putting it in a whole new setting. This way, you can still have something new and distinct for yourselves.

DON’T give her what she does not like

The ring should look good on her; it has to be the one she likes. When choosing a ring, think of her personal style and preference. Be creative in making her tell you what she wants or in researching on what she likes. For sure, she has all these information on social media.

DO look beyond the Four “Cs”

The four “Cs” has been the usual consideration for jewelry buyers. Yes, it’s how diamonds are certified and given value, but there is an extra sparkle that you should be looking for, which is not stated on its certificate. You can go for a customized ring or an heirloom. Remember, diamonds should be felt and experienced.

DON’T focus much on the value

Many people say you’d need two months worth of salary to get the perfect engagement ring these days. The truth about this is, it doesn’t really matter how much you spend, as long as you are comfortable with it and you know that what you have chosen will make your loved one happy.

Buying the perfect ring may sound tedious but at the end of the day, all these preparations will be worth it when you hear her say “yes”. Go get that perfect engagement ring and start planning your proposal.

Boot Styles You Should Own

Part of hippie women sitting on curbEvery stylish woman must have a pair of boots in her closet. Boots are versatile that no matter what the trend is, they will never go out of style. There are plenty of hipster boots trends this year that you can try, including boots by HELM Boots USA, LLC. Remember that your footwear is essential to your style, so be sure to choose the right pair.

Below is a list of some of the types of boots that you can wear:

Rain Boots

Not only is a pair of rain boots convenient and useful during rainy days, but it can also brighten a gloomy look by wearing a colorful pair. These also look great on a background of fall leaves so you can get that perfect photo.

Suede Boots

Whether it’s black, brown, or pink, suede boots are best for any occasion. You can also wear these with any fall look. The chunky heel offers more support for your ends and looks great when paired with an oversized sweater or plain shirt.

Cutout Boots

Traditional boots inspire cutout boots. It added a fun twist with its rock style. Great for a party or a night out, it is recommended to pair these with tinny, slouchy socks. You can also wear this with jeans or dresses.

Snake Skin Boots

A pair of snakeskin boots is a wardrobe essential. A snakeskin bootie with a thin heel and pointed toe can effortlessly replace pumps, especially during colder weather. These also work with skirts, denim, and dresses. Remember when you pair these with a skirt; wear black tights to achieve a more serious, sexy look.

Riding Boots

Riding boots are handy. You can wear these over dark skinny denim jeans with a plain shirt. These are also budget friendly compared to other kinds of boots in the market today.

A pair of boots is a great investment so be sure to choose quality boots that you can wear any time of the year.


Rum’s Long Journey to the Drinks Cabinet

Glass of rumRum, with its beautiful woody sheen and complex taste, is greatly revered around the world. Bottles of rum line the shelves of bars and can be found in the drinks cabinets of many homes. But, the sophistication of its taste belies its long and colourful history.

Pre-Historic Roots

The history of rum is believed to pre-date the written record. The drink, like many great spirits, traces its birth to antiquity. The fermented liquid of sugarcane, the first iteration of rum, was distilled in either India or China. However, details are scarce. It was in the 14th century that one of the first accounts of the drink graced the annals of Western history — Marco Polo first mentions an excellent “wine of sugar”.

Caribbean Nights

Several centuries after Marco Polo’s first taste of rum in a region which is now in present-day Iran, rum production became a thriving trade in the Caribbean. Slaves on plantations discovered a sugary residue — molasses — and took advantage of its innate tendency to transform into an intoxicating elixir. This process can be closely observed in brewing kits from stores such as Distill Spirits. From the canteens of the slaves to the coffers of the masters, rum became a much-valued product.

Records show that in the 1620s, there was already rum production in Brazil. A tin bottle, filled with the liquid has been discovered within the wreck of the Swedish ship Vasa, which sank in Sweden in 1628.

The Spread

Before the end of the 17th century, the popularity of rum reached North America, and several distilleries were set-up in areas that were being populated by early colonists. Soon, rum production became one of New England’s most prosperous industry. Since then, the spirit’s popularity has continued to grow worldwide.

With a colourful history bound intimately around travel and enterprise, rum has managed to capture the imagination of many.

6-Month-Smile: Makin Dreams Possible

Woman SmilingIt is usually during middle school that children wear braces. Some of them have it until the day the graduate from high school, thus that awkward yearbook picture.

Thankfully, as an adult, you need not go through that awkward and embarrassing phase of sporting metallic braces because there are other alternative ways to get the perfect set of teeth, minus the shiny metals.

What is Six-Month-Smiles?

Your dentist in Sutton Coldfield can offer you a six-month clear braces treatment known as Six-Month-Smiles. It is a teeth alignment procedures that, unlike traditional braces, uses brackets and tooth-colored titanium wires to align your teeth. The whole treatment process itself is designed to last for 6-months ideally. This means a more comfortable and safer alternative to traditional braces.

How does it work?

Six-Month-Smiles works like traditional braces in a sense that it aligns your teeth but is focused on aligning ones that can be seen when you smile (thus the name). Six-Month-Smile is a popular choice for teens and adults because of the seemingly invisible material used in the procedure.

Aside from shorter periods of treatment, Six-Month-Smile also boasts of its comfortable treatment procedure. Because the treatment itself is gentle, patients can barely feel pain or discomfort during the whole 6-month period.

Who can undergo such treatment?

Patients who aspire to have a perfect set of teeth solely for aesthetic purposes are the ones who can benefit most from this treatment. People who do not need any correction with their bites, or teeth positioning can opt to have this treatment to have the perfect set of teeth instead of going through intensive procedures of traditional braces.

Have the smile that you always wanted minus the pain and the hassle of braces. Whoever said “no pain, no gain” certainly haven’t experienced the Six-Month-Smile treatment.