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Choosing the Right Test – Key Differences Between The ACT And The SAT

a woman studying for an examMost students who wish to continue their studies at a US university are probably familiar with the ACT and the SAT. But how different are these two entry tests really? It is true that all US universities accept scores from both tests but choosing one test over the other may be more beneficial for a student’s learning style. Sitting diagnostics in both exams will help a student make the best decision.

In general, the two tests are not fundamentally different. The content and the structure of these exams reflect the learning capabilities of high school students and each measures students’ capabilities in various learning areas such as reading comprehension and problem solving. Preparation for the ACT and the SAT is a laborious task and students are advised to start as early as possible with the help of an experienced instructor who specialises in ACT and SAT tutoring in London.


As a result of the massive restructuring and update of the SAT test that took place in 2016, the ACT and the SAT are now more closely connected than ever. More specifically, both:

  • Have similar content divided into sections in a prearranged order
  • Offer an essay that is optional
  • Take into account only correct answers and do not penalise for wrong answers


Despite the above structural similarities, the two tests are still different and as such a different approach to ACT and SAT tutoring in London may be required.

Differences between the ACT and SAT include:

  • Duration times
  • The sectionorder
  • Number of questions
  • Score range
  • Cost
  • Computer-based testing (only for the ACT internationally) or paper testing

Choosing the Right Exam

Instead of guessing if someone should start preparing for the ACT or the SAT, the best way to decide is to take both tests and compare their scores and overall preference. This is normally the first step of every comprehensive ACT or SAT, enabling tutors to observe their students’ capabilities and help them choose the right exam.

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SAT tutoring in London: The Gateway to Opportunity

college students taking a selfieGoing to university is a memorable moment: university students stand on the cusp between childhood and adulthood, preparing to leave the family home and make a first foray into the wider world alone. There is so much to think about: where to live, making friends and which courses to take. It’s a whirlwind of decisions and new experience.

But before a youngster can even begin to start dreaming about life at university, they have to get into the institution of their choice. This is difficult enough if they choose to go to a UK university. If they’d like to attend a university in North America, even more preparation needs to be done. That’s where SAT tutoring in London comes in. Specialist tutors working in the capital, such as A-List Education UK, offer SAT tutoring in London for UK and European students who wish to apply to universities in the US.

As well as needing to pass the required A-levels for their chosen university, students also need to take the SAT. American universities use the SAT as an objective marker of critical reasoning ability when considering applications.

And while every US schoolchild knows this, in the UK, it’s not something students are as familiar with. Studying for A-levels is hard enough, without the additional work on the SAT. Any student wishing to apply to a US university is therefore well-advised to undertake SAT tutoring in London to give themselves the best chance of success.

A thorough tutor will not only go through the content of the tests in detail, they will also offer strategies, as well as review practice tests.

It’s also worth looking for an educator who can create a bespoke training plan for each student, to address particular needs and necessary areas of focus. One size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to learning, and each child needs a different approach to meet their unique needs.

SAT tutoring in London can help students realise their dream of attending a top US university, which can lead to professional and personal opportunities.

How to do a 1031 Real Estate Exchange

A Guide to 1031 Exchange Rules in Real Estate

How to do a 1031 Real Estate ExchangeAs an investor, you want to preserve your equity and save on taxes, and 1031 exchange services help you do just that by applying tax-deferred exchanges. According to the Internal Revenue Code, the payment for capital gain taxes can be deferred by selling your investment property and acquiring similar replacement property.

This exchange applies to any property, which is not your primary residence. It can apply to a primary residence only if it has a home office, or is for business use. Before getting 1031 exchange services in Nevada, there are various rules that you should learn first.

Properties that Qualify for 1031 Exchange

The 1031 exchange is categorically meant for all properties that are not primarily residential properties. However, there are certain cases where a certain part of your primary residence can be exchanged. For instance, you may exchange a former residence property, rental property, commercial property, a second/vacation home, or in cases where you have an AirBnB or a home office on your primary residence. Ensure that your service provider confirms the status of your property qualification before starting an exchange.

Rules of the Exchange Procedure

To start the process, you need to open exchange with a qualified intermediary, after which you can list the property for sale. Once the property has been put up for sale, then you can start the search for a replacement property that you’ll exchange with. Note that your intermediary will hold the proceeds of the sale of your home, as they wait for the purchase process to complete.

1031 Identification Period

1031 requires you to correctly document a property that you’ll be purchasing in your exchange. Here, two rules must be adhered to. First, you’re required to identify a replacement property within 45 days of selling your property. Secondly, you must close on the identification property in 180 days in total. This poses a risk as a sale deal might fail after the first 45 days, forcing you to either pay taxes on your gain or end up with a raw deal.

The overall cost of a 1031 exchange on your property highly depends on your intermediary of choice. But the key element is to ensure that the intermediary that you choose is well qualified an experienced to handle the exchange to the end.

Gold Standard: Getting a Foot in the Door of High-Paying Tech Firms

IT administrator checking serverAn IT certification gives you a leg up in the industry. It provides you an edge in finding employment or retaining your current position. It also serves as proof of your professional credibility and opens up better job opportunities.

In fact, certifications have helped many IT professionals receive their long-awaited promotions, shares CertBlaster, a provider of reviews and exam guides for the Network+ N10-007 and other certifications.

The many certification programs available are not made equal. It may be more expensive, but getting qualified by the biggest certification providers in the IT industry pays off in the long run.

CompTIA Project+

The CompTIA Project+ is an entry-level certification for project managers. It’s an excellent certification to get if you’re a fresh graduate as there are no prerequisites for taking the exam. The Project+ is also a great fit for IT professionals who deal with small- and medium-sized projects.

The Project+ trains your skills in managing a project life cycle, maintaining project documentation, and more. Earning this certification is also a great boon financially; average salaries of Project+-certified employees reaches up to $90,280.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the top cloud computing platform for a number of businesses and organizations. Its AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification requires candidates to have at least a year of hands-on experience in designing scalable distributed systems on AWS.

The certification will test your understanding of network technologies and skills in building secure applications. The hard work you put into getting it pays off generously, as certified employees stand to earn an average annual income of $123,801.

Project Management Professional

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is one of the most in-demand and difficult certifications in the industry. Take note of the strict requirements for taking this exam, as well. These include at least 35 hours of formal project management education and over 4,500 hours of leading projects if you hold a bachelor’s degree.

Holding a PMP certification not only strengthens your job security; it can also help you land jobs in other sectors such as finance, manufacturing, and publishing.

IT certifications show your initiative and commitment to continue improving your skills. Taking the certification exams from major IT certification providers is more challenging but significantly improves your prospects once you pass.

Student on Campus

Middle School: Finding the Right One

Student on CampusMiddle school is a crucial part of your child’s academic and overall growth. These years are the period where subjects become harder, so are making friends and a name for oneself. Therefore, if your child is transferring to a new school, it is important to choose one where your child will be comfortable at.

Salt Lake City has a wide array of middle schools, both public and private. The task of choosing where your child will go is in your hands as a parent. To make it easier, City Academy and other educational institutions list five important points to consider.

Do your research

Search the Web, ask your friends and family, and read about the school. Doing your research is the single most effective way of making sure that you are making the right choice for your child.

Talk with the principal

Once you have shortlisted the schools, pay them a visit and talk with the principal, and mingle with the teachers. That way, you’ll have a better glimpse on what your child’s academic and social life will be like should you decide to enroll him there.

Attend a class

Do a sit-in in one of the lectures, or simply do a surprise visit and observe from the sides. This is one of the most effective ways to evaluate the quality of education and learning style the institution has to offer.

Visit the school

Look around, walk in the corridors, check on their lockers, be mindful of the facilities and fire exits, and just allow yourself (and/or your child) to imagine what it feels like to study there. If it gives you and your child a sense of ease, then it is a good sign.

Most importantly, always follow your gut. If you or your child feels uncomfortable, no matter how well-known the school is, you can always find another one.

What are the High-Paying Tech Jobs?

An IT personnel in front of computer screensThe relevance of information technology and demand from many industries serve as some of the reasons people can earn a high salary, depending on the nature of work.

A high-paying IT job does not necessarily mean you should be in an executive role, although a C-level position certainly warrants a large compensation. As IT jobs in the U.S. continue to increase, a big salary would be a good reason to pursue a career in IT.

Big Pay Checks

Network architects are some of the jobs that provide an annual salary of up to $150,000. This job usually requires professionals to execute the IT requirements of a company, which is largely similar to how a conventional architect creates a blueprint for a certain building.

An IT security manager earns between $115,000 and $125,000 per year. You will need some form of experience and bachelor’s degree to land this type of position. However, being certified is also another way to increase your market value to the industry such as CompTIA’s A+ certification. A practice test or training program will help you gain the necessary skills even if you are just an entry-level professional.

C-Level Positions

Like any other industry, executive in the IT sector take home a rather handsome amount for their work and experience. Chief information officers are the highest-paid position that you could achieve in the tech industry, as median salaries can amount up to $219,000 per year.

A chief security officer is another C-level position that earns up to $195,000 per year. Both of these jobs require extensive work experience, yet having certification at the same time could easily fast-track your progress to become an industry executive.

A career in the IT industry is a lucrative prospect, but you need to make sure you have the necessary skills and certification to justify a big salary.

Maintaining Dust Collectors in 3 Effective Ways

a man collecting dust from the carpetWorking in industrial and construction plants could put one’s safety at risk. Aside from the physical nature of this work, workers are exposed to chemicals that can affect their health in the long run. Safeguarding one’s health is the responsibility of both the worker and the company. Most companies do so by having the right tools to help reduce health risks, like dust collectors.

A dust collector, like its name suggests, collects dust from the air with the goal of reducing harmful substances released into the environment and those inhaled by workers. While the lifespan of dust collectors are relatively long, it should be regularly maintained to make the most of it.

The art of inspection

Breathing cleaner air is something people often take for granted. After all, you cannot actually see air. Inspecting your dust collector and all of its parts is necessary, as this can make sure that it’s functioning well.

Never substitute air filters

Air filters are essential in running a dust collector. Usually, it’s the part that needs the most checkup and replacement. Cleaning air filters regularly can help ensure cleaner air. While buying new air filters can be costly, you should never think of substituting or changing air filters of one model from another. Doing so can damage the machine.

Watch out for leaks

Air leaks can happen if your machine is not maintained or inspected properly. Check your engine for dirt accumulation. Fix this problem right away once you notice it.

Dust collectors play an important role in various industries in keeping not just the workplace safe, but also the health of every worker in the workplace. Therefore, making sure that it’s always at the top of its game is a must.

Basic Cat Products Feline Lovers Should Know About

lady showing her cat to doctorOwning a cat requires commitment and a lot of patience. Apart from providing shelter, you’re also expected to feed, groom and make sure your cat is getting proper nutrition as well as exercise. If you’re new to being a cat owner, you can buy all the cat products and accessories online.

There are only a few basics you will need, among them are:

1. A litter box with a removable lid

Some cats are particular about their privacy; others just do as they please.

2. Food bowls

It’s a good idea to get separate food bowls for food and water. Also, make sure you limit your cat’s food intake. It’s not healthy to allow them to eat constantly.

3. Food

These could be a combination of dry and wet food as well as some treats to help during training.

4. A cat carrier

A carrier can double as a bed for your pet if you remove the door when you’re at home. A carrier makes travel with the cat safe and more comfortable.

5. Toys

These can be small toys just to keep the cat entertained.

6. Cat furniture

Cats love to climb and sleep. Some pet owners use a hammock; others more elaborate ‘condo’ type structures.

7. Scratching post

Each cat needs a scratching post. Otherwise, he will be clawing at your furniture and the wooden posts at home.

8. Harness and a leash

Good for walking the cat.

9. Collar with a bell

Cats hide from their owners, and they do get lost too. So having a collar with your name and contact details will make it easy for people to return your cat to you.

10. Grooming kits

Shampoo and brushes help keep cats clean and fresh-smelling. It also keeps shedding to a minimum.

A cat is a loving pet and loyal companion. He reciprocates love and affection shown to him. These are just the essentials you will need while taking care of your cat. Remember too that he will need regular visits to the vet as well as vitamin supplements.

Readying Your Little Ones for Kindergarten: Some Things to Know

Children at a kindergartenTime flies fast. Before you know it, your little one is due for their first day of school. When that happens, you want nothing else for them to be fully prepared as they start this new learning chapter in their life. There’s no better person to help them do that than yourself as their parent. That’s why to fulfill this role, here are a few guides you could teach them right before they officially enter the academe:

Separation Anxiety

No parent wants to see or hear their babies cry because they don’t want to be left alone at school. Parents struggle to get past this stage, but the good news is there are tricks to help your child overcome separation anxiety. One good way is to come up with a goodbye routine (like giving them a kiss, hug, and special gesture) and ensure them that you’ll be seeing each other after class. This way they’ll feel more positive and at ease as you leave them at school.

Physical Readiness

As your little ones enter a preschool program in Phoenix, AZ, the center might likely require their participation in various activities. Help build up their stamina by giving them things to work on, like Lego blocks, puzzles and etc. This would help improve their physical energy as well as train their level of concentration in doing tasks. Another thing to check is their nap schedules. If you notice that they often take long naps during the day, then you might have to reconsider the idea of sending them to school yet.

Social Skills

As you send your little ones to school, they will meet and encounter a variety of people. One of the biggest worries of every parent is how their kids will react to this sudden change. That’s why to prepare them for this, it’s always good to have them go to public parks where they could also meet and interact with other kids. This way they could slowly come up with their own method when dealing with a new face. It’ll also help them feel less awkward whenever they’re in a crowd. You may also consult your child’s pediatrician for recommendations on improving their social skills.

Support your child’s overall growth and development as you let them enter a school for the very first time with these tips. There’s no better way to harness their learning than to start it in your homes.

Singapore’s Plans to Upgrade IT Mean Opportunities for Professionals

a male learning how to codeSingapore has plans to upgrade its IT, media, and communications industry. The plan will involve artificial intelligence, cyber security and all-around updates on the technology sector, which means more opportunities for IT professionals in the city-state.

Starting with Good Education

IT courses in Singapore are the foundation for a successful career after graduation. Students can choose to focus on a certain aspect of IT, such as the internet of things or AI and data science, depending on where they see themselves working in the future. Many students who enrol in these courses already have a tech company in mind, and this helps choose one’s specialisation. However, there is also a worldwide interest in well-rounded software engineers, which means there is no reason to focus on just one aspect of IT.

Opening New Opportunities

Singapore’s economy is so successful that new job descriptions are created and new markets are emerging. For instance, in 2014, a trader and a programmer came up with the idea to sell gold through digital currencies. The process uses blockchain technology, which requires enhanced coin security to keep the integrity of the chain. Individual buyers and sellers of gold using digital currencies also need to take care of their coin security, which means there are plenty of opportunities for those knowledgeable in this kind of technology.

Forging a Career

No IT student looks at career opportunities in this area only to bow out after a couple of years. They aim to move up the career ladder, hopefully opening their own IT firm in the near future. With the ever-evolving landscape, IT professionals can stay updated by taking more classes and attending conferences to teach them about emerging technologies that will be useful for their career.

A career in IT is an excellent choice when you live in Singapore. Get started on your path to success.