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Sign that reminds about work safety

Study Suggests Employee Fatigue Hampers Workplace Safety

Sign that reminds about work safetyWorkplace safety programs should place a greater focus on how employee fatigue can be a liability at the job site, according to a study.

Researchers from University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York have been gathering data on the link between occupational safety and sleep-deprived workers. The study began in 2015 and it has surveyed workers’ perception of fatigue and their ability to recognize its signs while at work, according to Lora Cavuoto, one of the study’s researchers.

Tired Workers

Cavuoto suggested that workplace safety initiatives often overlook fatigue as a risk factor, as it’s hard to recognize the moment it takes place in a scenario. Unlike other risks like fall injuries, the warning signs of fatigue are subtle and employees may be unaware that they feel the consequences of being tired.

Michael Trufant of Aeroflow Healthcare Inc. agreed on the risk factor for fatigue. Trufant described it as an “epidemic” that cannot be simply solved by wearing protective gear. For safety organizations such as the National Safety Council, the issue of tired employees as a contributing factor to safety risk has become a more relevant issue for employers, according to Emily Whitcomb of the NSC.

Safety Statistics

Statistics from the NSC showed that 43% of 2,000 surveyed workers do not sleep enough each day, while 27% admitted to falling asleep while at work. For the construction sector, this can be a serious safety risk. In New York City, the local council approved a controversial bill to provide more training to construction workers.

The NSC also plans to launch a fatigue calculator in the fall of 2017. LED Equipped noted that aside from emergency led lights for vehicles and hazard signs, construction companies may use the calculator as a complementary tool for their safety resources.

The responsibility of ensuring a safe working environment rests on both employees and employers. Moe companies should begin to treat fatigue as a safety risk.

4 Devices to Install at Home to Increase Convenience and Security

a man scans his fingerprint to gain access to a home security systemHome safety and security have greatly improved since electronic gadgets have come around. Do you know that you can still enhance security in your home?

Here are some of the innovative devices you can install on your property to keep your family and your belongings safe:

Uninterruptible Power Supply System

Widely known as UPS, this one is an older technology and was developed to remedy data loss and prevent damage to electrical devices due to improper shutdown caused by a power interruption. Newer designs, however, are slimmer, lighter, and longer lasting. They have also become more portable than before. This technology has been around for a long time but continues to prove itself useful. Make sure you have a UPS backup battery replacement ready.

Digital Door Locking System

Digital locks are a great enhancement to your home security system. Initially, there was the PIN method, but today there are several other entry methods such as using a fingerprint scan, an access card, and most recently by using a Bluetooth app for access. The PIN method was also updated from using a button keypad to a touchscreen keypad.

Home Alarm Systems

The main purpose of an alarm system is to alert homeowners of potential burglary. The system is a combination of sensors and surveillance equipment working hand in hand. The sensors are for motion detection and for monitoring movements at entry points of the house, such as gates, doorways, and windows.

These sensors send information to the control panel, which in turn alerts the homeowners by triggering the alarm or through an app on their mobile device. Some are even connected to monitored security systems and can call for help automatically.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

Whether it’s a traditional ceiling mounted device or one that can be managed through an app, having fire and smoke alarms at home is extremely important, especially when you have kids around. They also trigger the sprinkler system, if you have one installed. Some are especially sensitive to smoke, so if you are installing one in the kitchen, make sure that your space has proper ventilation; otherwise, the alarm might sound if you accidentally overcook something.

These are just some of the devices you can set up to enhance the level of security within your premises. Remember that some of these devices depend on batteries, so make sure you have a backup battery replacement for each device. Proper maintenance of these devices ensures continuous protection coverage for your home.

Handling Chemicals in a Laboratory Properly

 Lab WorkerWhen your employees constantly handle hazardous materials, it’s crucial that they know how to do so safely, so you minimise potentially fatal injuries. It’s your responsibility to establish procedures that put their safety first. Here are some of the tips that can help keep them safe as they go about their work.

Follow general standard operating procedures

Standard operating procedures deal with the use of the proper protective equipment as well as the safe handling and disposal of hazardous substances in the lab. For instance, your employees need to be in the proper apparel, complete with safety work gloves and goggles while handling harmful chemicals. Ensure there’s adequate literature on the walls reminding them of the SOPs.

Keep labs clean and dry

Many of the injuries that happen in the laboratory result from preventable accidents such as slips and falls. An effective way to prevent such accidents is by keeping all surfaces, especially floors, dry and uncluttered. Use absorbent wipers and mat pads in areas prone to spills. Whenever a spill occurs, be sure to clean it promptly.

Ensure all equipment is in good working order

Use of damaged glassware can be as risky as using the wrong chemicals. Should the glass crack, the resulting spill could cause a mess, not to mention exposing the handler to potentially harmful chemicals. Check all glassware before use to make sure they are undamaged. Let your employees know how to discard any damaged equipment properly.

Label containers

One of the surest ways to reinforce safety is by ensuring that you label all containers. Signs and labels serve as a reminder of the safety procedures your employees need to follow while handling and disposing of hazardous materials. Label eyewash stations, first aid kits and drench showers so those exposed to chemicals can access them easily.

Keeping your workers safe in the laboratory can prevent the loss of time and money that results from needless accidents. Take measures to let each of your employees knows how to handle chemicals safely and responsibly.

Man astonished in a network data center

All About the Buffer Overflow

Man astonished in a network data centerA buffer overflow, also known as a buffer overrun, is basically a mistake in software coding. To manage buffer overflow vulnerabilities effectively, it is crucial to understand what they are, the harm they could do to applications, and the common techniques malicious users utilize for exploiting these vulnerabilities.

What Exactly Is a Buffer Overflow?

Buffers are sequential memory sections assigned to contain various things such as integer arrays or character strings. A buffer overflow happens when a buffer is sent more data that it could handle, which in turn corrupts and overwrites the adjoining memory space.

When this happens, other terrible things could likewise occur. Commonly, the system will crash, but the chance for hackers to run arbitrary codes increase as well.

Plenty of hackers love exploiting problems with buffer overflows and take advantage of these to modify an application’s execution path by overwriting some of its memory’s components, explains top CompTIA Security+ practice test providers such as CertBlaster.

This extra data would most likely contain malicious code developer for triggering certain actions, which in turn sends new instructions to the targeted application that could then lead to unauthorized system access.

Preventing Buffer Overflows

Some programmers do not assign ample buffers or check for overflow issues when developing applications. For example, because hackers love exploiting C applications, they must avoid using standard library functions that are not bounds checked like “strcy”, “scanf”, and “gets”.

Best security practices must include testing on regular basis to efficiently detect and address buffer overflows. However, protection starting at the language (writing) level is not always possible.

To address this, you can enforce bounds checking during runtime to prevent buffer overflows by checking data written to buffers automatically. Microsoft also offers the Data Execution Prevention tool, which could help safeguard the system against malware that tries to run code from a location in system memory that is reserved for authorized programs and Windows.

In addition, you must always validate data from dubious sources and user input to make certain that they are within the expected bounds and avoid exceedingly long input values.

Important Questions to Ask Taekwondo Schools

Kids in Taekwondo ClassSelf-defense and physical fitness are some of the gains of taking taekwondo classes. Martial arts schools and dojos in America are always open to new students, especially those with a penchant for competitive contact sports.

What should you consider when choosing a martial arts school for your child? Read on to find out.

The Quality of Instruction

Instructors in charge of martial arts training for kids must be qualified before they can teach classes. The school may be prominent, but the instructors and the type of instruction may not be excellent. You must take the time to evaluate the quality of instruction before enrolling your child in a taekwondo class. When you make inquiries, ask for details about the program.

Learn as much as you can about the instructors. Look for a school with instructors certified by the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters, which issues black belt certification.

Choosing a School

Your best bet is to enroll your child in a school affiliated by USA Taekwondo, which is the National Governing Body for this form of martial art in America. As you know, taekwondo sparring is an Olympic sport, and a school vouched for by USA Taekwondo is essentially recognized by the USA Olympic Committee. These credentials should make a difference in the quality of training and the exposure your child can expect from his/her martial arts training. An excellent school is certainly worth the investment.

Questions to ask

To help you achieve an efficient and productive search, here are a few questions you should ask a martial arts school or dojo:

  • What is the youngest age you accept in a taekwondo class?
  • Is there testing and how much is the charge?
  • What is the cost of classes, and what are the charges for the uniform and the belt?

When choosing a martial arts school for your child, remember that taekwondo stands for more than the art of self-defense. The white uniform your child will wear should remind you of the purity of character taekwondo practitioners strive for as they work to improve their skill and perfect their craft.

What You Need to be a Successful IT Professional

An IT ProfessionalThe IT industry is replete with work opportunities. Some of the biggest companies in the world are hiring only those who graduate in the best IT schools, and only those who topped their class. Your chance to earn a great salary and work in a dynamic environment seems to lessen the farther you are from the top.

Your college education should not solely determine where you work and how much you earn, however. These are the things you need to get that job you want:

A Kickass Resume

When you’re a recent graduate, you don’t have a stellar work record to impress your potential employer with. You will have to rely on the extracurricular activities and recognitions you got from your university. Did you know that a few tricks when it comes to creating your resume can do wonders?

Start with a cover letter that explains your skills and interests, and fine-tune your resume to highlight any projects or skills that would be useful to the company. Don’t try to cram every insignificant detail of your life in your resume. Keep it short and professional.

CompTIA Network+ Certification

Managing a wired or wireless network is no easy task. You get the basics down pat in your college classes, and you may have taken extra effort to learn more in your own free time. These are not enough to prove that you’re worth the shot, though. To really stand out, you need a CompTIA Network+ certification. That means reviewing for and passing the Network+ practice test first.

A Pleasing Personality

It may seem like the oldest cliche when employers don’t hire you because they don’t think you’re a good fit for their company culture, but they are on to something. Being an IT professional means interacting with people of different job classes. You don’t have to be an extrovert or an overly chirpy individual, but you do have to know how to interact effectively with people.

Work on all these and send out those applications as soon as you can. With a little effort, you’ll get the job you want.

Importance of Preschool Education for Kids

Woman teaching the preschool kids in schoolThe first time your little one steps out of your home is probably to attend a preschool. This is one of the “firsts” in your child’s life: the first time they are out of your reach for more than a couple of hours. A Kearns preschool can nurture your child in his or her early years.

Here are some benefits when you start them young:

Structured Learning

A preschool, by design, provides children learning in a comfortable environment. There are some things only a teacher, and their peers can teach. The atmosphere, the settings, and the activities of preschool are in such a way that makes the child feel at ease and secure.

They afford children a certain amount of freedom within the rooms and allowed moving around, unlike a traditional school with desks. They learn through play, charts, blocks, non-toxic clay, worksheets, toys, and other learning games.

A Venue for Communication

A preschool is a place where your little one learns to communicate and interact with adults and children of their age. This helps a great deal in laying a solid foundation for the child’s development. Children who attend preschool have more self-confidence.

Besides getting excellent grades, the children will also exhibit evolved social skills, which they will need when they are older. Since the environment is a playful one, the children tend to learn quickly.

Learn to Take Care of Themselves

When they attend playschool, the children learn that there are places besides home that can be safe and fun. They learn the importance of time, they wash hands on their own, get toilet trained, eat simple snacks on their own, keep the books, and toys in their assigned places after use and much more.

They learn to share and to follow instructions.  The teachers at preschools are experts, and they encourage the children to ask questions and remain curious.

Some preschools also teach children the art of counting numbers, recognize, and read the alphabet, recite nursery rhymes, solve small puzzles, learn selected games which helps improve motor skills and much more. Thus, preschools help children learn a lot of basic stuff in a fun filled and friendly atmosphere.

Common Techniques Used by Carpet Cleaners

Carpet CleaningTo keep your carpet clean and attractive, you have to keep them in good shape. Proper maintenance will also extend the life of the carpet. The experts know to do this job professionally, so it is best you hire them for your requirements.

It is, however, a good idea to know and understand the techniques used by the professional carpet cleaners. There are many service providers in Auckland offering carpet cleaning and other related services to their customers.

Most reputed carpet cleaning experts use the following techniques to clean up your carpets. These methods require specialised equipment and adequate knowledge on how to use them.

Steam cleaning

In this method, you spray hot water onto the carpet under high pressure. This loosens the debris and dirt, deeply embedded in the fibres of the carpet. For extra cleaning, you add soap or other cleaning solution to the hot water.

This is a very effective method for cleaning soiled and dirty carpets, and killing dust mites, and hence is the most popular methods used. However, the carpet must be completely dry before it can be of use again.

Shampooing method

You rub a foamy chemical on to the soiled carpet in this process, followed by vigorous scrubbing to clean the carpet thoroughly. This method is suggested for low pile carpets, as high pile ones tend to suffer damage when you use scrubbers.

Dry foam shampooing is the other method, where you use shampoo in the form of light foam. This is a good way if you want to dry your carpet quickly.

Other methods

The other methods used are dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning. In dry cleaning, you do not use water; hence, you can use the carpet immediately after cleaning. This is excellent for delicate carpets made from hemp. In the bonnet cleaning process, you use carbonated water in the form of mist.

You only use this method, however, to clean the upper part of the carpet and not for the bottom part.

The experts consider your preferences, the state and nature of your carpet and the time available, before picking the technique to clean your carpets.

All the Reasons You Need to Get Yourself into Hair School

Girls in a Hair SalonToday, when always looking and feeling best plays a critical role in people’s lives, the need and demand for quality hairdressing and styling services have gone up exponentially.

This has resulted in more people becoming interested in taking up a profession in the beauty and hair industry. And you should consider attending an accredited Utah hair school too if you want to use your love for hairdressing while maintaining happiness and satisfaction in your job.

Your skills and experience will take you around the world

When you do it right, your skills and expertise as a hairdresser and stylist will take you places — even outside the country. You have the choice to work anywhere you want, as people from all over the world will always have the need for such services. This trade can take you far, as long as you keep honing the things you can do with your comb and scissors.

Jobs are always available

Even during times when the economy suffers, consumers would still need to have their hair cut. In short, hairdressers and stylists don’t have to worry themselves so much about job security. It’s pretty much a profession for life. When you continue your education and training, you can keep abreast of the latest trends and happenings in the beauty industry, which further secures even more potential jobs and clients.

It’s fun and diverse

Not many people know this, but hairdressers and stylists have some of the happiest professions in the world. Ask any of these professionals and they’ll give it high scores for job satisfaction, use of skills, and creativity. The training, recognition, and support these service providers receive constantly also make them love their jobs all the more.

Although a lot of individuals pursue this career for their love of it, it doesn’t mean they’ve compromised income. These professionals actually earn good money while enjoying what they do.

4 Benefits of Taking High School Classes Online

a keyboard key for e-learning or online learningIn recent years, you can study and get your credentials through online education, including a high school diploma. Whether you are catching up to get your high school diploma or simply looking for an alternative way to finish high school, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider taking your classes virtually.

There are fewer obstacles in attending “school”

In a typical high school scenario, most kids rely on taking public transportation to get to school. Weather changes also pose big challenges to getting to school on time. High school classes online do not have to deal with issues on weather and public transportation. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection and you are ready to learn.

There are fewer distractions from extra-curricular activities

High school activities such as sports, cheer leading, Glee clubs and other extra-curricular work can really get in the way of learning. Virtual high school students do not need to worry about these non-academic activities.

There is no peer pressure

In a 2015 study, researchers found friends and family largely influence vaping habits. Vaping, smoking, drugs and drinking are just some of the activities wherein peer pressure plays a crucial role. To a certain level, virtual high school students do not need to worry about bullying and other forms of peer pressure as they would in a normal school setting. There is also less need to “fit in” in a virtual high school setup.

There is no rush to learn

Online high school classes offer self-paced learning, which means there is less pressure to learn as fast as the other students in a normal school setting. This is also advantageous for students who want to take charge of advanced offerings to further their academic pursuits.

The internet has provided new ways for people to learn and get the credentials they need. Consider these advantages if you are thinking of enrolling your child in a virtual high school or getting that diploma yourself.