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What You Need to be a Successful IT Professional

An IT ProfessionalThe IT industry is replete with work opportunities. Some of the biggest companies in the world are hiring only those who graduate in the best IT schools, and only those who topped their class. Your chance to earn a great salary and work in a dynamic environment seems to lessen the farther you are from the top.

Your college education should not solely determine where you work and how much you earn, however. These are the things you need to get that job you want:

A Kickass Resume

When you’re a recent graduate, you don’t have a stellar work record to impress your potential employer with. You will have to rely on the extracurricular activities and recognitions you got from your university. Did you know that a few tricks when it comes to creating your resume can do wonders?

Start with a cover letter that explains your skills and interests, and fine-tune your resume to highlight any projects or skills that would be useful to the company. Don’t try to cram every insignificant detail of your life in your resume. Keep it short and professional.

CompTIA Network+ Certification

Managing a wired or wireless network is no easy task. You get the basics down pat in your college classes, and you may have taken extra effort to learn more in your own free time. These are not enough to prove that you’re worth the shot, though. To really stand out, you need a CompTIA Network+ certification. That means reviewing for and passing the Network+ practice test first.

A Pleasing Personality

It may seem like the oldest cliche when employers don’t hire you because they don’t think you’re a good fit for their company culture, but they are on to something. Being an IT professional means interacting with people of different job classes. You don’t have to be an extrovert or an overly chirpy individual, but you do have to know how to interact effectively with people.

Work on all these and send out those applications as soon as you can. With a little effort, you’ll get the job you want.

Importance of Preschool Education for Kids

Woman teaching the preschool kids in schoolThe first time your little one steps out of your home is probably to attend a preschool. This is one of the “firsts” in your child’s life: the first time they are out of your reach for more than a couple of hours. A Kearns preschool can nurture your child in his or her early years.

Here are some benefits when you start them young:

Structured Learning

A preschool, by design, provides children learning in a comfortable environment. There are some things only a teacher, and their peers can teach. The atmosphere, the settings, and the activities of preschool are in such a way that makes the child feel at ease and secure.

They afford children a certain amount of freedom within the rooms and allowed moving around, unlike a traditional school with desks. They learn through play, charts, blocks, non-toxic clay, worksheets, toys, and other learning games.

A Venue for Communication

A preschool is a place where your little one learns to communicate and interact with adults and children of their age. This helps a great deal in laying a solid foundation for the child’s development. Children who attend preschool have more self-confidence.

Besides getting excellent grades, the children will also exhibit evolved social skills, which they will need when they are older. Since the environment is a playful one, the children tend to learn quickly.

Learn to Take Care of Themselves

When they attend playschool, the children learn that there are places besides home that can be safe and fun. They learn the importance of time, they wash hands on their own, get toilet trained, eat simple snacks on their own, keep the books, and toys in their assigned places after use and much more.

They learn to share and to follow instructions.  The teachers at preschools are experts, and they encourage the children to ask questions and remain curious.

Some preschools also teach children the art of counting numbers, recognize, and read the alphabet, recite nursery rhymes, solve small puzzles, learn selected games which helps improve motor skills and much more. Thus, preschools help children learn a lot of basic stuff in a fun filled and friendly atmosphere.

Common Techniques Used by Carpet Cleaners

Carpet CleaningTo keep your carpet clean and attractive, you have to keep them in good shape. Proper maintenance will also extend the life of the carpet. The experts know to do this job professionally, so it is best you hire them for your requirements.

It is, however, a good idea to know and understand the techniques used by the professional carpet cleaners. There are many service providers in Auckland offering carpet cleaning and other related services to their customers.

Most reputed carpet cleaning experts use the following techniques to clean up your carpets. These methods require specialised equipment and adequate knowledge on how to use them.

Steam cleaning

In this method, you spray hot water onto the carpet under high pressure. This loosens the debris and dirt, deeply embedded in the fibres of the carpet. For extra cleaning, you add soap or other cleaning solution to the hot water.

This is a very effective method for cleaning soiled and dirty carpets, and killing dust mites, and hence is the most popular methods used. However, the carpet must be completely dry before it can be of use again.

Shampooing method

You rub a foamy chemical on to the soiled carpet in this process, followed by vigorous scrubbing to clean the carpet thoroughly. This method is suggested for low pile carpets, as high pile ones tend to suffer damage when you use scrubbers.

Dry foam shampooing is the other method, where you use shampoo in the form of light foam. This is a good way if you want to dry your carpet quickly.

Other methods

The other methods used are dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning. In dry cleaning, you do not use water; hence, you can use the carpet immediately after cleaning. This is excellent for delicate carpets made from hemp. In the bonnet cleaning process, you use carbonated water in the form of mist.

You only use this method, however, to clean the upper part of the carpet and not for the bottom part.

The experts consider your preferences, the state and nature of your carpet and the time available, before picking the technique to clean your carpets.

All the Reasons You Need to Get Yourself into Hair School

Girls in a Hair SalonToday, when always looking and feeling best plays a critical role in people’s lives, the need and demand for quality hairdressing and styling services have gone up exponentially.

This has resulted in more people becoming interested in taking up a profession in the beauty and hair industry. And you should consider attending an accredited Utah hair school too if you want to use your love for hairdressing while maintaining happiness and satisfaction in your job.

Your skills and experience will take you around the world

When you do it right, your skills and expertise as a hairdresser and stylist will take you places — even outside the country. You have the choice to work anywhere you want, as people from all over the world will always have the need for such services. This trade can take you far, as long as you keep honing the things you can do with your comb and scissors.

Jobs are always available

Even during times when the economy suffers, consumers would still need to have their hair cut. In short, hairdressers and stylists don’t have to worry themselves so much about job security. It’s pretty much a profession for life. When you continue your education and training, you can keep abreast of the latest trends and happenings in the beauty industry, which further secures even more potential jobs and clients.

It’s fun and diverse

Not many people know this, but hairdressers and stylists have some of the happiest professions in the world. Ask any of these professionals and they’ll give it high scores for job satisfaction, use of skills, and creativity. The training, recognition, and support these service providers receive constantly also make them love their jobs all the more.

Although a lot of individuals pursue this career for their love of it, it doesn’t mean they’ve compromised income. These professionals actually earn good money while enjoying what they do.

4 Benefits of Taking High School Classes Online

a keyboard key for e-learning or online learningIn recent years, you can study and get your credentials through online education, including a high school diploma. Whether you are catching up to get your high school diploma or simply looking for an alternative way to finish high school, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider taking your classes virtually.

There are fewer obstacles in attending “school”

In a typical high school scenario, most kids rely on taking public transportation to get to school. Weather changes also pose big challenges to getting to school on time. High school classes online do not have to deal with issues on weather and public transportation. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection and you are ready to learn.

There are fewer distractions from extra-curricular activities

High school activities such as sports, cheer leading, Glee clubs and other extra-curricular work can really get in the way of learning. Virtual high school students do not need to worry about these non-academic activities.

There is no peer pressure

In a 2015 study, researchers found friends and family largely influence vaping habits. Vaping, smoking, drugs and drinking are just some of the activities wherein peer pressure plays a crucial role. To a certain level, virtual high school students do not need to worry about bullying and other forms of peer pressure as they would in a normal school setting. There is also less need to “fit in” in a virtual high school setup.

There is no rush to learn

Online high school classes offer self-paced learning, which means there is less pressure to learn as fast as the other students in a normal school setting. This is also advantageous for students who want to take charge of advanced offerings to further their academic pursuits.

The internet has provided new ways for people to learn and get the credentials they need. Consider these advantages if you are thinking of enrolling your child in a virtual high school or getting that diploma yourself.

Welcome to London: Survival Guide for International Students

A double-decker bus driving down the streets of London Learning happens not just in the confines of your classroom. In some cases, it does not just happen in the borders of your own country. Many students are going abroad to study for a variety of different reasons.

As a student, it is normal to worry about where you would get your monthly expenses and whether or not you would be able to find affordable student accommodation in London once you step in the country. That is of course besides worrying about your grades.

Not everyone fancies the idea of studying and living far away from home. But for those who do, here is a survival guide for you.

Do your research

The first thing an international student should do is to conduct ample research about the school, the community and the people. By researching, you would be able to adjust better because you have an idea of what to expect. You cannot adapt to a new place if you will not try what the locals do.

Learn the language

Body language and signs can only get you so far, especially if you are going to study for a long period of time. Learning a country’s language can be a challenge, especially when the language has its own writing system and grammar. Luckily for you, brushing up on your English is enough to let you communicate properly in London.

Join international student groups

Fellow international students regardless of where they come from around the world would feel like family. They are the ones who would be able to help you adjust and enjoy living the British way of life.

Starting your new life alone in a foreign country might be a scary thought. But in time, it is definitely going to be one of the best experiences in your life. With smart planning and extensive research, you can make your stay enjoyable.

The Importance of Change of Pace in Basketball

Basketball TrainingAllen Iverson, Chris Paul, Steve Nash and Damian Lillard have one thing in common it’s their ability to change pace and direction that keeps the defense off-balance. This skill allows them to be unpredictable on offense, enabling them to make the right play that has the best chance of scoring.

Why is a change of pace important?

Basketball is a game of pace; the team that dictates it will gain an advantage and improves their chances of winning. Guards are the primary ball handlers; that’s why it is important for them to learn how to change pace and direction when initiating the play. A coach from a basketball camp for high school boys cites that these skills allow a player to shake their defender, reduce turnovers, create plays for teammates and take a shot off the dribble.

To illustrate the advantages of changing pace, try visualizing taking two hard dribbles while driving to the basket then make a full stop. As you lose the defender while they run by, you can take a better, high percentage shot because no one is defending you.

Dribbling Moves that Help You Change Pace

Certain dribbling moves allow you to change pace and direction, here are some of them:

  • Crossover – this is the most basic move as a player changes directions by pushing off with their outside foot while keeping a low and hard dribble and then dribbling the basketball to the opposite hand.
  • Spin Move – a player changes direction by performing a reverse pivot using their inside foot, which allows a player to do a “spin move” to dodge the defender.
  • Behind-the-Back – you change directions by dribbling the ball behind your back and switching it to the opposite hand.

As a basketball player, who plays either guard position, you need to develop this skill to contribute and become better. Change of pace allows you to excel and put your team in a good position to score each time.

5 Cleaning Chores You Can Guiltlessly Leave to the Professionals

Cleaning ProfessionalYou can quickly go DIY for daily and weekly household chores. However, no matter your dedication, you may need help doing occasional, time-consuming jobs such as carpet and curtain cleaning. You also need a pro for those infrequent or emergency situations such as dealing with mould. Here are five cleaning chores you can guiltlessly leave to the professionals:

  1. Cleaning mould.

Leaving mould to the professionals is not a question of lacking the time or just being lazy. DIY mould removal can be hazardous to your health especially if that mould is greenish-black and it covers an area larger than ten square feet. Let a professional cleaner inspect the area, clean it and advise you on how to prevent the mould from returning.

  1. Deep cleaning your carpet.

Your weekly carpet-vacuuming job is useful, but it’s not a thorough cleaning. Your carpet needs a deeper cleaning with heavy-duty equipment suited for the job. Unless you have a steam cleaner and know how to do the job, you should get help from carpet-cleaning professionals.

  1. Washing your curtains and drapes.

Keeping your window treatments clean is a time-consuming task. Also, it’s easy to ruin your high-quality fabrics if you don’t know how to determine and clean according to fabric content, type of weave, and colour fastness of dyes. For best results, take your window accessories to a curtain cleaning professional.

  1. Deep cleaning upholstered furniture.

Your sofas and other upholstered furniture can become filthy especially if you live with pets or small children. While vacuuming up pet hair and spot-cleaning spills have their places, your furniture needs thorough cleaning at least once every year. But that is backbreaking work with a small margin of error, and you will likely loathe doing it.

  1. Emptying your gutters.

You should give your gutters a thorough clean with a stiff brush twice every year or more times if you have many trees on your property. Gutter-maintenance may be an occasional job, but there are better and safer ways to enjoy a Saturday afternoon.

Every one of us needs outside help with housecleaning. While you don’t have to splurge on a regular household cleaning service, you need a pro for the time-consuming, annoying or downright dangerous chores.

Three Common Things Mothers Forget when Raising Children

Preschool in BearnsYou can clearly remember that time you first held your baby in your arms. After the relief and gratefulness of a safe delivery, you promised that you will be the best mom ever – and you are! However, even supermoms can sometimes do the following things that may be harmful to their children’s learning and development:

Not Reviewing the Programs Your Child Watches

Parents are constantly reminded not to let their children spend too much time watching television or browsing the internet. As a responsible parent, you do not fall short in reminding and monitoring your child.

However, you may neglect to review the kind of programs they watch. “Oh, he’s just watching cartoons. Cool.” Wait, not all cartoons or programs on a kids’ channel are indeed child-friendly. The next thing you know, your kid is reported to be teasing and attacking other kids in school, like what cats and mice do in that hilarious TV show he loves to watch.

Pressuring Your Child to Be the Next YOU

Remember when you were in grade school and you were always the one with the best solo in the school choir? You might have even topped Science exams. You were a model student even as early as in your preschool years. Parents tend to pressure their children to be a younger version of themselves – especially when these parents were achievers in their earlier years.

What if your child doesn’t want to be the best soloist, but wants to be the best soccer forward instead? What if his Science exam results are not as good as yours, but his spelling and grammar are top notch? There’s nothing wrong in guiding him to excel, but let him discover new things.

Supporting your child’s passion and talents will also bring pleasant surprises. Who would’ve thought that kid has a musician in him?

Ignoring Your Child’s Needs when Selecting the Right Preschool

The preschool years are important in a child’s learning and development. In an article written by Amy Halliburton published in the University of Missouri Extension website, she said that preschoolers use the trust and independence they gained as infants and toddlers to actively explore new forms of play (e.g., pretend play) and new environments (e.g., school).

In Kearns, preschools have varying approaches in making your child learn. According to, “While some offer progressive curriculums and the latest advancements for preschools, others are more intimate daycare centers that take a more relaxed approach to childcare.” Understanding the best learning approach for your kid will spell out his future success.

MCSA 70-410: The Windows Exam All Computer Programmers Need to Pass First

Life of computer programmersThe life of a computer programmer is not easy. The road to certification is a long and arduous one, and will require diligence and hard work. Microsoft certification is a multi-level process – you will need to take a series of exams from Microsoft itself in order to prove that you have the skills and knowledge needed.

The MCSA 70-410 is an exam that tests your knowledge on installing and configuring Windows Server 2012. You can easily find sample versions of the MCSA 70-410 by visiting sites like CertBlaster, which is a Utah-based company that provides reviewers and practice exams to computer programmers.

The Hardest Exam

Computer programmers who are taking the MCSA 2012 certification path will likely encounter the MCSA 70-410 from the beginning, as it is the first of the three exams required. It is widely regarded as the hardest, largely due to the fact that it is the longest one, and that people do not know what to expect when they take it. It has a high rate of failure compared to the succeeding exams.

It is important to know what to focus on when studying for this exam. Challenging topics that crop up in the exam include:

  • Powershell
  • Group Policy
  • Gui and Core
  • IPV6
  • Hyper-V
  • IP4 Subnetting
  • Active Directory

The Latest Server

The MCSA 70-410 exam is meant to prepare computer programmers for the launch of Windows Server 2012. The server made its formal debut at the Microsoft Ignite conference, which was held earlier in September.

The server is set to begin shipping on October 1, 2016. It marks the sixth release Windows Server, and is a closed source proprietary software. One of the new features includes better installation options, allowing programmers to switch between Server Core and Server GUI, without having to reinstall the entire system.

The MCSA 70-410 tests whether you fully understand the installation and configuration procedure.