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Buy a Landscaping Franchise for 2 Compelling Reasons

landscaper holding grass cutterIt is easy to overlook the landscaping sector as tangible business venture while it is, in fact, a lucrative sector. A growing property market creates a demand for landscaping services which leads to a boom in the sector.

You probably wouldn’t want to trade places with the guy mowing the lawns around your office building. The idea of spending a hot summer morning maintaining an expansive lawn might not be enough motivation to get out of bed. Well, at least for you. However, U.S. Lawns notes that a closer look at the figures might not only get you out of bed but may also encourage you to buy a landscaping franchise.

As of 2017, the sector grew its revenue to $82 billion. Maintaining landscapes on commercial facilities might as well be your key to a comfortable retirement.

A growing pool of customers

A growing population and a booming economy have seemed the property market register a considerable upswing. There’s growing demand for commercial and residential properties and along with it, opportunities to keep the surrounding grounds. A recent study indicates that the median earnings for landscaping companies stand at $291,000 in 2016.

These figures represent a $25,000 growth from the previous years. Industry insiders have nothing but positive projection for the sector. The landscaping sector extends beyond mowing lawns to include a wide range of services, such as ice and snow management.

A business solution

Given that you’re looking for more than beer money, buying a franchise makes the logical choice. As part of a larger company, you’ll have access to relevant training materials that will transform you into a savvy business executive.

In fact, with the right approach, you’ll never need to mow a lawn while running your business. The franchisor will hand you a proven blueprint to help you run the business, including training your workers. They’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re off to a great start.

It’s easy to dismiss the idea of running a landscaping company as a profitable venture. However, buying a landscaping franchise gives you a chance to become part of a multibillion-dollar sector.

How to Find the Right Student Accommodation

room with double deck bedJoining a higher learning institution is an exciting experience. There are lots of planning and decisions to make before you commence your studies. One of the biggest decisions you’ll make in this regard is choosing a place to stay.

Universities in London provide student accommodation, but many students might want to explore other options. While there is a lot to choose from, not all of them are right for you. The tips below will help you select the best place to stay while attending university.


Whether you are looking for cheap accommodation or a luxurious place to stay, many options do exist. Make sure you are clear about the right amount you wish to spend on accommodation before you start looking. This will help you stay within your means.

What’s Included

Find out whether you are just paying for a place to stay or if there are other options included. Make sure you’re clear on the cost of your accommodation and extras. Nowadays, private student halls offer accommodation inclusive of utility bills and Wi-Fi.

Some of them even offer breakfast. Weigh the available options against your budget to determine what works best for you.


Read the contract first before you pay for student accommodation. Some places will ask students to spend holidays such as Easter and Christmas elsewhere. Others don’t allow pets or visits by anybody who isn’t a student.

Take your time to understand the impact of these rules on your daily routine before you make your decision.

When choosing student accommodation, think carefully about the location, costs, and rules. You don’t have to stay where you aren’t comfortable. With many halls available nowadays, it doesn’t hurt to consider every option carefully before you decide.

Interviewer Holding Interviewee's Resume

3 Reasons Why You Need the Help of an Employee Staffing Agency

Interviewer Holding Interviewee's ResumeSecuring the right job can, at times, be a challenge. From finding the right location, working hours, and salary to finding a job that fits your qualifications, the whole process can be tiring. Nevertheless, most of the job seekers go through this strict process. Some secure the labor jobs they want while others are not lucky enough.

Staffing agencies, as bridges between employers and job seekers, are an essential resource when you are looking for a job. Here’s how a staffing company can help you:

1. Help You Land a Job Fast

One of the hardest things in getting a job is the waiting time. Filing an application, going for the interview, and getting a response can take weeks or even months. You could still wait longer and end up not getting a job invitation, and that can be frustrating. Agencies work directly with companies that need employees. That means you have a better chance of getting the position quickly if you work with a staffing agency.

2. Help You Explore Different Fields

Sometimes, it is hard to take a job because you are unsure of what the job entails and whether you are the best fit. Employment staffing agencies work with companies in different fields, meaning you will have several jobs to choose from. This gives you time to assess whether that particular job is the right fit for you. If not, you can switch to a different field.

3. Offer Guidance on Interviews and Recruitment

Agencies prepare their candidates for the interviews for the different positions to increase their chances of securing a job. After successful employment, the agency goes ahead to equip you with the right skills for your job, ensuring a seamless transition.The process of getting a job should not be stressful when you have an employment staffing agency by your side. The company will check your skills and qualifications, look for the matching job openings, and prepare you to increase your chances of landing a lucrative job.

How to Manage Your Poultry Plant’s Water Consumption

Water filtration and ionizing systemThe poultry processing industry uses enormous quantities of water daily. With the right water systems and controlled usage, this can be reduced substantially. As a result, every plant can spend less on their utility bills and save more water.

With environmental conservation and your finances in mind, experts from Waterform share key strategies for efficient water usage at your poultry production plant.

1. Perform a water audit.

In order to cut down on your water consumption, you must first be certain of how much your plant is using each month. Since issues such as economic development, population growth, and regional droughts affect water availability, it becomes imperative for you to know exactly where you stand.

Call experts to perform a water audit on your plant’s processes, including irrigation, maintenance, and sanitation. The data will help you identify potential leaks and quantify how much each area is wasting. With this information, you’ll have a better idea of how to properly manage water consumption for the entire plant.

2. Reduce and reuse.

The best way to reduce your water bill is to use less water. Start looking for ways to prevent wastage and reuse as much leftover water as possible into other processes. Carry out all necessary repairs on hoses and pipes throughout the plant to avoid leakage.

Aside from the birds, you are producing a considerable portion in plant water expenditure can also be traced from the human aspect. Forgetting to turn off the tap at kitchen and bathrooms can rack up your water bill.

Consider investing in a treatment system that will purify your wastewater so you can use it for other operations. This technology can ensure that the water you are reusing is safe and complies with industry standards.

Having an effective water conservation program in place can significantly improve your plant’s water usage. Not only is this a conscious environmental effort, but you can also save more money in the long run.

Loading and Unloading System

4 Ways Automatic Unloading Systems Work

Loading and Unloading SystemThe few minutes spent in unloading items using manual equipment and prepping forklifts may not seem to be significant but the overall time wasted will be surprisingly very high. Installing an automatic unloading system will significantly reduce the time gap between unloading a truck and delivering the material to the production starting point.

Whether you are interested in unloading items from an aircraft, truck or trailer or unloading fast moving consumer goods and beverages, there are four ways that the automatic unloading system could assist you in carrying out those functions.

Moving floor conveyor system

This system is for non-palletised goods meaning that it is designed to handle any type and shape of goods ranging from slip sheet products, automotive racks, drums, kegs paper reels and loose packages. This low profile slat conveyor uses hydraulics in unloading trailers giving matched conveyor speeds of up to 30 meters per minute for loads of up to 30 tons which means that you can unload a heavily loaded trailer in about 90 seconds and in the most secure way.

Tilting system

Unloading items from trucks and trailers can be time-consuming notwithstanding the costs involved and the risk of damaging the products. To address these shortcomings that come with manual technologies is a tilting device that is integrated with conveyor belts that drive out pallet goods from the trailers. The trailer is placed on a flat plate, adjacent to the conveyor system then using hydraulics the trailer is tilted upwards to slide out the items in it. This system is suitable mostly for pallet goods but is not limited by the weight of goods or the length of the trailer.

Slip chain system

This system uses conveyor rollers which are installed on the floor of the trailer and also a flat plate that is placed on the door of the trailer for purposed of driving out the products. It is suited for pallet goods such as fast moving consumer goods, in bottling, canning and chemical industries. The system minimizes the use of forklifts because it offloads the goods from the trailer to the point of storage thereby minimizing pollution and saves time because it works 15 times faster than forklifts.

Trailer-skate system

This is a system suitable for both pallet and non-pallet goods, being shuttled over long distances within a warehouse. There are steel channels on the dock of the trailer that guides the skates which are moved out of the trailer by drive chain and lowered using the airbag system making the goods less exposed to damages.


Manual systems of unloading are more costly to use; they waste too much time are an inconvenience to the flow of production and also damage the ecosystem. However, automatic unloading system correct these wrong making them more effective in logistical operations making them a priority for anyone interested in installing unloading systems.

Industrial Office Decor and Furniture Ideas

a modern officeIndustrial style decor and furniture draw inspiration from factories and warehouses that dominate the urban landscape today. Ceiling beams, weathered wood, and brickwork are some of the common artistic touches found. Some modern spaces go so far as to embrace concrete and exposed piping to portray an open atmosphere. Industrial office furniture from reputable companies like Urban 95 is available to complement the office environment. Here are some simple ways of incorporating industrial style to your office layout.


Industrial interior design is characterized by battered and aged shades. Look for options that reflect an earthy accent. Steel and iron-based tones are an important aspect of industrial design. Natural wood and shades of white can also be used to balance the palette.


Broken bricks and cracked concrete makes a strong industrial statement and gives a warehouse feel to any modern office. Brick is widely available and is very versatile both for interior walls and as a form of cladding. It can also act as an insulator. Brick is also durable, as many structures built in brick have lasted for years.


In its various forms, metal, whether used artistically or to serve a particular purpose, is an important element of industrial office decor. Some options include rustic, galvanized or corrugated metals.


Balance the coolness of metal using rough or refined wood. Wood is another important element of any industrial office decor.


Industrial office style remains incomplete without leather furniture complementing the rest of the office decor. Leather also adds a warmer touch to your office.


Hardware, such as gears, nuts and bolts can be artistically used to enhance any industrial office decor.


Rivets have been characterized as an important industrial element for more than a century. Don’t forget to add this stylish detail in your industrial office decor.

Industrial chic is a design that stands out and shows imagination and originality. The style is functional and need not be expensive, offering an attractive option for the modern workspace.

Types of Documents Required for International Shipping

fragile package in a boxThanks to the internet, the world is a global village now. You can hence expand your business beyond your location’s physical borders. In this case, international shipping becomes essential to your business.

International shipping is however not as easy as sending products to your clients abroad. There are various documents involved in international shipping which are best handled by a freight forwarder in the Philippines. Here are some of these documents.

Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice comprises the bill to your buyer. This document includes all the particulars of your transaction. These include your details, product information, currency, cost and your consignee’s details.

The state or government of your product’s destination typically uses your commercial invoice to assess the customs duties and tariffs you need to pay for your shipment.

Packing List

A packing list includes your product’s gross and net weights and dimensions in metric and US imperial measurements. This vital document identifies all the markings which appear on your package.

Any special instructions which ensure the safe handling and delivery of your shipment are also included on the packing list.

Certificates of Origin

A certificate of origin is an essential document in most countries to identify where a shipment comes from. The consulate office or chamber of commerce of the shipment’s country of origin signs this document in most cases for a small fee.

You might be eligible for some tariff rate reductions depending on the good you are shipping. You might also need other country-specific certificates that serve a similar purpose depending on the shipment’s destination.

These documents might seem easy to get and handle, but they are not for a novice. Any issues with the papers will lead to delays and sometimes legal consequences with your shipment.

These delays will make you lose customer confidence and essential repeat business opportunities. With a freight forwarder, however, you are sure that your delivery will get to its destination safely and punctually.

Dry Blasting Metal

Dry Blasting or Water Jetting? What to Choose for Your Project

Dry Blasting MetalThere’s a lot you should consider when planning the right program for your metal coating project. In some cases, dry abrasive applications will be the most suitable option, especially when considering the cost and the low demand they place on safety. When working on delicate surfaces, however, you’ll need to use alternative methods and sandblasters in NZ.

A comparison you would love to consider here is between wet and dry surface preparation techniques.

Dry Blasting

There has been a vast range of science and technological developments in the metal coating industry. That has seen manufacturers of abrasive blasting products and providers of coating services design solutions that promote coating adhesion effectively by creating perfect surface profiles, free of rust and mill scale.

These dry blasting solutions increase the coating’s lifespan because they use pressurised abrasive elements on the surface that you’re preparing. You, however, shouldn’t use this technique when preparing delicate equipment. You also need high-quality safety equipment to protect you from inhaling the airborne blasting materials.

Water Jetting

More and more projects are using water in preparing surfaces. With this method, you can remove all contaminants in a way that’s safe for both you and the environment. Water jetting is more efficient in eliminating chlorides, sulphides and other non-visual elements from metal surfaces than abrasive blasting.

It’s clear that the service life you expect to achieve, together with the method, the type of coating and the environment that the surface will be in are also critical considerations in surface preparation. So, to avoid any inconveniences from choosing the wrong method and sandblasters when preparing your surface, consult a trusted specialist in sandblasting and corrosion, with extensive professional experience in the metal coating industry.

Why Hire a Business Broker?

Business Men Shaking HandsBuying or selling a business isn’t as easy as you may think. There are several key factors you must consider such as the buyer’s finances if you’re the seller, as well as the legal processes that come along with it. It also requires a lot of time and effort.

Additionally, mistakes involving such a significant transaction can be quite costly. To save yourself from possible complications, you can always hire a professional business broker. Utah Business Consultants shares some of the benefits of hiring one.

Find Qualified Buyers

Purchasing a business is a significant investment, and not all potential buyers can afford it. However, they will not readily admit it and will waste your time dealing with them. Professional business brokers are more able to assess and determine if prospective buyers have the financial capability and commitment to complete the transaction.

Assist with Business Valuations

When buying a business, it pays to know what you are paying for. Paying for greater than the fair value of the company isn’t just a bad deal, it’s also foolhardy. Professional business brokers know how to accurately value the business by determining its present and potential future earnings.

Increased Business Exposure

Posting ads with a brief description of your company is one way to market your business. However, you may be surprised at how inefficient this method is. Business brokers, on the other hand, keep a database of potential buyers, which they use to match with the right seller. This targeted approach helps get the business sold faster and at a better price.

Maintain Confidentiality

Maintaining confidentiality in such a crucial time for your business is hard, even if all precautions have been taken for the company to remain anonymous. A business broker can act as a buffer to help keep the identity of the company confidential until the potential buyer’s interest and sincerity have been thoroughly scrutinized and a non-disclosure agreement has been signed.

Business brokers have years of experience dealing with the selling and buying of businesses. This gives them the uncanny ability to match a seller with a potential buyer correctly.

New to Farming? Here’s How You Can Run Your New Farm Efficiently

a girl farmer workingIf you recently acquired land for farming, there are a few things you should know. First, farming is not an easy task. It is a rewarding one, but it requires a lot of hard work, sweat, and long hours. You should also make sure you are ready to take on the financial burden of operating a farm. In fact, there are at least a few helpful suggestions that can assist you in running your farm more efficiently.

Seek Out Finances

Running a farm is an expensive business. There are a lot of monthly expenses to consider. Little Seed Farm reports that a small farm typically spends $5,650 on monthly operating costs. Larger farms will spend more. To run your farm efficiently, you might need to seek out finances to help you get started until you start earning money. Fortunately, a farm operating loan from Farm Mortgage Loan can help you with the finances you need.

Hire Help if Needed

Whether you run a small farm or a large one, it is important that you have plenty of hands on deck to assist you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, agricultural employment is not expected to change between 2016 and 2026. However, the demand for crops and other farm-related products will increase. Make sure you run your farm efficiently by hiring enough people that your farm runs smoothly.

Assign Tasks and Other Duties

Make sure everyone knows what it is they are supposed to do. It will be up to you to determine what areas of your farm are in need of the most attention. The needs of your farm may change monthly, weekly, or even daily. Adjust tasks and duties accordingly to make sure everyone does their job to maximize your farm’s efficiency.

As long as you follow the tips listed, you can be well on your way to running your new farm as smoothly and efficiently as possible.