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Types of Documents Required for International Shipping

fragile package in a boxThanks to the internet, the world is a global village now. You can hence expand your business beyond your location’s physical borders. In this case, international shipping becomes essential to your business.

International shipping is however not as easy as sending products to your clients abroad. There are various documents involved in international shipping which are best handled by a freight forwarder in the Philippines. Here are some of these documents.

Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice comprises the bill to your buyer. This document includes all the particulars of your transaction. These include your details, product information, currency, cost and your consignee’s details.

The state or government of your product’s destination typically uses your commercial invoice to assess the customs duties and tariffs you need to pay for your shipment.

Packing List

A packing list includes your product’s gross and net weights and dimensions in metric and US imperial measurements. This vital document identifies all the markings which appear on your package.

Any special instructions which ensure the safe handling and delivery of your shipment are also included on the packing list.

Certificates of Origin

A certificate of origin is an essential document in most countries to identify where a shipment comes from. The consulate office or chamber of commerce of the shipment’s country of origin signs this document in most cases for a small fee.

You might be eligible for some tariff rate reductions depending on the good you are shipping. You might also need other country-specific certificates that serve a similar purpose depending on the shipment’s destination.

These documents might seem easy to get and handle, but they are not for a novice. Any issues with the papers will lead to delays and sometimes legal consequences with your shipment.

These delays will make you lose customer confidence and essential repeat business opportunities. With a freight forwarder, however, you are sure that your delivery will get to its destination safely and punctually.

Dry Blasting Metal

Dry Blasting or Water Jetting? What to Choose for Your Project

Dry Blasting MetalThere’s a lot you should consider when planning the right program for your metal coating project. In some cases, dry abrasive applications will be the most suitable option, especially when considering the cost and the low demand they place on safety. When working on delicate surfaces, however, you’ll need to use alternative methods and sandblasters in NZ.

A comparison you would love to consider here is between wet and dry surface preparation techniques.

Dry Blasting

There has been a vast range of science and technological developments in the metal coating industry. That has seen manufacturers of abrasive blasting products and providers of coating services design solutions that promote coating adhesion effectively by creating perfect surface profiles, free of rust and mill scale.

These dry blasting solutions increase the coating’s lifespan because they use pressurised abrasive elements on the surface that you’re preparing. You, however, shouldn’t use this technique when preparing delicate equipment. You also need high-quality safety equipment to protect you from inhaling the airborne blasting materials.

Water Jetting

More and more projects are using water in preparing surfaces. With this method, you can remove all contaminants in a way that’s safe for both you and the environment. Water jetting is more efficient in eliminating chlorides, sulphides and other non-visual elements from metal surfaces than abrasive blasting.

It’s clear that the service life you expect to achieve, together with the method, the type of coating and the environment that the surface will be in are also critical considerations in surface preparation. So, to avoid any inconveniences from choosing the wrong method and sandblasters when preparing your surface, consult a trusted specialist in sandblasting and corrosion, with extensive professional experience in the metal coating industry.

Why Hire a Business Broker?

Business Men Shaking HandsBuying or selling a business isn’t as easy as you may think. There are several key factors you must consider such as the buyer’s finances if you’re the seller, as well as the legal processes that come along with it. It also requires a lot of time and effort.

Additionally, mistakes involving such a significant transaction can be quite costly. To save yourself from possible complications, you can always hire a professional business broker. Utah Business Consultants shares some of the benefits of hiring one.

Find Qualified Buyers

Purchasing a business is a significant investment, and not all potential buyers can afford it. However, they will not readily admit it and will waste your time dealing with them. Professional business brokers are more able to assess and determine if prospective buyers have the financial capability and commitment to complete the transaction.

Assist with Business Valuations

When buying a business, it pays to know what you are paying for. Paying for greater than the fair value of the company isn’t just a bad deal, it’s also foolhardy. Professional business brokers know how to accurately value the business by determining its present and potential future earnings.

Increased Business Exposure

Posting ads with a brief description of your company is one way to market your business. However, you may be surprised at how inefficient this method is. Business brokers, on the other hand, keep a database of potential buyers, which they use to match with the right seller. This targeted approach helps get the business sold faster and at a better price.

Maintain Confidentiality

Maintaining confidentiality in such a crucial time for your business is hard, even if all precautions have been taken for the company to remain anonymous. A business broker can act as a buffer to help keep the identity of the company confidential until the potential buyer’s interest and sincerity have been thoroughly scrutinized and a non-disclosure agreement has been signed.

Business brokers have years of experience dealing with the selling and buying of businesses. This gives them the uncanny ability to match a seller with a potential buyer correctly.

New to Farming? Here’s How You Can Run Your New Farm Efficiently

a girl farmer workingIf you recently acquired land for farming, there are a few things you should know. First, farming is not an easy task. It is a rewarding one, but it requires a lot of hard work, sweat, and long hours. You should also make sure you are ready to take on the financial burden of operating a farm. In fact, there are at least a few helpful suggestions that can assist you in running your farm more efficiently.

Seek Out Finances

Running a farm is an expensive business. There are a lot of monthly expenses to consider. Little Seed Farm reports that a small farm typically spends $5,650 on monthly operating costs. Larger farms will spend more. To run your farm efficiently, you might need to seek out finances to help you get started until you start earning money. Fortunately, a farm operating loan from Farm Mortgage Loan can help you with the finances you need.

Hire Help if Needed

Whether you run a small farm or a large one, it is important that you have plenty of hands on deck to assist you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, agricultural employment is not expected to change between 2016 and 2026. However, the demand for crops and other farm-related products will increase. Make sure you run your farm efficiently by hiring enough people that your farm runs smoothly.

Assign Tasks and Other Duties

Make sure everyone knows what it is they are supposed to do. It will be up to you to determine what areas of your farm are in need of the most attention. The needs of your farm may change monthly, weekly, or even daily. Adjust tasks and duties accordingly to make sure everyone does their job to maximize your farm’s efficiency.

As long as you follow the tips listed, you can be well on your way to running your new farm as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The 3 Popular Kinds of Calibration

Weighing ScaleIf you have used any measurement equipment, then you know what calibration is. It is a necessity even for the most precise of instruments to avoid errors. Calibration checks accuracy by referring the measurements of a device to standards. When you buy equipment from top brands, you expect that they will be perfect.

Many people send their instruments to test equipment calibration services in Chicago offered by firms such as Acme Scale Technologies to confirm their accuracy or to have them calibrated. As a rule of thumb, this should be regular.

In some cases, inaccurate measurements can mean the loss of life. In others, they ensure proper operation of safety systems. The following are three common calibration services on the market today.

Pressure calibration

This process measures hydraulic and gas pressure across a full spectrum. The professionals use pressure balances and gauges to perform the task. Most of the calibrations take into consideration International Organization for Standardization guidelines.

Experts perform pressure calibrations on equipment such as barometers, test gauges, digital indicators, and transmitters.

Electrical calibration

This service measures resistance, the frequency of current and voltage. Like with pressure calibration, electrical calibration has to confer with accredited standards. The process monitors thermocouple simulation and resistance as well.

Equipment tested for electrical calibration includes clamp meters, data loggers, insulation testers, and multi-meters.

Mechanical calibration

Mechanical calibration facilities are usually temperature controlled. They factor in dimensions such as torque, mass, force, and vibration. Pieces of equipment tested for mechanical calibration include accelerometers, weight sets, balances, and torque wrenches.

In most cases, companies or industries require that calibration service providers combine techniques when testing their devices. That way, equipment is safe for use and trusted to perform at optimal standards.

When looking for such a service, pick one that references standards that marry with your industry, location and the type of equipment in question.

Here’s Why a Human Resource Management Software is Right for You

Panel InterviewOne of the most important resources across all organizations is the workforce. Handling people is a hard and daunting task. Over the years, human resource management has evolved to leading the organization and its employees effectively.

But, with the ever-changing world today, you need to be updated with the new systems. These systems will make work easier. Here is the importance of human resource management software for your company.

Improved Productivity in the HR Office

Record keeping is one of the most daunting tasks involved in human resource management. It’s time-consuming and needs an update now and then. But, with a good HR system, you can record information digitally, freeing up the staff for other functions.

Also, the employees can access important inquiries by themselves through an access point. The HR staff won’t spend time and effort to retrieve it for the employees. Lastly, employer evaluation and employee evaluation can now be easier via online polls.

With a reliable HR system, the staff is more productive. Plus, you do more work with the same amount of time as the manual method.

Improved Security

A company with a good HR software or system may reduce the risk of security problems. When there are manual records, anyone may access the important files of employees. On the other hand, a digital recording is harder to obtain.

It’s because most of these systems may need your login details before being able to get a particular file.

Improved Payroll Systems, Recruitment, and Training

An HR management system also has a payroll system wherein the company can track the salary details of its workers. This way, the payment will be on time, and you automatically compute the deductions for tardiness.

An HR system may also include various applications that can help the HR office with its functions. For instance, it’s easier for them to recruit and hire employees. Also, it includes other features such as performance appraisals, promotions, and training.

For easier management of the employees, the HR management system can make the HR team’s work easier and faster. Hence, there is improved productivity.

office workers reviewing graphs

Equity Investment Opportunities UK: The Lowdown

office workers reviewing graphsWhat are the options for equity investment in the UK? Two government-backed venture capital schemes are the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Both of them enable investors to buy equity in small and medium-sized companies and social enterprises.

Introduction agents, such as Amyma in London, list these schemes as investment opportunities UK that can offer high yields, albeit with a high risk also, due to the companies being small and, in some cases, untested.

What is the Enterprise Investment Scheme?

The EIS enables companies with less than £15 million in assets to raise up to £5 million a year in investment, capped at £12 million over the course of the company’s lifetime. This includes amounts raised through other venture capital schemes, not just the EIS. Investment also has to come early on in the company’s journey – within seven years of their first commercial sale. The rules are different for knowledge-based companies.

The bonus for investors is that they get tax relief on their investment. There are various rules to follow to qualify for the tax relief and they must be adhered to for three years following the investment.

Companies who can use this scheme must meet the following criteria:

  • Be UK-based
  • Not trading on a recognised stock exchange
  • Not in control of another company
  • Not controlled by another company
  • Not have gross assets of more than £15 million
  • Have fewer than 250 employees
  • Carry out a qualifying trade –see the full list on the HMRC website.

Investment opportunities UK: Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

This is similar to the EIS, in that it offers tax relief to investors and is for UK-based companies within the qualifying trades. Funders receive 50% tax relief on their investment.

This is designed to give new and very small companies a kick start.

Other criteria are:

  • Investors can buy up to £100,000 of equity a year, which can be in more than one company and must not represent more than a 30% stake in any one company;
  • Companies can only raise £150,000 through the SEIS;

The company must have less than 25 employees and be less than two years old, with assets of less than £200,000.

4 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Inflation

Graph showing inflationUnless you went through an economics class, you may not have heard of inflation. In a nutshell, it’s when the prices of basic commodities rise, which means more money will be needed to purchase certain goods and services. While it’s normal, it has a huge effect on a person’s buying power — both as an investor and a consumer. To protect you from the worst of inflation, you may take note of these:

1. Invest in real estate

Real estate properties are known to be among the strongest hedges against inflation. The value of a house can increase with the accompanying rise in market prices, which will benefit you in the long run. If you’re renting your real estate property, it can even result in a higher additional income. reminds, however, to search only for real estate properties that you can afford.

2. Work hard for a promotion

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from inflation is by improving your income and earning ability. This is why you should work hard, so you will be promoted and be given that raise. This will minimize the impact of inflation on your earnings.

3. Go for TIPS

One way to protect your investment portfolio is by choosing Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), as it increases with inflation and decreases with deflation. It’s measured by the Consumer Price Index, so once your TIPS matures, you can get the adjusted or the original principal.

4. Put some money in the stock market

If you know enough about the stock market, it would be a good idea to invest in it. It can return as much as 10% of the money you invested, which can be enough to protect you from inflation.

If you want to be able to maximize your investments and earnings, you need to take the necessary steps to protect yourself from inflation. This is so that your standard of living will not erode.

What’s with Your Office? 3 Things That Clients Often Notice

Clean Office SpaceAppearances matter when you’re looking to make a great first impression on clients. This will not just help build a great reputation, but also close a deal and maintain long-term business relationships. The sad part is keeping your business space clean and in great condition is not simple as it seems. It is always easy to let things slide, especially if everyone is trying to beat deadlines.

It is also normal for you and your employees to get accustomed to their surroundings, as you work in the same environment daily. This makes it even more difficult to notice when cleaning habits or standards have slipped. Forte Commercial Cleaning and other office cleaning companies in San Diego share a list of things that clients often notice in your workplace, so you can make the right impression:


If workstations are messy or jammed with paper and other clutter, clients are likely to think that your business is disorganized. Encourage employees to reduce clutter and clean their workspaces regularly. Set up filing systems and provide storage space for every employee. You can also then extend your efforts by having trash bins and recycling areas.


The office premises need to smell fresh, as this what your clients will remember the most after their visit. This can be a challenge if you have a lot of staff, so it is recommended to work with a commercial cleaning company. You also need to make sure that the kitchen or pantry is cleaned and maintained regularly. You can also benefit from using air fresheners or oil diffusers.


The condition of your carpet is likely to attract attention while guests watch a presentation or wait for a meeting. Dirty and smelly carpets may indicate lack of cleanliness or unprofessionalism. You need to vacuum the carpets daily, especially in high traffic areas or hire a professional carpet cleaning company to keep yours smelling fresh and clean.

Keep your office in great condition with regular cleaning and maintenance. Get in touch with a professional cleaning company today and make the right first impression.

Exterior home renovation

Now Is a Good Time To Upgrade Your Home

Exterior home renovationHomeowners in New Zealand who plan to sell their homes should consider some improvements to their properties to increase the value of their houses.

These upgrades can range from a major expansion to something as simple as window tinting. In Wanganui, for instance, a makeover seems timely given the performance of the housing market in recent months based on asking prices and property values.

Wanganui Real Estate

The average sale price for a house in Whanganui rose more than 12 percent in December 2017 year over year, amounting to $327,500. A five-bedroom property fetched for $560,450 on average, while those with three or four bedrooms sold for more than $332,000 for the month.

The average asking price for a one- or two-bedroom house was $223,700. The situation improved in March when home prices in the Manawatu-Wanganui rose 12.3 per cent to $292,000. Hence, an upgraded house lets you sell for a higher price.

The trend of strong price growth also took place in other cities, although Auckland served as an exception due to a decline in values.

Nationwide Market

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) said that nationwide residential property prices increased 1.8 per cent in March year over year to $560,000. If Auckland is taken out of the picture, prices only increased to $460,000. But, this still represented a 6.2 per cent growth.

Wellington ranked among the regions with a double-digit increase in prices. Home values in the city cost $583,000 for the month. Gisborne home prices cost $330,000, but it recorded the highest annual growth at almost 18 per cent, according to REINZ data.

Kiwis should take advantage of higher home prices by upgrading their houses before a sale. Even if you do not plan on selling now, any improvements will help in increasing the value of your property.