Basic Cat Products Feline Lovers Should Know About

lady showing her cat to doctorOwning a cat requires commitment and a lot of patience. Apart from providing shelter, you’re also expected to feed, groom and make sure your cat is getting proper nutrition as well as exercise. If you’re new to being a cat owner, you can buy all the cat products and accessories online.

There are only a few basics you will need, among them are:

1. A litter box with a removable lid

Some cats are particular about their privacy; others just do as they please.

2. Food bowls

It’s a good idea to get separate food bowls for food and water. Also, make sure you limit your cat’s food intake. It’s not healthy to allow them to eat constantly.

3. Food

These could be a combination of dry and wet food as well as some treats to help during training.

4. A cat carrier

A carrier can double as a bed for your pet if you remove the door when you’re at home. A carrier makes travel with the cat safe and more comfortable.

5. Toys

These can be small toys just to keep the cat entertained.

6. Cat furniture

Cats love to climb and sleep. Some pet owners use a hammock; others more elaborate ‘condo’ type structures.

7. Scratching post

Each cat needs a scratching post. Otherwise, he will be clawing at your furniture and the wooden posts at home.

8. Harness and a leash

Good for walking the cat.

9. Collar with a bell

Cats hide from their owners, and they do get lost too. So having a collar with your name and contact details will make it easy for people to return your cat to you.

10. Grooming kits

Shampoo and brushes help keep cats clean and fresh-smelling. It also keeps shedding to a minimum.

A cat is a loving pet and loyal companion. He reciprocates love and affection shown to him. These are just the essentials you will need while taking care of your cat. Remember too that he will need regular visits to the vet as well as vitamin supplements.