Answer These Questions to Find the Best Pair of Glasses

Collage of people wearing glasses

Collage of people wearing glassesA whopping 69% of people in the U.K. wear glasses. A large proportion from that percentage are not clued up on what style of glasses would best suit them. Admittedly it can be a confusing task, as there are so many shapes, designs, and colours to choose from.
However, by answering a few questions, you can easily find out what style of glasses would suit you best. Here are a few questions that you can answer to select the best pair of frames:

What is a trustworthy brand?

Usually, buying from top eyewear brands is the best option for many people. It not only gives you a variety of choices, but it matters in longevity as well. Purchasing your glasses from a reputable supplier promises that you get great designs and superior quality, with the longevity factor.

What is your face shape?

Knowing your face shape is a crucial part of getting the right pair of glasses. It helps narrow down what kind you should or shouldn’t get. For example, a round face shape would suit square-shaped glasses. It will balance off their rounder features and give the appearance of a slimmer and sharper face.

A square face shape, on the other hand, should go well with a rounder pair of glasses. That way, it contrasts and softens the angles of the face.

What colour do you prefer?

You could choose a colour based on what your favourite is, or what would most likely match most of your wardrobe. If not, you can choose based on your personality. If you were to wear a bolder colour such as a bright red, that means you want to set trends and aren’t scared to show off your style.

A good tip is to decide based on your skin colour as well. People with darker skin tones would look great in a lighter colour. People with a paler skin colour look great in darker shades, such as the classic black.

Just by answering these three simple questions, should assist you with your decision. Soon enough, you will be wearing frames that suit your personality and style while accentuating your features.