A Touch of the Past: Where to Relive Singapore’s Rich History

Katong Antique House

Katong Antique HouseWant to take a walk down memory lane?

Singapore is not only famous for its shopping centres and vibrant nightlife. If you want to be familiar with the place, you should take time to know and understand its rich history. More than a century ago, the country was only a fishing village. Today, you will find yourself ogling at the stunning sceneries or enjoy the soothing atmosphere, which can surely tell the island’s notable past.

Perhaps there is a seemingly endless list of historical sites to explore – from the country’s darkest era up to the present day. This article aims to give you a brief history lesson on Singapore.

Katong Antique House

Here, you can find out Singapore’s amazing culture. Katong Antique Houseis a two-storey shop house that displays different types of traditional Peranakan costume – from “babas” and “bibiks” to “sarong kebaya.” In addition, it exhibits furniture and crockery. Owner and curator Peter Wee says anyone can step into this fully restored Peranakan family home. As you explore the place, you can also see a little gallery on the top floor, which is decorated with charming furnishings with intricate designs.

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Museums in Singapore are taking good care of their displays, allowing them to show vivid replications of historical moments. The Fuk Tak Chi museum was a temple in 1824, then restored and converted into a museum to exhibit artefacts that has a connection with the lives of early Chinese migrants.

Sentosa Merlion

Watch history come alive in Sentosa. In the country, you will see more than one Merlion, the official tourism icon. But industry professional Merlion.Sentosa.com.sg shares that Singapore’s most visited attraction is on Sentosa Island. As the company puts it: “The legendary Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion’s head and a fish’s body – as a guardian of prosperity that personifies Singapore’s history as an important seaport. Unlike its predecessor by the Esplanade, Sentosa Merlion distinguishes itself as the only Merlion in Singapore, where you can discover the urban myth and uncover treasures within its attraction trail.”

Keep these must-visit places in mind, which takes you back in time to a long-forgotten period. Do not be afraid to discover the colourful stories of Singapore, which you can touch and see for yourself.