4 Ways Automatic Unloading Systems Work

Loading and Unloading System

Loading and Unloading SystemThe few minutes spent in unloading items using manual equipment and prepping forklifts may not seem to be significant but the overall time wasted will be surprisingly very high. Installing an automatic unloading system will significantly reduce the time gap between unloading a truck and delivering the material to the production starting point.

Whether you are interested in unloading items from an aircraft, truck or trailer or unloading fast moving consumer goods and beverages, there are four ways that the automatic unloading system could assist you in carrying out those functions.

Moving floor conveyor system

This system is for non-palletised goods meaning that it is designed to handle any type and shape of goods ranging from slip sheet products, automotive racks, drums, kegs paper reels and loose packages. This low profile slat conveyor uses hydraulics in unloading trailers giving matched conveyor speeds of up to 30 meters per minute for loads of up to 30 tons which means that you can unload a heavily loaded trailer in about 90 seconds and in the most secure way.

Tilting system

Unloading items from trucks and trailers can be time-consuming notwithstanding the costs involved and the risk of damaging the products. To address these shortcomings that come with manual technologies is a tilting device that is integrated with conveyor belts that drive out pallet goods from the trailers. The trailer is placed on a flat plate, adjacent to the conveyor system then using hydraulics the trailer is tilted upwards to slide out the items in it. This system is suitable mostly for pallet goods but is not limited by the weight of goods or the length of the trailer.

Slip chain system

This system uses conveyor rollers which are installed on the floor of the trailer and also a flat plate that is placed on the door of the trailer for purposed of driving out the products. It is suited for pallet goods such as fast moving consumer goods, in bottling, canning and chemical industries. The system minimizes the use of forklifts because it offloads the goods from the trailer to the point of storage thereby minimizing pollution and saves time because it works 15 times faster than forklifts.

Trailer-skate system

This is a system suitable for both pallet and non-pallet goods, being shuttled over long distances within a warehouse. There are steel channels on the dock of the trailer that guides the skates which are moved out of the trailer by drive chain and lowered using the airbag system making the goods less exposed to damages.


Manual systems of unloading are more costly to use; they waste too much time are an inconvenience to the flow of production and also damage the ecosystem. However, automatic unloading system correct these wrong making them more effective in logistical operations making them a priority for anyone interested in installing unloading systems.