3 Facebook Changes That Can Affect the Way You Market Online

User Browsing Facebook There is no doubt Facebook is presently the biggest social networking website in the world. In fact, it is so huge it is now less likely to find someone who does not have an FB account.

For this reason, Facebook is a great online marketing option especially for businesses that want to improve their customer reach and engagement. Thankfully, the website does not disappoint when it comes to providing tools for businesses. When it updates a feature, however, you should be aware of its effects on your marketing strategy. Here are some of them.

Advanced Measurement

Any online marketer needs to track advertising performance. Facebook is trying to help you in this area through Advanced Measurement. This tool will be helpful in determining your reach and attribution not only on this website but also in Facebook networks such as Instagram and other publishers.

What You Can Do: It is not enough you just buy social signals. Work with a company in helping you track performance using this tool.

Reactions vs. Likes

If you want your posts to appear more often in the news feed, you need to get more than a virtual thumbs-up. It looks like Facebook’s algorithm update favours reactions such as sad, happy, or love icons than the staple blue thumbs-up. One of the possible reasons is the idea these reactions portray a much better picture of the user’s level of engagement or interest on the post.

What You Can Do: Emotions are a powerful tool for marketing, and you can capitalise on that when doing Facebook ads.

Tagging Fake News

Facebook is also taking the new adage “Think before you click” more seriously. Due to the increasing complaints of the growth and spread of fake news on the social media site, Facebook is now tagging suspicious news links, displaying the word “disputed” along with the organisations that evaluated the source.

What You Can Do: Do your own policing. Before posting any third-party content, verify all the information to avoid the risk of ruining your credibility.

These updates are still in their infancy, so it is unclear their main impact to online marketing, but that does not mean you should ignore them. Explore, get to know more about these changes, and modify accordingly to give yourself a good head start against competitors.