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Choosing the Right Test – Key Differences Between The ACT And The SAT

a woman studying for an examMost students who wish to continue their studies at a US university are probably familiar with the ACT and the SAT. But how different are these two entry tests really? It is true that all US universities accept scores from both tests but choosing one test over the other may be more beneficial for a student’s learning style. Sitting diagnostics in both exams will help a student make the best decision.

In general, the two tests are not fundamentally different. The content and the structure of these exams reflect the learning capabilities of high school students and each measures students’ capabilities in various learning areas such as reading comprehension and problem solving. Preparation for the ACT and the SAT is a laborious task and students are advised to start as early as possible with the help of an experienced instructor who specialises in ACT and SAT tutoring in London.


As a result of the massive restructuring and update of the SAT test that took place in 2016, the ACT and the SAT are now more closely connected than ever. More specifically, both:

  • Have similar content divided into sections in a prearranged order
  • Offer an essay that is optional
  • Take into account only correct answers and do not penalise for wrong answers


Despite the above structural similarities, the two tests are still different and as such a different approach to ACT and SAT tutoring in London may be required.

Differences between the ACT and SAT include:

  • Duration times
  • The sectionorder
  • Number of questions
  • Score range
  • Cost
  • Computer-based testing (only for the ACT internationally) or paper testing

Choosing the Right Exam

Instead of guessing if someone should start preparing for the ACT or the SAT, the best way to decide is to take both tests and compare their scores and overall preference. This is normally the first step of every comprehensive ACT or SAT, enabling tutors to observe their students’ capabilities and help them choose the right exam.