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Lower the Turnover Rate Among Your Truck Drivers

a man driving a red truckThe success of your trucking company hinges on filling your ranks with qualified and certified commercial drivers. You also need to create an enabling work environment to inspire employee loyalty and lower the turnover rate.

It is easy to ignore the role that truck drivers play in building your trucking empire. In most cases, you’re likely to be concerned with their ability to deliver goods to your clients in good time. While that’s a valid concern, it’s just one of the many. Think about it; you’re entrusting someone with an 80,000-lbs vehicle bearing your logo.

In essence, your drivers are people in charge of the giant mobile billboards that are your trucks. Whenever you have trucking jobs to fill, the goal is to recruit the best crop of truck drivers in the market and entice them to stay.

Hire the right people

Despite driving a $700 billion sector, trucking is often a looked-down-upon career. That is not to say that truck drivers aren’t making bank as some of them bring in $60,000 a year. Driven by circumstances, some people turn to trucking to make ends meet. You need to eliminate such applicants early during the hiring process.

For starters, such drivers will have a low commitment to a job as they are using it as stepping stone. They’re likely to stick with you for a short while before departing. A high turnover rate of drivers is a major setback as it cripples your ability to fill all orders, which dings your bottom lines and hurts customer satisfaction.

Make drivers feel valued

Recent reports indicate that there’s and a dire shortage of qualified truck drivers in the country. If truck drivers are a great asset to the success of your business, the last thing you want it to cede talents to the competition. Qualified drivers are in short supply, and as such, you need to entice all those in your employ to stick with you.

Trucking is a physically demanding job. There’s a need on your part to go the extra mile to appreciate your drivers to enhance their commitment and boost their morale. Employee friendly policies, handsome paychecks and benefits, and good hours entice workers to stay while inspiring others to join your team.

The quality of drivers you have in your ranks determines the level of success of your trucking business. For the best results, you should attract and retain the best truck driving talent in the market.