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The Garden City for All: Singapore Tourist Spots for Every Type of Traveller

Singapore Marina Bay Sands at nightThere’s no doubt that Singapore is a top travel destination. It offers lots of opportunities you can only experience in the Garden City: Michelin-star street food, a mighty statue that guards prosperity, and amazing conservation of biodiversity. But one thing this city does best is it caters well to different types of tourists. Here’s a list of various kinds of travellers and the hot spots in Singapore that very well suit each tourist’s preferences:

The Artsy Outsider

You are the creative, outgoing type. You go to places because you want to enrich your artistic perspective and passions. And when you’re able to see design and aesthetics, you know it’s going to land on your creative journal. There are lots of art spaces in Singapore, from the traditional museums and writing festivals to performance art installations in malls and doodles on random walls. You can also catch theatre plays or outdoor light shows, like the Wings of Time in Sentosa. And do make sure to attend the Singapore Night Festival — and be prepared for Instagram-worthy scenes.

The Thrill Seeker

You’re the daredevil. You travel because you want to experience adventures that make your heart skip a beat. There are many challenging hiking trails and lush forests you can easily lose yourself in Singapore. But if you don’t want land adventures, then maybe swimming with the sharks will appeal to you. Go to SEA Aquarium in Sentosa. If you want an adventurous air activity though, try AJ Hackett, for an exciting bungee jumping session in Sentosa or indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore. Knock yourself out in these thrilling activities.

The Party Person

You’re the party animal who always want to socialise, socialise, socialise. You’re the life of the party, that’s why you’re in every party. You travel because you want to have fun and meet new people. The nightlife in Singapore will guarantee that you’ll never be bored in your stay here. Clarke Quay leads in the nightlife destinations. This is where the real partying and drinking happens. You’ll literally dance ‘til you drop — and meet people from different walks of life and with varying styles of dance.

Singapore is a diverse tourist spot that very well accommodates every type of traveller. So, go ahead, book that trip now to the Garden City.

Top 3 Indicators of a Damaged Car Battery

a girl checking her carSometimes, car batteries can make matters seem more complicated than they are. Remember, the condition of the battery affects the functioning and performance of your engine. As such, a failing battery translates to constant breakdowns. This is why having some knowledge on the signs and symptoms of battery failure is critical. Formula Motorsports shares some of the ways to know if your car battery needs a replacement.

Engine cranks but doesn’t start​

It often happens when you turn the key. There are many causes of the failure of your vehicle to start, but the main problem is always with your battery. However vigorous the cranking may sound, your battery could just be some volts short of what your car engine requires taking off. At this point, you’ll need to hunt for a new engine.

No lights​

When the alternator isn’t running, your battery powers all the lighting in your vehicle. Therefore, if your car seems to fail on all lighting and other accessory functioning, then the battery should be the first thing to check on. The chances are that its wiring is loose, the fluids aren’t at their optimum, or it’s totally damaged beyond repair. The best decision to go for at this point is to set aside funds for a new battery.

Frequent jumpstarts​

Occasionally, your car might need to be jumped to start it off. That shouldn’t raise your eyebrows since sometimes the engine might get affected by prevailing conditions such as freezing weather. Your car shouldn’t be jumpstarted more than twice a week. If such is the situation with your vehicle, the issue is obviously with your battery.

Car battery failure is mostly caused by negligence. The fact that your car is running smoothly doesn’t mean everything with its battery is okay. As you take your car to the garage for repairs, take time to check on the state of your battery as well. Tighten loose wires, ensure the fluids are at their optimum levels, and your battery will last you longer.