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Maintenance and Care for Geodesic Domes

geometric pyramidChoosing the right geodesic dome for sale, from the various kits that suppliers offer, is usually the biggest worry people have when looking for community greenhouses. However, when you consider your needs and visit a supplier for advice, you can get the right dome that will meet your needs satisfactorily. That, however, is just the first phase of owning a dome; caring and maintaining your dome is equally essential as it will determine how long the dome will serve you.

That should not worry you much, though. The main structures of your dome that require your attention are the cover and the frame, which entails:

The Cover

Brush any debris and dirt from the dome skin while checking for signs of wear. Community greenhouse kit suppliers advise cleaning the cover at least after six months using warm water, a mild soapy solution, and a sponge. Ensure that the dome cover dries entirely after the cleaning session If you plan to pack it.

Dome Frame

It’s the frame that gives your dome a structure and determines its stability and structural integrity. Therefore, it’s best to check the frame’s support structures regularly, such as the bolts and nuts, to ensure that they’re well lubricated and are tight enough to hold the structure in place. When storing the frame, ensure that you clean and dry the frame for next use.

The fabric that most domes come in are special fabrics of PVC vinyl, and they require extra maintenance and care. The frame also requires special care to continue supporting your dome. Clearly, adopting a maintenance routine will keep it looking new and extend its life, so you can enjoy an extended service from your geodesic domes.

Why Never Forgo Your Chances of Hiring a Credible Legal Defense

lawyer defending accused in courtMany things may come as a surprise. You’re busy going about your day, unaware that you’ve been accused of a crime in the court of law. In such a case, as criminal defense attorneys in Kent explain, a judge will issue a warrant for your arrest that authorizes the police to launch a search.

It’s at such a time that patrol cars show up in front of your house with the alarms wailing. Understandably, you would be shocked beyond measures by such a development. And that’s where many people go wrong. They panic and forget to call a lawyer.

Not an admission of guilt

One thing you need to realize is the police are not your friends when you’ve been accused of a crime. Meaning, underhand negotiations are a no-no. They’re merely doing what they’re trained to do — to arrest bad guys or those who are accused. If you’re bundled in the back of patrol car, fingerprinted, and later herded into an interrogation room, then you may have done something wrong.

If you don’t have a skilled lawyer by your side, the interrogators can trick you into incriminating yourself. Once the Miranda Rights are read out to you, you’re better off requesting for a lawyer. Regardless of what the police might tell you, hiring an attorney is not an admission of guilt — it is a right.

Beat illegally obtained evidence

The Fourth Amendment is your ally when you’ve been accused of a crime with illegally obtained evidence. The police have no right to tap your phone or search your premises without a warrant from the court of law.

However, there are times when they cut corners and do it anyway. In such an event, they’ll come at you with the hopes that you crack and give them credible evidence. A seasoned lawyer can see through this charade and call their bluff.

You shouldn’t underestimate the value of having a credible attorney by your side when facing a criminal charge. It makes the difference between whether the charges stick or they are dropped off as quickly as they were brought up.

Demand for Land Surveying in Auckland to Rise with More Home Permits

engineer surveying constructionA land surveyor’s skills are in demand in Auckland, following an increase in home building permits in July. Based on Statistics New Zealand data, there were 12,845 permits granted to home builders in the 12-month period. While not all of the licenses translate to actual construction work, property developers still need land surveying to identify sites for viable projects.

Growth Factors

Population growth continues to be a reason for the increase in building permits. The demand for homes in Wellington also contributes to more noticeable construction activity in the city. Elsewhere in the country, ASB economists believe that home building activity might have reached its peak.

The trend of near-peak levels might persist over 2019. However, it remains to be seen if this will result in an oversupply of houses since a growing population seems to be an excellent reason to build more. Land surveying for non-residential construction also stays stable, which indicates an alternative for developers who wish to launch commercial projects.

Construction Costs

The cost of building an average home in Auckland amounts to $445,000, excluding different fees such as land surveys, permits and groundwork. CoreLogic advises prospective builders to estimate the costs accurately.

The real estate service company also says that it is wise not to rely entirely on the government’s Housing Stocktake Report, which was released last April. The report didn’t calculate the actual cost of building a new home. Instead, it only factored the price of “building consents lodged for new dwellings.”

It’s essential to determine the actual cost of building homes to stay within budget, and this includes knowing the administrative costs for each project. Resurveying development plans becomes necessary sometimes, particularly if a property hasn’t become fit for a freehold or unit title section.

3 Common Car Rental Mistakes You Should Avoid

a girl drivingSeveral situations may require a car rental. It could be that you want to go out on a vacation trip with the entire family or go on an adventure with friends. It could also be that you own a car, but it isn’t as big to accommodate the people you plan to take with you (and their belongings).

The best option would indeed be a car rental. Before anything else, you should learn about the common car rental mistakes that could cost a fortune. You wouldn’t want your car rental experience to become a nightmare, right? This guide highlights some of the pitfalls to check on.

1. Renting a car at the airport

A rental business at the airport can be expensive, as they are highly taxed compared to those operating from farther and remote areas. Therefore, as Warner Vans of Utah and other experts explain, as much as renting a car at the airport is convenient, it can save you as much as half of the price if you look for a sprinter or any other car service elsewhere.

2. Failure to carry out pre-rental inspection

Remember that you’re not the only client using these cars. Other clients might have used the car and have tampered with it in one way or another. Therefore, it’s best to check the condition of the front and rear lights. Do a walk-around with the agents to see if there are spots, dents, scratches, stains, and damages to the car’s components. If you notice any issue, ensure that you note down and let the agent know. Failure to do the inspection could mean you coming back to pay for damages that you were never responsible for.

3. Failure to work pricing plans

Some companies prefer customers who rent cars for more extended periods than those renting just for a few days. Consequently, such dealerships tend to set lower prices for clients who hire their cars for a week and more, but overprice those going on two to three days trips. Therefore, it would be ideal to see if your car rental shop uses such pricing structures and see if you can extend the period a little more.

There are many advantages that come with using rental cars. But at the same time, rental cars also come with a fair share of their troubles. You must be careful, especially in budgeting, so you don’t spend your cash unnecessarily.

Trailer Trucks

Types of Trailers for the Logistics Industry

Trailer TrucksThe logistics sector is among the fastest growing in today’s world. This is primarily because of the rise of online shopping, which necessitates the shipping of products to consumers. When venturing into this sector, the equipment you procure is the biggest determinant of your success.

Truck trailers are some of the most important machines in the logistics sector in NZ. Bison Equipment knows there are currently different trailers you can select, primarily depending on your load. The following information will help you make the right choice for your business.

Dry Van Trailer

Also called an enclosed trailer, this trailer typically weighs 42,000–45,000 pounds. It is flexible and can be suitable for transportation of regularly shaped freight regardless of the weather.

Offloading cargo from dry van trailers is fast and hassle-free since it is not tied down or covered like in other options. You are, however, limited in the size of cargo you can carry with a dry van trailer.

Flatbed Trailers

These are the most common trailer types because they are open, flexible and can be used to haul virtually all types of loads, including large irregularly-shaped ones.

The loads should be well secured to prevent deadly accidents, and this might increase the loading and offloading periods. A typical flatbed trailer is 8.5-feet wide and 60 inches from the ground with a weight of 48,000 pounds.

Refrigerated Trailers

These are used for transport of pharmaceuticals and fresh products. The cargo is protected against extreme environmental conditions and theft. Refrigerated trailers take time to offload and load and have additional maintenance responsibilities for the cooling and temperature control equipment.

The trailers mentioned above can be used for short- or long-distance hauls. Although they require a significant upfront investment, you are sure of a handsome ROI, provided you buy them from the right supplier.

Three Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Healthy

a kid eating saladOne of the greatest feats as a parent is teaching your kid how to eat healthy. How do you encourage your kid to eat healthy without forcing them? More often than not, force-feeding your kids will just make them despise food crucial for their development.

Studies have shown that involving your kids in shopping for fruits and vegetables will increase the chances of your kids eating these kinds of food. Ultimately, they will learn the importance of making healthier food choices as they grow up. You might want to take them with you the next time you go shopping for wholesale organic fruits and vegetables. Here are other ways of encouraging your kids to eat healthy.

Make food fun

Play games where you let your kids name the vegetables and fruits as they wish. Your kids are going to be more willing to eat baby trees instead of plain old broccoli. Cut up vegetables in fun shapes to entice your kids to eat them, instead of just serving them chopped up pieces of veggies. Make Popsicles from homemade juices, and they’ll love eating them. You can allow your kids to pick their favorite vegetables for building their own tortillas.

Educate Them

Take your kids to a nearby farm to see how vegetables and fruits are grown. If you have a vegetable garden around your home, have them help you grow or harvest some vegetables. Additionally, make learning about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables interesting instead of demanding that they eat their five a day because it is for their own good.

Eat with Them

Eating together with your kids will have an impact on their food choices. Make healthy smoothies from vegetables on a regular basis until they get accustomed to the taste of various fruits and vegetables. By sharing meals, your kids will also consume the required portions easily.

Healthy eating is encouraged in kids to ensure that they are getting nutrients essential in their growth. Instead of forcing your kids to eat vegetables and fruits, use the tips outlined above to make healthy eating more fun.

Woman about to wear contact lens

Considerations on Wearing Contact Lens

Woman about to wear contact lensWearing contact lenses can have major benefits for people who need to correct their eyesight. Those who prefer wearing contacts cite not having image distortions, not worrying about your glasses fogging up in winter and having a complete field of vision without any obstructions as the advantages.

But for those who are still unsure about getting contacts, here are some useful things to know.

Check with a professional

Check your prescription with a qualified optician from an eye clinic. Maple Grove’s eye experts explain that a visit is essential especially if it’s been more than a year since your last appointment. A proper examination of your eyes can help you choose the best contact lenses or glasses. If you’re unsure of where to go, try finding an eye clinic near you and ask for a doctor that specializes in eyesight correction or any other specific problem affecting your eyes.

Remember to ask the doctor or optician to give you your prescription if you wish to buy your contacts somewhere else.

How long will you wear the contacts

Think about how often will you use the contacts. Ask yourself if you intend to wear them every day, when doing sports or in the gym, on the weekends or only on special occasions like parties and weddings.

Soft contact lenses are popular for being very comfortable, and most people usually wear them either every day or only for work. Consider the length of time you intend to wear them, so you know if you could commit to the rules on wearing contacts.

Check if you have a special eye condition

If you suffer from dry eyes or have an allergy, you should ask the optician if wearing contact lenses could affect your condition.

Dry eyes and allergies could affect how the contacts feel in your eyes. You may even limit the time you need to wear them. When you visit the eye clinic, is vital to discuss these conditions with your doctor before you choose your contacts.

Using contact lenses can indeed improve and correct your vision, but you need to know the many options that are available to you as well as the risks involved in using them. Consult your doctor so you can find the best option for your eyes.

Sprinkler repair and maintenance

Signs that Your Sprinkler Needs to Be Repaired

Sprinkler repair and maintenanceLike most appliances, the water sprinklers in your garden will be subject to wear and tear. Eventually, your sprinkler system will break down and cause problems. Fortunately, you can watch out for the following signs of damage:

Pressure-related Issues

Water pressure problems are the cause of most lawn issues. The loss in pressure can cause the grass and other plants in your lawn to receive less hydration than usual. Too much pressure not only increases the strain on the machine but also damages your garden and its fixtures. When you see evidence of this, immediately call a repair company like Utah Sprinkler.

Sputtering Sprinklers

There might be something wrong with your sprinkler if it emits a weak stream of water. This is usually caused by issues within the internal valves, making the water flow sporadically. This can lead to further complications. Thus, you should address the problem immediately.

Your Water Bill Suddenly Skyrockets

If you only use the sprinklers minimally, but your bill makes it seem otherwise, you need to call a professional. Such a situation can mean that your system leaks somewhere, causing your expenses to shoot high up into the stratosphere. Get in touch with experts as soon as possible if you don’t want to pay more unwanted charges.

In the end, proper maintenance is always needed if you want to maximize your sprinkler system or any of your home equipment. The extra effort that you put into preventing any problem will serve you well in the end. Besides, when your lawn retains its pristine condition, you know that the repair company you contacted is indeed worth their price.

How to do a 1031 Real Estate Exchange

A Guide to 1031 Exchange Rules in Real Estate

How to do a 1031 Real Estate ExchangeAs an investor, you want to preserve your equity and save on taxes, and 1031 exchange services help you do just that by applying tax-deferred exchanges. According to the Internal Revenue Code, the payment for capital gain taxes can be deferred by selling your investment property and acquiring similar replacement property.

This exchange applies to any property, which is not your primary residence. It can apply to a primary residence only if it has a home office, or is for business use. Before getting 1031 exchange services in Nevada, there are various rules that you should learn first.

Properties that Qualify for 1031 Exchange

The 1031 exchange is categorically meant for all properties that are not primarily residential properties. However, there are certain cases where a certain part of your primary residence can be exchanged. For instance, you may exchange a former residence property, rental property, commercial property, a second/vacation home, or in cases where you have an AirBnB or a home office on your primary residence. Ensure that your service provider confirms the status of your property qualification before starting an exchange.

Rules of the Exchange Procedure

To start the process, you need to open exchange with a qualified intermediary, after which you can list the property for sale. Once the property has been put up for sale, then you can start the search for a replacement property that you’ll exchange with. Note that your intermediary will hold the proceeds of the sale of your home, as they wait for the purchase process to complete.

1031 Identification Period

1031 requires you to correctly document a property that you’ll be purchasing in your exchange. Here, two rules must be adhered to. First, you’re required to identify a replacement property within 45 days of selling your property. Secondly, you must close on the identification property in 180 days in total. This poses a risk as a sale deal might fail after the first 45 days, forcing you to either pay taxes on your gain or end up with a raw deal.

The overall cost of a 1031 exchange on your property highly depends on your intermediary of choice. But the key element is to ensure that the intermediary that you choose is well qualified an experienced to handle the exchange to the end.

The Garden City for All: Singapore Tourist Spots for Every Type of Traveller

Singapore Marina Bay Sands at nightThere’s no doubt that Singapore is a top travel destination. It offers lots of opportunities you can only experience in the Garden City: Michelin-star street food, a mighty statue that guards prosperity, and amazing conservation of biodiversity. But one thing this city does best is it caters well to different types of tourists. Here’s a list of various kinds of travellers and the hot spots in Singapore that very well suit each tourist’s preferences:

The Artsy Outsider

You are the creative, outgoing type. You go to places because you want to enrich your artistic perspective and passions. And when you’re able to see design and aesthetics, you know it’s going to land on your creative journal. There are lots of art spaces in Singapore, from the traditional museums and writing festivals to performance art installations in malls and doodles on random walls. You can also catch theatre plays or outdoor light shows, like the Wings of Time in Sentosa. And do make sure to attend the Singapore Night Festival — and be prepared for Instagram-worthy scenes.

The Thrill Seeker

You’re the daredevil. You travel because you want to experience adventures that make your heart skip a beat. There are many challenging hiking trails and lush forests you can easily lose yourself in Singapore. But if you don’t want land adventures, then maybe swimming with the sharks will appeal to you. Go to SEA Aquarium in Sentosa. If you want an adventurous air activity though, try AJ Hackett, for an exciting bungee jumping session in Sentosa or indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore. Knock yourself out in these thrilling activities.

The Party Person

You’re the party animal who always want to socialise, socialise, socialise. You’re the life of the party, that’s why you’re in every party. You travel because you want to have fun and meet new people. The nightlife in Singapore will guarantee that you’ll never be bored in your stay here. Clarke Quay leads in the nightlife destinations. This is where the real partying and drinking happens. You’ll literally dance ‘til you drop — and meet people from different walks of life and with varying styles of dance.

Singapore is a diverse tourist spot that very well accommodates every type of traveller. So, go ahead, book that trip now to the Garden City.