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Industrial Office Decor and Furniture Ideas

a modern officeIndustrial style decor and furniture draw inspiration from factories and warehouses that dominate the urban landscape today. Ceiling beams, weathered wood, and brickwork are some of the common artistic touches found. Some modern spaces go so far as to embrace concrete and exposed piping to portray an open atmosphere. Industrial office furniture from reputable companies like Urban 95 is available to complement the office environment. Here are some simple ways of incorporating industrial style to your office layout.


Industrial interior design is characterized by battered and aged shades. Look for options that reflect an earthy accent. Steel and iron-based tones are an important aspect of industrial design. Natural wood and shades of white can also be used to balance the palette.


Broken bricks and cracked concrete makes a strong industrial statement and gives a warehouse feel to any modern office. Brick is widely available and is very versatile both for interior walls and as a form of cladding. It can also act as an insulator. Brick is also durable, as many structures built in brick have lasted for years.


In its various forms, metal, whether used artistically or to serve a particular purpose, is an important element of industrial office decor. Some options include rustic, galvanized or corrugated metals.


Balance the coolness of metal using rough or refined wood. Wood is another important element of any industrial office decor.


Industrial office style remains incomplete without leather furniture complementing the rest of the office decor. Leather also adds a warmer touch to your office.


Hardware, such as gears, nuts and bolts can be artistically used to enhance any industrial office decor.


Rivets have been characterized as an important industrial element for more than a century. Don’t forget to add this stylish detail in your industrial office decor.

Industrial chic is a design that stands out and shows imagination and originality. The style is functional and need not be expensive, offering an attractive option for the modern workspace.