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Post Thrombotic Syndrome Treatment: Everything You Need To Know

Venous Disease CareThe body needs oxygen to survive. All the cells throughout the body require oxygen and nutrients to perform their vital functions. The blood carries oxygen throughout the body via the circulatory system composed of the heart and blood vessels.

The blood vessels perform essential roles in the body. First off, they ensure that the oxygen and nutrients reach the various cells. But, due to wear and tear, the blood vessels are also prone to many diseases. One of which is post thrombotic syndrome. Experts at Veniti emphasize the importance of knowing the post thrombotic syndrome treatment to ensure that the blood flow is uninterrupted.

How Does Post Thrombotic Syndrome Develop?

In some cases, damage can occur on the valves of the vessels, leading to poor circulation and pooling of the blood in the lower extremities. The result is a condition called deep vein thrombosis (DVT). When it worsens, it leads to a condition called post thrombotic syndrome.

Post Thrombotic Syndrome Prevention

You can reduce the risk of post thrombotic syndrome (PTS) by lowering the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The early diagnosis and treatment of DVT is the best way to prevent PTS. The sooner treatment is initiated, the sooner the blood clot dissolves. The doctor can prescribe blood-thinning medicines and the use of compression stockings to treat DVT.

Post Thrombotic Syndrome Treatment

Post thrombotic syndrome is preventable. You can use compression stockings or elevate your legs when you’re sitting or lying down. This way, you promote the return of blood to the heart for circulation. When blood pools in the lower extremities, it increases the risk of DVT and then, PTS.

Aside from compressions stockings, an exercise program can prevent and treat PTS. The goal of the exercise is to prevent the pooling of the blood in the legs. Lastly, innovative technology can treat PTS effectively. For instance, venous stenting is used because it’s less invasive, simple, and has lower risks.

Post thrombotic syndrome can be potentially fatal if it’s left untreated. The complications include pulmonary embolism, which can be deadly. Thus, it’s vital to detect the condition early. Also, early treatment by a health professional is vital.