Daily Archives: February 13, 2018

Index Shows Continued Growth in New Zealand Home Prices

Model house and money coins balancing on a seesawIf you planned to buy a house in New Zealand last month, you may have noticed higher prices that have been a trend since November 2017.

The QV House Price Index showed that nationwide home prices rose 6.4 per cent in January when the average value amounted to more than $671,000. This indicated that it was a seller’s market during the previous month.

Regional Markets

The index listed Auckland and the Queenstown Lakes District as the most expensive markets in January, when average home values in these areas reached more than $1.05 million and $1.11 million, respectively. According to QV General Manager David Nagel, this trend might continue in the next few months as the market begins to pick up after the holiday season. Prospective home sellers should now consider making the necessary preparations.

For instance, home upgrades boost the chance of lifting the overall value of your property, which will allow you to raise asking prices. These improvements may involve different parts of your house, including the driveway. A reputable contractor should be your partner in repairing or installing a driveway in Auckland or Queenstown Lakes District.

Professional Services

Professional services remain necessary for driveway installation because this project requires the use of heavy equipment. As such, any attempt to do it on your own may cause unwanted or unnecessary expenses in case of accidents and injuries.

If you find it hard to trust a contractor based solely on a verbal discussion, you should ask for references. This helps you gain more extensive knowledge about the company’s experience in handling driveway installation. You’ll learn about their work ethics and see how much they charge for different projects.

Home upgrades allow owners to list their properties on the market for a higher price, but this may not be possible if you choose to do major improvements by yourself. For best results, you must hire a professional.