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Hiring a Crane? 4 Cost Saving Ideas You Should Know

Photo of a crane truckTo avoid spending more money on your crane rental service, you need to know the areas where you can reduce the time necessary to finish the job at hand. Partly, this means being smart in your planning and in preparing for the arrival of the crane.

Below are some of the areas you need to concentrate on, which could reduce your rental expenses.

Don’t wait until the last minute

If you need a crane for heavy lifting in Houston, contact a company that offers cranes for rent in advance. You can ask them to commit in writing to avoid any mishap. Make sure the particular type of crane you want is available on the day you need it. This gives you and the crane company ample time to prepare all the logistics to avoid the last-minute disappointments, which can be costly.

Prepare your load

It will be prudent to plan and package your load before the crane arrives. Make sure it is easily accessible from above. If there is any overhead obstruction, such as a tree, you can clear it or move your load. If it’s necessary to get the lifting slings under the load to lift it, make arrangements to have it elevated on the blocks. Achieving the required load preparations will ensure that time is not wasted after the crane arrives.

Choose the right crane

Depending on the nature of your project, ensure that you contact the company and inquire about the available cranes. Choose the right crane that matches the size of your lift. Hiring a more powerful crane than what is required will increase your costs.

Prepare your ground

Before the crane arrives, eliminate all the obstructions in the working area. Make sure the ground is well prepared to ensure safety. If the crane requires a wide operating area, notify your neighbors so they can remove their vehicles.

In construction, every attempt to save on the operational cost is highly welcome. Because crane hire is part of this cost, the above tips will go a long way towards realizing your goal.