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Loan-To-Value: Defining LTV in Layman’s Terms

A variety of mortgage ratesA mortgage involves plenty of complicated terms, which is why homebuyers and sellers must understand these in simpler explanations. Among all the technical jargon, LTV is one of them. Loan-to-Value or LTV is the percentage of the balance of the mortgage loan divided by home value.

For instance, a resident with a balance of USD 500,000 and USD 550,000 home value will have more or less a 90 percent LTV. You have to know this because LTV plays a crucial element to mortgage companies in Jackson, TN such as Mortgage Investors Group, as it is part of mortgage approval procedure.

Through a refinance, your LTV is usually equal to the size of the loan divided by the evaluated value of your home. When it comes to purchase, LTV relies on many factors such as the rate of sales of your house, unless your house values for below its purchase rate.

When this occurs, the LTV of your home will depend on the lesser appraised value and not its purchase rate. Here are samples to demonstrate the notion of LTV:

Refinancing a house without a second mortgage

  • Value of Home – USD 150,000
  • Balance of Loan – USD 110,000
  • Equity – USD 40,000
  • LTV – 73 percent

Refinancing a house with a second mortgage

  • Value of Home – USD 150,000
  • Balance of Loan – USD 110,000
  • Second Balance of Loan – USD 10,000
  • Equity – USD 30,000
  • LTV – 80 percent

Purchasing a house that appraises for more than its purchase rate

  • Price of House – USD 150,000
  • Value of Appraisal – USD 160,000
  • Down Payment – USD 20,000
  • Amount of Loan -USD 110,000
  • LTV – 73 percent

Purchasing a house that appraises for less than its purchase rate

  • Price of House – USD 150,000
  • Appraised Value – USD 140,000
  • Down Payment – USD 20,000
  • Amount of Loan – USD 110,000
  • LTV – 79 percent

It does not matter if you are refinancing or buying because the LTV is crucial as it helps to identify your eligibility for the loan and mortgage rate.

Ideas to Make a Golf Enthusiast Happy

golf club and ball in grassAre you running out of ideas on how to make a golf enthusiast smile? Though golf fans and aspiring players would always appreciate golf equipment and apparel, it’s high time to think something out-of-the-box. So here are golf-related ideas that you can consider for the next occasion or if you simply want to make your golf-loving kid, spouse or parent happy:

Play miniature golf together.

How many times have you refused your loved one’s request to spend a day at the driving range? Maybe it’s not your turf, but if you want something you and the entire family can enjoy, it’s playing mini-golf. It’s suitable and advantageous to both frequent players and beginners because it improves memory, encourages social interaction and develops one’s skill for planning and reading putts. If you live in Charlotte, NC, visit a putt-putt golf center in parks like Mr. Putty’s Fun Park and indulge in a fun game with your loved one.

Set a professional golf tournament date.

There’s nothing like the real thing, so why not surprise your loved one with tickets to a professional golf tournament? Not only does this allow the opportunity to meet pro golfers in person; this can also inspire budding golfers to polish or perfect their game.

Upgrade the golf technology.

Is your mom’s golf swing improving? Or is your husband still having a difficult time measuring yardages out on the green? Take your loved one’s swing to the next level by introducing the latest in golfing technology such as apps and devices that give accurate readings, analysis and measurements.

Spend a day at the gym.

Strength training is integral to one’s golf game, so spending a day at the gym with your loved one can inspire and do wonders. This is more crucial if you have a junior golfer at home as certain exercises are needed to improve golf posture, acceleration and many others.

Remember: you don’t have to be a fan of golf yourself to make the golf lover in your life happy.

Four Ways to Deal with Hearing Loss

woman with hearing impairmentIf you suffer from hearing loss, you may have problems interacting with people around you. You may not be able to hear the lecture clearly, communicate effectively with clients, or have fun with family members. Here are tips for coping with hearing loss.

Seek medical attention

Medical attention can reverse some cases of hearing loss. If not, medication can greatly improve your hearing and general comfort. Seek the assistance of an oncologist as soon as you realize you have hearing or ear problems. Time is of the essence when it comes to the effectiveness of the treatment.

Explore hearing technologies

If the hearing loss cannot be reversed, consider hearing aids which filters out the noise and amplify sounds. Some common aids for the hearing impaired are closed captioning, amplifiers for hearing loss and directional microphones. An audiologist can assist in selecting the best assistive listening devices.

Join a support community

Difficulty to communicate causes people with hearing problems to feel isolated. You can join local and national hearing organizations such as the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), where you meet others with similar problems and explore ways to improve your life as others have done it.

Do not hide your hearing problems

Most people suffer in silence when they cannot get what others are saying. Be bold enough to tell a friend you cannot hear what he or she is saying. Communicate with others while facing them so that you can read their lips and facial expressions. You can also ask friends to talk slowly or repeat parts that you did not get clearly. Most people would gladly do it.

You can live your life happily with varying degrees of hearing loss. Explore the possibilities above to improve your hearing. Live your life fully while making lifestyle changes to accommodate the hearing condition.

Types of Intestinal Parasites in Pets Which Can Also Affect Your Family

dog and catFor most families, pets are not just animals but family members. Your pet, however, can bring some unwanted visitors into your home. Cats and dogs are particularly susceptible to infestation by intestinal parasites commonly worms.

Some of these parasites will not only affect your pets. They can also harm your family and cause various diseases. Routine visits to an animal hospital, such as Angel City Animal Hospital in Los Angeles, are essential to protect your pets and detect the early signs infestation.

Here are the common parasites that can affect your pets and your family (Yikes!).


These are small worms that fasten to the walls of your pet’s small intestines and suck blood. They are common parasites in cats and dogs. Your pets can catch hookworms through ingesting their eggs from contaminated food, from their mother’s milk or through transmission in utero.

Signs of infestation include loss of appetite, tiredness, blood in feces, and diarrhea. Hookworms sometimes drift to the lungs and cause a cough, fever and pneumonia-like symptoms.


Most kittens and puppies contract roundworms from their mothers in utero. Roundworms can also be transmitted in the breast milk and from contaminated foods and feces. Symptoms of infestation include diarrhea, a pot-bellied look and poor development in young pets.


Pets contract these intestinal parasites through ingestion of contaminated food as well. Vets can detect the parasite in your pet’s stool or on the fur of their tail. Symptoms of tapeworm infestation are difficult to detect but include weight loss, a distended abdomen, and itchiness around the animal’s anus.


This type of parasite sheds fewer eggs in feces compared with other intestinal parasites and can, therefore, be hard to detect in stool samples. Common symptoms of whipworm infestation include diarrhea, mucus-coated feces, and never-ending weight loss.

Regular hand washing before handling pet food and after contact with your pets and regular deworming are some ways in which you can protect your family and pets from parasite infestation.

Hotel crew

The Top Five Freebies Your Hotel Must Offer to Please Guests

Hotel crewWhether your guests are travelling for business or pleasure, they would most likely spend a lot. As soon as they enter their hotel room, make them feel happy by giving them some useful freebies. Aside from chocolates and water in the fridge, hotels should check out the top five freebies to offer:

Free Breakfast

When searching for a hotel to book online, travellers usually search for those with free breakfast. Extend their joyful mood by making their tummy happy. As you are well aware, you don’t want a hangry guest, particularly one that woke up from the wrong side of the bed.

Free Bikes

Your guests might be travelling there for work or vacation. Nonetheless, they will find time to explore the city. What better way than to offer free bikes that they can use to roam about town. They will appreciate this kind gesture and even share great comments or photos on your website.

Free Happy Hour

Offering free happy hour can be costly for some to employ every night, but you can schedule this once a week. Think of it as a weekend party with your guests to build connections and maybe even retain a loyal client.

Free Room Upgrade

For low tourist seasons, consider upgrading guests’ rooms. You can choose random guests or those who politely request for it. After all, no one will be using those suite rooms, so it would be best to put it to good use by making your guests happy.

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi might be an obvious freebie, but it’s a pretty significant one. This is the age where people are obsessed with sharing moments of their lives in real time. This would probably be the first freebie that they would look for as soon or even before they check-in. Besides, charging Wi-Fi usage can actually persuade them to change hotels.

Keep your guests happy by offering them these top five freebies. It will not only enhance their mood, but it will raise the chances of them recommending your hotel to others.

Report: Salt Lake City Ranks on Top 10 Housing Market for 2018

Salt Lake City, UtahSalt Lake City’s booming residential real estate sector makes it the top 6th market in the country for 2018, according to’s National Housing Forecast report.

While home buyers nationwide have faced difficulty in finding properties, the situation next year could offer some relief for Americans, according to chief economist Danielle Hale. The report noted that home prices might only increase 3.2% in 2018 compared to a 5.5% increase this year.

Salt Lake Agents

Local property agents in Utah’s capital agreed that the city would be one of the top markets next year. Salt Lake Valley realtor Joel Carson believes that the influx of businesses serves as a factor for increasing home prices. As more companies move into Salt Lake City, it brings buyers with different price ranges for a potential purchase.

Hale said that property prices and sales in the city to perform well in 2018 with a growth expectation of 4.5%, which is higher than the national average. An indirect benefit of higher demand for homes involves an eventual need for certain services from companies that assist in relocation tocarpet cleaning in Salt Lake City.

Affordable Housing

Since 2012, the median home price in Salt Lake County has increased 55% to $325,000 from $210,000, according to Jim Wood of the University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute. This significant growth may be good for investors and sellers, but it has constrained the supply of affordable housing in the market.

The situation could be the same in Las Vegas, which landed on top of’s list. The markets in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas; Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach, Florida; Stockton-Lodi, California; and Lakeland-Winter Haven, Florida completed the top five markets next year.


Salt Lake City’s economy and its appeal as a business destination have influenced the residential property market’s growth. Do you think that buying a home in the city will be more worth it in 2018?

Retaining Orthodontics in Weybridge

Woman wearing upper teeth retainerAfter braces, what next? Wearing the brace is step one of treatment. In almost all cases this needs to be followed up with a retainer.

The technical term for teeth straightening, including treatment with a retainer, is orthodontics. Weybridge-based patients have a range of surgeries they can visit for this kind of treatment, including Weybridge Orthodontics.

What is a retainer?

A retainer is an appliance used in orthodontics in Weybridge that fits over the teeth, in much the same way as braces do.

What does it do?

It retains the work that has been done by the braces. Once teeth have been straightened, it’s still possible that they may slip back into their old position, and all the hard work could be lost. Adults who had orthodontics in Weybridge as children may find that their teeth have become crooked again and repeat treatment is required.

Types of retainer

They come in different kinds, including: fixed, vacuum-formed and Hawley.

The vacuum-formed retainer is worn part-time and can be taken out for eating and cleaning. The benefit of this is that it is clear and so can’t be seen. It can feel quite tight on the teeth initially, but this discomfort eases with time.

The fixed retainer is stuck to the underside of the teeth for the duration of treatment – it can’t be removed. This is a benefit for anyone who may forget to put their retainer back in after cleaning! It is usually fixed to the underside of the teeth so is also invisible. It does need to be well clean and maintained to make sure food doesn’t get stuck in it and cause decay.

The Hawley retainer is removable and is made of a plastic part that fits into the back of the teeth and a thin metal wire that runs across the front. This is a strong retainer and can causes issues with speech at first, though patients adjust to this over the course of treatment.

Retainers are a vital part of orthodontics in Weybridge and need to be worn for at least a year to make sure the teeth are held in place in their new position.

Woman calling for emergency

The 3 People You Need In Case of an Urgent Situation

Woman calling for emergencyWe have emergency numbers stored in our mobile phones and programmed in our home phones. But, what about the other numbers we need in case we can’t get in the house, run into car trouble, or have a pet emergency — who are we going to call?


In case we forget our keys or lose them, it’s good to know who to call and have their information stored on your mobile device. Mobile locksmiths such as Sail City Locksmiths not only help you solve the usual key problems, but they also provide practical solutions to secure homes, and vehicles.

Get home safe even if you don’t have your keys by knowing who to call when this kind situation happens.

Car Towing Services

Sure, you have a well-maintained car, but if you are still susceptible to having car trouble. Better safe than sorry — store a car towing services number on your mobile phone. This information is better to have even if you won’t ever need it than need it badly and not have it.

Keep track of their rates and coverage areas. If you’re travelling, look for one that services the area you’ll be in and store their number so that you don’t have to look for it while you’re out stewing with your vehicle.

The Vet

If you have a rambunctious furry member of the family who chews on anything it sees on its path, nibbles on who-knows-what-he-found in the garden, or loves to hide in the bushes. It’s best to have the trusty vet’s number handy.

Share this with everyone in the house as well as the access to his pet records. In case your pet doesn’t seem like itself, gets an allergic reaction, or you suspect he may have swallowed or ingested something, you or anyone in the household can immediately contact the vet.

Having these safety numbers is the first step in helping you through emergency situations and in solving the problem at hand.

Replace panic with preparedness by storing these numbers on your mobile and home phones, and make sure they operate 24/7, so you have access to their service at any time you might need it.

Woman having her teeth checked

Easy and Non-Invasive Teeth Whitening

Woman having her teeth checkedThere’s a reason why teeth whitening in Belfast is so popular; in fact, why teeth whitening is the most sought after cosmetic dentistry treatment across the globe. It’s simple, it doesn’t alter the structure of the teeth, and it can be done in an hour at the dental surgery, or at home at the patient’s convenience. Also, the results can make a big difference to someone’s smile.

In Belfast, teeth whitening is available from various dentists, including Blue Sky Dentistry.

Discolouration that is extrinsic, on the surface of the teeth, is caused by various staining drinks, such as tea, coffee and red wine, as well as by tobacco, some berries and certain medications. Also, as the years roll by teeth just become duller and yellower, the latter being caused by the enamel getting thinner and the yellow dentin below showing through. It is treated with whitening gels. The active ingredient of these gels is hydrogen carbamide, which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide, a safe bleaching and disinfecting agent that has been around for over a century, and is composed only of water and oxygen.

In-clinic teeth whitening in Belfast

Also known as power whitening, for this treatment the patient needs around 90 minutes in the dentist’s chair. Firstly, the lips and gums are protected with plastic barriers, and then the dentist paints the whitening gel directly on to the patient’s teeth. The gel is activated by a UV light, and this process may be carried out several times in order to reach the shade of white deemed desirable by both dentist and patient.

At-home whitening

The patient comes to the clinic and impressions are taken of their teeth to make bespoke plastic tooth trays. The patient takes them home, along with a kit of whitening gel. This is a less concentrated gel than that used in power whitening. The patient puts it in the trays and wears them over the teeth for a specified period of time each day. It takes about two or three weeks to achieve the desired results.

Whitening is not permanent, but the effects can last longer if the patient is careful to avoid foods and drinks that stain.

Singapore’s Plans to Upgrade IT Mean Opportunities for Professionals

a male learning how to codeSingapore has plans to upgrade its IT, media, and communications industry. The plan will involve artificial intelligence, cyber security and all-around updates on the technology sector, which means more opportunities for IT professionals in the city-state.

Starting with Good Education

IT courses in Singapore are the foundation for a successful career after graduation. Students can choose to focus on a certain aspect of IT, such as the internet of things or AI and data science, depending on where they see themselves working in the future. Many students who enrol in these courses already have a tech company in mind, and this helps choose one’s specialisation. However, there is also a worldwide interest in well-rounded software engineers, which means there is no reason to focus on just one aspect of IT.

Opening New Opportunities

Singapore’s economy is so successful that new job descriptions are created and new markets are emerging. For instance, in 2014, a trader and a programmer came up with the idea to sell gold through digital currencies. The process uses blockchain technology, which requires enhanced coin security to keep the integrity of the chain. Individual buyers and sellers of gold using digital currencies also need to take care of their coin security, which means there are plenty of opportunities for those knowledgeable in this kind of technology.

Forging a Career

No IT student looks at career opportunities in this area only to bow out after a couple of years. They aim to move up the career ladder, hopefully opening their own IT firm in the near future. With the ever-evolving landscape, IT professionals can stay updated by taking more classes and attending conferences to teach them about emerging technologies that will be useful for their career.

A career in IT is an excellent choice when you live in Singapore. Get started on your path to success.