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Important Questions to Ask Taekwondo Schools

Kids in Taekwondo ClassSelf-defense and physical fitness are some of the gains of taking taekwondo classes. Martial arts schools and dojos in America are always open to new students, especially those with a penchant for competitive contact sports.

What should you consider when choosing a martial arts school for your child? Read on to find out.

The Quality of Instruction

Instructors in charge of martial arts training for kids must be qualified before they can teach classes. The school may be prominent, but the instructors and the type of instruction may not be excellent. You must take the time to evaluate the quality of instruction before enrolling your child in a taekwondo class. When you make inquiries, ask for details about the program.

Learn as much as you can about the instructors. Look for a school with instructors certified by the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters, which issues black belt certification.

Choosing a School

Your best bet is to enroll your child in a school affiliated by USA Taekwondo, which is the National Governing Body for this form of martial art in America. As you know, taekwondo sparring is an Olympic sport, and a school vouched for by USA Taekwondo is essentially recognized by the USA Olympic Committee. These credentials should make a difference in the quality of training and the exposure your child can expect from his/her martial arts training. An excellent school is certainly worth the investment.

Questions to ask

To help you achieve an efficient and productive search, here are a few questions you should ask a martial arts school or dojo:

  • What is the youngest age you accept in a taekwondo class?
  • Is there testing and how much is the charge?
  • What is the cost of classes, and what are the charges for the uniform and the belt?

When choosing a martial arts school for your child, remember that taekwondo stands for more than the art of self-defense. The white uniform your child will wear should remind you of the purity of character taekwondo practitioners strive for as they work to improve their skill and perfect their craft.