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Children in school writing and using a tablet

Children Who Slouch: Reasons and Ways to Correct it

Children in school writing and using a tabletSlouching is bad for children, especially if it’s something they do every day. Some parents, however, overlook this issue thinking that it’s just a phase. Bad posture is bad for your child’s health. In this article, learn why children slouch and what you can do to correct it.

Why Children Slouch

Kids slouch for many reasons. Often it is because of boredom, especially when in the classroom or an uninteresting engagement. It could also be because of fatigue, making children prop their head into their hands and stretch their legs out. Research says that another reason behind slouching is proprioceptive dysfunction, a sensory disorder that makes children clumsy and uncoordinated.

Simple Yet Effective Ways to Correct Slouching in Children

Bad posture is difficult to correct, especially when your child is comfortable doing it. However, upzenhealth.com, a kids chiropractic clinic in Sandy, Utah says that through guidance and exercise, parents can still change the way their children stand and sit. Here are some tips:

  • Provide a lightweight backpack. Your kid may be carrying a bag too big for his height and weight. Provide a backpack that your child can carry conveniently. If he has too many books, make him use a trolley instead.
  • Guard his sleeping position. Don’t let your child sleep on his stomach to keep his spine aligned. Make him sleep on his side by providing a firm pillow or in his back by placing a pillow under his knees. Doing this eases the tension in his lower back as well.
  • Make exercise a fun activity. Kids need exercise, too. It’s something the two of you can work on before heading to the office and school. Simple exercises such as push ups and bounding skips are helpful in keeping his back straight. Take it slowly and follow a video so your child can enjoy the activity.

It is important to teach children about correct sitting and standing positions even at an early age. Other than preventing injury, this also makes them look healthy and confident. If your kid, however, is already slouching terribly, it is ideal to contact a wellness studio who can help you with this problem.