Daily Archives: July 13, 2017

Invisible is the New Black

Invisible AlignersIn current times, the most useful tools are sometimes easy to miss. This is because, as we progress forward in terms of technological breakthroughs, many of the tools we use have turned invisible. From fashion tips to everyday advice and healthcare hacks, evidence suggests that invisible is the new black. 

Invisible Aligners 

Invisible braces have been here for years, and over time more and more people have found it to benefit them greatly. And who could blame them for choosing it over metal braces? There simply is a convenience attached to being able to smile for photographs without having to worry about hideous wires and brackets. Gainsborough residents are fairly satisfied fans of the dental treatment from Dee Kay Dental for that reason. 

Virtual Assistant 

Where people would usually ask friends or secretaries in the past to look up information or schedule an appointment for them, now all one needs is a trusty virtual assistant. And there are many options, depending on the device you have. There is Siri for Apple devices, and Cortana for Windows 10, for instance. Even Google Search is refining its functionalities to be able to answer voice commands, eliminating the need for you to type out a query. 

The Red Bra Hack 

Here, invisibility is the coveted result to avoid wardrobe dilemmas. Many women would not believe it at first, but lingerie experts and fashion editors from Self have tested it on various skin tones. Each one showed the same results: red brassiere will not show through a white t-shirt. When you first look at a red undergarment, you would think it would be the least likely choice if you do not want your bra to show through. Be prepared for the surprise of your life that your bra is invisible through the fabric. Now isn't that just the greatest life hack? 

Invisibility seems like a cool superpower to have, don't you think? It's even more fascinating to think that in the current world we live in, we do not need to be a superhero to enjoy its benefits.