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MAP Policy Monitoring: How to Keep MAP Violators In Line On Amazon

Amazon checkout pageAmazon does not really care about your MAP (minimum advertised price) policy. Their focus is consumer satisfaction, so they avoid dipping into reseller-manufacturer relationships as much as they can. So much so that if you, as a manufacturer, see a MAP violation on Amazon and you decide to complain, you’d have to send a complaint form for every product SKU, among other things. So what do you do if you’ve already reached out to Amazon and the MAP violator but the violator is ignoring your messages?

Enforcing your MAP Policy on MAP Violators in Amazon

Although MAP violators might ignore your messages on Amazon since they’re technically not violating Amazon selling policies, they’re still essentially violating their agreement with you. First, place a test purchase just to see if you could determine who the seller if you can’t tell whom it is through their Amazon seller name. You could then use that information and send them a “cease and desist” letter to inform the violator that you’re taking the matter seriously. You could likewise consider product serialization to determine which seller is violating your MAP policy.

If the MAP violator still doesn’t respond after sending a cease and desist letter, you could file a lawsuit claiming trademark infringement or some other law related to intellectual property. That is if you have the resources and you think that the actions of the violator would eventually affect your brand, and hence, your bottom line. Otherwise, you could simply stop supplying the violator with your products.

Take note that your distributors won’t and aren’t legally obliged to enforce MAP agreements for you. You could, however, pre-authorize all your retailers via authorized retailers agreements so that you can have a deal or legal understanding with your retailers.

Other Vital Things to Consider

The above mentioned MAP enforcement suggestions are your last resort measures, which you wouldn’t have had to take if you had deployed MAP policy monitoring with the help of Pricemanager.com and enforcement tactics in the first place. Likewise, it’s worth reiterating that Amazon won’t help you police your brand, and only you could do it. Fortunately, there are solutions for monitoring MAP violations, not just on Amazon, but also across the World Wide Web. You just have to choose the best one for you.