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Important Questions to Ask Taekwondo Schools

Kids in Taekwondo ClassSelf-defense and physical fitness are some of the gains of taking taekwondo classes. Martial arts schools and dojos in America are always open to new students, especially those with a penchant for competitive contact sports.

What should you consider when choosing a martial arts school for your child? Read on to find out.

The Quality of Instruction

Instructors in charge of martial arts training for kids must be qualified before they can teach classes. The school may be prominent, but the instructors and the type of instruction may not be excellent. You must take the time to evaluate the quality of instruction before enrolling your child in a taekwondo class. When you make inquiries, ask for details about the program.

Learn as much as you can about the instructors. Look for a school with instructors certified by the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters, which issues black belt certification.

Choosing a School

Your best bet is to enroll your child in a school affiliated by USA Taekwondo, which is the National Governing Body for this form of martial art in America. As you know, taekwondo sparring is an Olympic sport, and a school vouched for by USA Taekwondo is essentially recognized by the USA Olympic Committee. These credentials should make a difference in the quality of training and the exposure your child can expect from his/her martial arts training. An excellent school is certainly worth the investment.

Questions to ask

To help you achieve an efficient and productive search, here are a few questions you should ask a martial arts school or dojo:

  • What is the youngest age you accept in a taekwondo class?
  • Is there testing and how much is the charge?
  • What is the cost of classes, and what are the charges for the uniform and the belt?

When choosing a martial arts school for your child, remember that taekwondo stands for more than the art of self-defense. The white uniform your child will wear should remind you of the purity of character taekwondo practitioners strive for as they work to improve their skill and perfect their craft.

Headset, laptop and telephone over the table

Workplace Trends of the Future

Headset, laptop and telephone over the tableOver the years, work operations across the globe have changed completely, the same way our way of living has. In the 90s, the most advanced technology in HR systems was process automation for recruiting and hiring, while today’s cloud based systems allow them to engage employees on multiple levels like performance management and training. The corporate landscape is continuously changing and evolving it might be time to check if you need to do some catching up.

Man versus Machines

This century marks the beginning of an era of artificial intelligence and automation where robots displace human jobs to make the future of workplaces more efficient. More and more companies are relying on computers to store information and in some cases, make calculated decisions based on data.

The future is already here,” says Peter Andrew, a workplace strategy director. "Humans have biases, and artificial intelligence (AI) eliminates those biases.”

While some may see AI as a threat to the workforce, it gives people more opportunities to take on better, less monotonous jobs. Creative work and tasks that require human flexibility are just two of the many things that technology cannot replace, and Andrew says people need not be afraid of this development.

Creative, Collaborative Space

The rise of technology also has seen the rise in the demand for a much more collaborative work culture, one which fosters team spirit of employees. Cubicles are no longer necessary, and people prefer working near social and commercial centres. With the well-being and happiness of staff in mind, work environments just like these Paya Lebar offices are designed to provide a dynamic working eco-system where the team can make the most out of their talent and ideas they generate.

According to William Lee, director of real-estate strategy at Microsoft, a vibrant ecosystem encourages employees to discuss with and help each other. He quoted an example of a campus-like environment where people are able to talk on the way to the office, on the way to the meetings. The aim is to create better working environments strengthening the country’s already massive innovation hubs. Just in the last few years, Singapore has committed S$19 billion to support research and development for this key focus area.

Technology and corporate culture are playing a greater role in promoting a better work experience for employees all over the world. It may be time to rethink your operations to see if a more cohesive, all-encompassing model works better.

Children in school writing and using a tablet

Children Who Slouch: Reasons and Ways to Correct it

Children in school writing and using a tabletSlouching is bad for children, especially if it’s something they do every day. Some parents, however, overlook this issue thinking that it’s just a phase. Bad posture is bad for your child’s health. In this article, learn why children slouch and what you can do to correct it.

Why Children Slouch

Kids slouch for many reasons. Often it is because of boredom, especially when in the classroom or an uninteresting engagement. It could also be because of fatigue, making children prop their head into their hands and stretch their legs out. Research says that another reason behind slouching is proprioceptive dysfunction, a sensory disorder that makes children clumsy and uncoordinated.

Simple Yet Effective Ways to Correct Slouching in Children

Bad posture is difficult to correct, especially when your child is comfortable doing it. However,, a kids chiropractic clinic in Sandy, Utah says that through guidance and exercise, parents can still change the way their children stand and sit. Here are some tips:

  • Provide a lightweight backpack. Your kid may be carrying a bag too big for his height and weight. Provide a backpack that your child can carry conveniently. If he has too many books, make him use a trolley instead.
  • Guard his sleeping position. Don’t let your child sleep on his stomach to keep his spine aligned. Make him sleep on his side by providing a firm pillow or in his back by placing a pillow under his knees. Doing this eases the tension in his lower back as well.
  • Make exercise a fun activity. Kids need exercise, too. It’s something the two of you can work on before heading to the office and school. Simple exercises such as push ups and bounding skips are helpful in keeping his back straight. Take it slowly and follow a video so your child can enjoy the activity.

It is important to teach children about correct sitting and standing positions even at an early age. Other than preventing injury, this also makes them look healthy and confident. If your kid, however, is already slouching terribly, it is ideal to contact a wellness studio who can help you with this problem.

Recycle Cardboard and Save the World

Recycled Card boards

In the US, more than 85% of products are sold packaged in cardboards. Some cities recycle between 1,500 to 2,100 pounds of cardboard every day. In the UK, paper and cardboard recycling is a successful venture. In 2015, it recorded 4.9 million tonnes of recycled paper and cardboard.

Cardboard is made from pulp. Pulp comes from trees. However, trees are a limited resource, and they provide oxygen and stabilise the world’s weather systems. Trees reduce carbon dioxide and preserve oxygen levels.

Recycling Cardboard

Recycling cardboard helps save trees. According to statistics, 544,000 trees could be saved in one year in the US alone. If every household used recycled paper towels, this would make a huge difference. So reusing recycled cardboard is one of the best ways to save the trees.

The manufacturing process releases harmful gases into the atmosphere. When industries adopt cardboard recycling, you can help reduce the number of gases by half. One ton of recycled paper saves at least 17 trees. Oil, energy and water are also saved in the process. Households throw away too much paper and wood each year. The amount thrown out would be enough to heat up 50, 000, 000 homes for 20 years.

Types of Cardboard Suitable for Recycling

You cannot recycle all cardboards. Paper board or flat board cannot be recycled, and these include cereal boxes, milk cartons, and shoe boxes. Shirt boxes and frozen food boxes are also considered flat board.

However, corrugated cardboard is recyclable. This cardboard is used in packaging products. If you need to recycle these boards, you need to break down the boxes before handing it in as this saves space. You could haul more cardboard with each trip if you do so. Do your part and help in recycling paper and cardboard.

A Look on the Current Situation of Luxury Car Sales

Row Of Parked Cars For SaleLuxury carmakers want to attract more customers. Thus, they introduced more vehicle models as their strategy to draw in buyers. Only a few, however, seems interested in the new offerings of these carmakers. Industry data showed that June 2017 car sales slipped slightly by three percent to around 16.5 million units from 16.8 million units year over year, based on the annualized selling rate in the month.

High-End Car Market Adapting to Changing Preferences

Despite the industry data findings, car owners should not be too hasty in switching to a cheaper model. Whether you own a Porsche in NYC or some other luxury car brand, these cars may still be a good investment if the vehicle owner maintains them properly.

Speaking of high-end cars, the luxury car market appears to be adapting to the changing preferences of consumers. One luxury car brand, for instance, launched different model series for a specific type of vehicle. The series ranged from a four-door sedan to a plug-in hybrid. Moreover, the series consists of a convertible type, a two-door, and a four-door coupe models.

Shifting Gears

Even though car sales may have been fewer in June on a year-over-year comparison, the demand for SUVs and pickup trucks still allowed automakers to record higher transactions than analysts’ expectations. The changing preferences of consumers also partly dictate how car manufacturers have sought to keep up with this trend.

Buyers, for instance, used to define a luxury car by its horsepower. This apparently changed as some car manufacturers turn to new technology in redefining a high-end vehicle. Self-driving capability is a prime example of such a technology.

While the sales of luxury cars dipped slightly, it has not stopped carmakers from planning to introduce new models. After all, factors such as low unemployment and better consumer sentiment will likely keep the car industry afloat.

An array of vintage cars

The Practical Side Of Owning A Vintage Car

An array of vintage cars

Keeping and maintaining vintage cars is a huge responsibility. They require special care and maintenance, and owners must be willing to shell out a lot of money for their upkeep. On the other hand, though, there are also practical benefits to owning a vintage car.

Legal Exceptions

In the United States, some states don’t require periodic emissions testing on vintage and classic cars.

  • Utah – exempts cars from 1968 or earlier
  • Arizona – exempts cars from 1966 or earlier
  • Colorado – exempts cars from 1975 or earlier

On the other side of the pond, car models dating earlier than 1977 are exempt from MOT (Ministry of Transport) tests, while cars dating earlier than 1974 are given tax exemptions.

These rulings might raise objections from environmental activists. It should be noted, however, that these cars are collectibles that owners seldom use. And when they do end up on the road, they are often in better shape than newer vehicles. In fact, they tend to have lower carbon emissions and are less dangerous than speeding sports cars.

Insurance Benefits

Vintage cars have a small historical window. Ardell Brown, a vintage car dealer in Salt Lake City, identifies vehicles dating between 1919 and 1930 as vintage cars. This distinction makes them rare and valuable collector’s items. Owners can, therefore, negotiate for better insurance terms.

Of course, the condition of the vehicle is an important factor. Owners cannot expect insurers to give them a satisfactory arrangement for vehicles with poor maintenance, after all.

Additionally, owners seldom drive vintage cars to preserve their “collectible” status. This makes them low-risk assets for which insurers can offer lower insurance premiums. Other insurance benefits may be coverage for spare parts and emergency service expenses.

Slow Depreciation

It’s a well-known fact that depreciation for brand-new cars is fast and immediate. Refurbished vintage cars, on the other hand, don’t depreciate as fast as new cars do. It may even increase in value over time depending on the degree of maintenance and repair work on the body and engine.  

Vintage cars may not give you interest rates or end-of-year dividends, but they can diversify your investments.

Urine Test: The Disease Detector

Toilet CisternDifferent testing methods can help detect various abnormalities in the human body. The most common of which are a blood test, urine test, and stool test. Among these three, the easiest to conduct is a urine test. The process is simple: all you need to do is urinate in a cup and bring it to the lab for sampling.

It may sound easy, but these tests require complex processing to determine accurate results. Urine tests are important methods in detecting various types of diseases or conditions of the body. Below are some of the most common ones:

Conditions urine test can detect

Fungal infection

Fungal infection, like the presence of mycotoxin, would need urine testing for detection. Another more common fungal infection are ones that cause Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) which might triggers inflammation in the urethra and infection in the kidney and bladder.

Colon polyps

The most effective way to detect colon cancer is through colonoscopy. Recent studies, however, have proved that urine can also help detect early signs of colon polyps. This testing type might be in its initial stages but is expected to debut in the public in the very near future.


At home pregnancy test kits would require a few drops of urine in the strip in order to know if you are expecting or not. Pregnancy is detected in the urine through the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). It is a substance produced by the placenta and can only be present when a woman is pregnant.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STI)

Gonorrhea and chlamydia can easily be detected through undergoing a urine test. Urine samples are sent to the lab for thorough testing for the presence of the virus.

Never underestimate the capabilities of urine sampling. These tests inform doctors about developing illnesses, which aids their studies. It’s also your physical detector; it reveals much about your physical health. Thanks to technology, knowing your body is easier and better.

Excellent Oral Care Starts With You and Your Family

Kid Undergoing Dental CheckupWhen did you last bring your toddler to the dentist? When did you last visit your dentist?

Many people think they practice good oral care for their family, but statistics show that only 13 percent of parents bring their child to a dentist when the child’s teeth first appear. Figures also show that only 20 percent of toddlers aged one to two-year-old in England visited the dentist in 2016. All of this has resulted in increasing teeth extractions in toddlers due to tooth decay.

But this is not limited to children. In the UK, only 61% of adults in England, 60% in Northern Ireland, and 69% in both Wales and Scotland visit their dentists on a regular basis. According to the Oral Health Foundation, only 9 percent of men and 11 percent of women have excellent oral health. Such statistics have resulted in treatments such as dental implants in Richmond to rise as one of the leading options in dental care.

Start Oral Care Early

To start a healthy oral care habit, you need to start early. Tooth decay can set in at any age due to lack of teeth cleaning and overconsumption of sugar. Although you can reduce your child’s chances for tooth decay by teaching your child to brush twice a day and by controlling the sweets your child eats, a visit to the dentist remains the best method of oral care.

Learn Oral Care Yourself

Visiting your Richmond dentist can help too. The dentist can give you more information on oral and gum care for your child, and even look into the state of your teeth. Doing this together lessens the fear in children to visit a dentist, and you can teach your child oral health care through your actions. Ask your dentist how to care for babies’ teeth, as 72 percent of parents do not know anything about oral care for toddlers.

You can start good oral care by training your child to brush, eat less sweet foods, and to go on regular trips to the dentist. Ultimately, however, you can teach your child good oral care by leading by example. Taking care of your teeth teaches your child to take care of their teeth.

3 Secure Ways to Keep Your Documents Safe

Documents kept safeWhere and how you keep your documents will determine how safe it is from theft or damage. It should be secure enough that other people will not see or know where you keep it. At the same time, it should have protection from fire, water, or any other environmental factors that may affect its state.

The following are effective ways to keep your documents in good condition.

Use self-storage units

Technology has changed storage units so much that they are now fireproofed and waterproof. You can add many features like a number PIN lock or key lock to typical storage units and facilities.

Self-storage in Santa Barbara, CA – a service offered by firms such as Bond Storage – may be a good investment for you (or your company) so that your documents will be safe.

Make digital copies

Scanning documents and creating digital copies will not be able to restore your original ones, but that is what is available right now. At least with digital copies, people will still know the contents of the document should it be needed. Just make sure you upload the digital copies to a secure cloud storage platform.

Put documents back into safe as soon as possible

One mistake document owners make is not returning documents to where they keep them right away. Do not just leave them on the table or someplace else. Otherwise, it undergoes exposure to food and other stuff, which will invite ants and other pests. You need to know what should be in your storage area and what should be in another place.

At the end of the day, these documents are important in your life, whether it is personal or professional. It is up to you to craft ways to strengthen safe keeping of your documents. The suggestions above are already a few of them.

What You Need to be a Successful IT Professional

An IT ProfessionalThe IT industry is replete with work opportunities. Some of the biggest companies in the world are hiring only those who graduate in the best IT schools, and only those who topped their class. Your chance to earn a great salary and work in a dynamic environment seems to lessen the farther you are from the top.

Your college education should not solely determine where you work and how much you earn, however. These are the things you need to get that job you want:

A Kickass Resume

When you’re a recent graduate, you don’t have a stellar work record to impress your potential employer with. You will have to rely on the extracurricular activities and recognitions you got from your university. Did you know that a few tricks when it comes to creating your resume can do wonders?

Start with a cover letter that explains your skills and interests, and fine-tune your resume to highlight any projects or skills that would be useful to the company. Don’t try to cram every insignificant detail of your life in your resume. Keep it short and professional.

CompTIA Network+ Certification

Managing a wired or wireless network is no easy task. You get the basics down pat in your college classes, and you may have taken extra effort to learn more in your own free time. These are not enough to prove that you’re worth the shot, though. To really stand out, you need a CompTIA Network+ certification. That means reviewing for and passing the Network+ practice test first.

A Pleasing Personality

It may seem like the oldest cliche when employers don’t hire you because they don’t think you’re a good fit for their company culture, but they are on to something. Being an IT professional means interacting with people of different job classes. You don’t have to be an extrovert or an overly chirpy individual, but you do have to know how to interact effectively with people.

Work on all these and send out those applications as soon as you can. With a little effort, you’ll get the job you want.