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School Lunch for Kids: Make it Teeth-Friendly

Kids on school lunch breakWhile prepackaged foods may seem a convenient and a practical way to pack your kid’s lunch, they are not the healthiest options. The same is also true for food choices offered at the school cafeteria and vending machines. Many of those snacks contain artificial flavors and added sugars that can contribute to decay. The best thing to do is to prepare a healthier lunch that can promote good oral health.

Give Them Real Fruit

Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry and other kids’ dentists noted that children may love fruit-flavored snacks like fruit leathers, but they are sweet and sticky. It’s likely the sugar will cling to the teeth, encouraging plaque and acid attack. Choose real fruits and pack kids with slices of apple and banana. You can also offer them oranges, strawberries, and grapes.

Avoid Starchy Treats

Crackers and pretzels, like candies and cookies, are not sugary so they may seem fine for your kids. The truth is, however, these starchy snacks can be as harmful as sugars. When these foods break down, they encourage plaque and contribute to cavities. Give kids almonds, sunflowers seed, and other savory treats like cubes of cheddar cheese and hard-boiled eggs.

Choose Plain Milk

It is more likely that children will prefer flavored milk like those with chocolate or strawberry flavors. These may contain calcium, but they also have added sugars. It is best to choose plain milk, as well as fat-free or low-fat dairy products. You should also encourage them to drink water instead of soda and juice drinks.

Offer Them Vegetables

Kids may not usually prefer veggies for school snacks, so it is a good idea to idea to make vegetables fun and colorful. Choose baby carrots, dark leafy greens, strips of bell pepper and others. Steamed veggies, like broccoli topped with melted cheese, are also a great choice. You can also try other healthy recipes with fruits and vegetables in them.

Protect your children’s teeth and health by serving and packing healthy lunches. It is also advisable to get them into the habit of brushing their teeth at least twice a day and visiting the dentist.


A Yellow Car

Increase Your Car’s For Sale Value With These Tips

A Yellow CarIt might be time for an upgrade, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to let your old car go for close to nothing. There are ways you can get the most out of your old car by improving certain portions to kick up its value.

Improve the Car’s Appearance – But Not Too Much

Check out an auto body repair service at Westford, MA to get rid of any dents, fading paint, or peeling ones. You’d want to make the car look as good as new – preferably with some of the customizations removed. It’s never a good idea to sell a car that’s been personalized because buyers often prefer to customize their cars to meet their personal preferences. Hence, if that car has any personal detailing, it’s best to have those removed.

Improve the Interior of the Car

Of course, don’t forget to fix up the interior of the car too. In particular, you’d want to make sure the AC works perfectly and that the seats are clean and comfortable. Make sure that any weird odor is removed from inside the car. Get rid of any personalized stuff from within like stuff toys, covers, or Hula girls that dance when the car moves.

Clean or Replace the Headlights

If the lights are still working perfectly, you can at least clean the glass that protects them. Foggy headlights can completely turn off the overall look of a car, no matter how beautifully waxed the exterior might be.

Get Your Papers Prepared

You can tell a buyer that everything is well maintained and that you’ve had your oil changed recently – but you’ll need to prove it to them for it to impact the car’s price. Thus, make sure all the papers are kept safe and available for inspection. Save receipts of car maintenance, and even the car registration should be there to prevent any delays.

Second-hand cars are much in demand, so you’ll find that there will be lots of people willing to close the deal. However, competition is fierce, so you’d want to guarantee quality even when they’re buying second hand.

Britain Orders Fire Safety Tests for High-Rise Cladding

Fire alarm in case of emergencyThe Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) ordered British councils to submit a portion of exterior cladding from tower blocks, following the Grenfell Tower fire incident.

Local authorities will immediately need to inspect cladding materials used for high-rise buildings to make sure these are flame-retardant to avoid another fire accident.

Safety Requirements

The DCLG’s order covers councils that have buildings with aluminium composite material cladding reaching more than 59 feet. These areas must submit testing samples of the material to the government unit to determine their safety qualities and compliance.

It scheduled the examination of samples on June 20 to check if these materials are combustible. While the investigation of Grenfell Tower continues, the submission of samples will allow the government to find out whether or not cladding systems for buildings require certain upgrades.

Other than cladding, other aspects of maintenance work include commercial HVAC repair. M&E Maintenance Solutions Ltd agrees that UK property owners must recognise that the Grenfell Tower accident is not isolated to high-rise apartments.

Sprinkler Systems

The installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems within tower blocks can serve as added safety measure, although the government should not be responsible for promoting their use, according to former Housing Minister Brandon Lewis.

Instead, the fire-safety industry should urge property developers to equip buildings with sprinkler systems. That is because obliging developers to install the systems could affect their decision of building more homes. Demand for housing remains strong amidst a lack of supply.

This complicated situation of balancing the interests of public safety and housing should influence the government’s consideration of reviewing building regulations.

Owners of high-rise buildings should not seek to cut corners when it comes to proper maintenance of facilities. Despite the seemingly high costs of routine inspections and repairs, these expenses are worth the lives that can be saved.

Wedding Tips to Make the Bride Feel Like a Princess

Young Engaged Couple

Every year is a good year for a wedding if you make the right preparation. For women, it is a moment they have been waiting for – walking down the aisle with their grooms waiting at the altar.

That said; make her feel extra special on your wedding day with these tips:

Hire a Beautiful Car to Bring Her to Church

Call a company that offers limousine hire services and give her the kind of entrance every woman dreams of. Limousines are a symbol of luxury and elegance, as they make a smooth stop in front of the church where everyone is waiting for the bride.

Of course, the luxurious interior of these long vehicles makes it perfect for those large wedding dresses.

Skip the DIY Makeup and Get Professional Services

Whilst a makeup professional might seem like an unnecessary expense, you will find that paying for one is well worth the money on the wedding day. This is especially true for the bride who would want to enjoy her day by being pampered and looking her best. Professional makeup adds a bit of glow to the bride’s face, making her the centre of attention.

Give Her a Pampered Day Before the Wedding

Bachelorette parties can be fun, friendly and relaxing, but an all-day spa treatment will make it easy for the bride to prepare for her wedding day. If money is the problem, you can always try limiting the spa day between the bride and her mom or perhaps the bride and her maid of honour. Either way, pampering the bride will make her feel like royalty even before she wears the gown.

These are just some of the ways grooms and wedding planners can make the wedding day more memorable for the bride. Be sure to keep her involved in any decision so that she will be able to turn her ideas and wishes into reality.

How to Get Your Child with Winning Smile

Kid having her teeth cleanedMany children in the United States suffer from some form of teeth alignment problem, such as crookedness or misalignment. Depending on the severity of the issue, the imperfection can cause severe embarrassment for your child.

But embarrassment is not the only negative impact that dental misalignment brings; it can also result in more serious complications. For this reason, you should explore all possible treatments that your child can undergo.

And of the different options available, seeking the services of an experienced orthodontist in St. Augustine such as Affordable Braces is your best bet.

Proper alignment for improved dental hygiene

Crooked teeth do not just look unpleasant; it also makes achieving optimal oral hygiene difficult. It creates areas more difficult to brush and floss thoroughly, which then paves the way for bacteria to attack and start tooth decays and even infections.

The longer this goes on, the greater the risk for other problems, such as gum diseases, which can ultimately lead to the need for tooth extractions. Properly implemented orthodontic treatment will push the teeth into an ideal location; thus, drastically helping your child when it comes to optimal oral hygiene.

Better teeth alignment means improved bite

One of the most important goals of orthodontics is bite correction, although in most cases, teeth alignment comes first. With teeth better aligned, the treatment can then focus on bite correction

With a proper bite, your child will not only have a more beautiful smile; he/she will also notice serious improvements in the other functions of the mouth, including biting, chewing, and speaking.

Orthodontics and its confidence-boosting effects

Once the dental braces have aligned the teeth, your kid will soon find himself/herself smiling more often, thanks to the more beautiful smiles their treatment has given them. They will feel more confident about themselves – something extremely important as they go about their daily lives.

Utah is the 2nd Healthiest State for Seniors

Elderly people discovering new things together over coffeeUtah ranked as the second best state for seniors this year, according to the America’s Health Rankings Senior Report. The study conducted a comprehensive analysis of senior population health in each state.

Utah Moves Up Seven Spots

Utah has vastly improved its senior population health ranking and moved up to the second spot. In the past three years, preventable hospitalizations in the state decreased by 23 percent. In fact, from 37.2, the number dropped to just 28.8 discharges per 1,000 Medicare enrollees. Moreover, the incidences of hip fractures shrunk by 24 percent, from 7.1 to 5.4 hospital visits per 1,000 Medicare enrollees.

ICU use in the last six months for Medicare enrollees aged 65 or over saw a 19 percent decrease, as well; from 7.5, the figure went down to 6.1 percent. Furthermore, since 2013, hospital deaths among seniors also decreased: from 19.2 percent in the previous year, it’s now down to 14.3 percent. Utah also continues to rank first for a low smoking prevalence. Healthcare providers like Revere Health aim to offer the best quality service to Utahns, as well.

The Unhealthiest States are found in the South

While the top five healthiest states — Minnesota, Utah, Hawaii, Colorado, and New Hampshire — are in different regions of the country, the least-healthy states are predominantly found in the southern region. Mississippi, a state that struggles with food security, poverty, and premature death, ranks last out of all the states this year. Kentucky, a state known for the prevalence of physical inactivity among its citizens, as well as its large smoking population, follows Mississippi. Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas round out the list of least healthy states in the US.

California and South Dakota Made Best Improvements

Meanwhile, the study also acknowledged the states that improved the most. California’s efforts allowed them to take the 16th spot despite being in the bottom half of the list last year (28th). South Dakota, on the other hand, rose to the 15th spot. Alaska and Pennsylvania both lost eight spots, finishing at 26th and 29th spots, respectively.

According to the report, each state has its strengths and challenges, regardless of their current rankings. It aims to show which fields the states can work and improve on.

Tactics to Optimise for User Search Intent

A person planning their SEO tasks Search engine algorithms have gotten smarter over the years; website owners can never churn out articles stuffed with keywords like they used to. Marketers must be smart and learn how to leverage the intent of potential customers to deliver products or services they want.

Doing so improves conversion rates and boosts the chances of getting repeat customers. A digital media agency here in Melbourne can help you in this area. Here are some tactics you can do that allow you to optimise for user intent.

Identify Pages to Optimise

You already have content, whether it is text or videos; tweak these to match the intention of potential customers and those who want to read the post or share the video. Doing so allows certain pages to boost engagement and makes it easier for your audience to find them.

What Is the Intent?

The question to ask is why do people end up on your website? They must have keyed in certain search terms, or are looking for a particular product or service. Determine the intentions of your visitors so that you can be the solution they are looking for and provide content that answers their potential questions.

Optimisation Tactics

After identifying the intentions of your visitors, it is time to start optimising pages they may want to land on. Tell the narrative of your target audience by using “trust” words, testimonials from previous customers, provide relevant case studies and details to prove any claims you made in a post or piece of content.

What you want to do is to focus on the experiences that a visitor may have while browsing your pages using videos, blog posts or others.

Execute the Changes Planned

Now is the time to hit the publish button; this also helps you determine the statistics that can serve as a benchmark for future campaigns or any changes you have to make. This enables you to identify the effects of your efforts as well.

These strategies allow you to change your marketing efforts to a search intent-focused one. Doing so enables you to reach a targeted audience that is likely to convert.

The Freelance Physician: Understanding Locum Tenens Work

	 Doctor writing on a clip boardCongratulations! You have completed your residency. Do you know what your next step will be? Of course, you may be thinking about employment opportunities to continue your practice and grow your client base. These opportunities, however, usually refer to clinical medicine or other long-term employment. Instead of the usual hospitalist or private clinic career path, you can take a more short-term form of employment.

Placeholder Physician

The short-term form of employment refers to a physician locum tenens career path. Locum tenens means “placeholder” in Latin. As a physician locum tenens, you work in different healthcare facilities for temporary periods of time. Locum Tenens Daily explains that you may be there to replace a sick or vacationing physician. You may also be employed due to the facility being understaffed.

Work Details

In becoming a locum tenens physician, you will contract with a locum tenens company that retains a roster of physicians like you. Healthcare organizations then approach the company to request for staffing. The company then allows you — and the other locum tenens physicians — to choose which assignments to take on. More often, assignments come from rural areas and these can last for a number of weeks to more than a year.


Locum tenens work gives you wonderful perks, which is why the demand for it has grown. Through it, you’re sure that you will receive a paycheck. You can be free of any workplace politics while earning a considerable wage.

Given the flexible nature of locum tenens work, you can overcome any of its disadvantages by picking your assignments carefully. In fact, you can even do locum tenens work in between other short-term jobs. Learn more about being a physician locum tenens through online resources.

A Borrower’s Guide to Getting the Best Mortgage Rate

Couple signing a loan contract

The ability of a borrower to get the best interest rates on a mortgage doesn’t just depend on comparison shopping or his credit score. Lenders look at different factors when deciding if a consumer qualifies for a loan and what interest rate they should offer. Mortgage rates can vary by many percentage points based on which payments can burgeon by thousands over the lifespan of a loan.

Lenders always look at specific criteria to ensure that borrowers are well qualified for affordable interest rates.

Evaluation Criteria Used by Lenders

Credit Score

The current lending market is based on tier pricing, which means interest rates may depend on credit scores. It is important to have a score of 750+ to qualify for the best mortgage rate in Salt Lake City or elsewhere. If your credit ratings are stellar, you can get a good rate. The lowest score that a lender will consider is 620, with a down payment of at least 10%. People with poor credit scores can do a variety of things to improve their scores and qualify for better interest rates.

Stable Jobs

Lenders also look at a borrower’s work history. Being unemployed for a long period, as well declining income, won’t help an applicant’s cause. For those who are self-employed, getting a loan could be more difficult.

Income to Debt Ratio

There are two aspects to this ratio considered by lenders – the front end and the back end. The back end ratio takes all of the monthly debt payments into account and divides it by the gross income per month. The front end focuses on housing related costs. Lenders want the front end to be around 28% and the back end ratio to be about 36%. This is considered the ideal number, but lenders do offer a bit of leeway to borrowers based on their general history.

Down Payment Amount

Whether you are trying to get a loan in Salt Lake City or in Houston, the minimum down payment required by lenders is at least 20% of the purchase price of a home. Those who are able to pay 20% will get the best possible mortgage rate. Those who cannot need to shell out more toward the cost of a loan.

Once a borrower meets these criteria, the next step is to do comparison shopping. Many reliable websites provide information on mortgage tables. Shop around and get a loan that meets your needs.

Brush up on Your Toothbrush Knowledge

Couple brushing their teeth

Toothbrushes are wonderful tools that clean our teeth and make our breath smelling fresh. As there are lots of them available, you may wonder which one does the best job. Both manual and electric brushes can clean the teeth, but the latter may be better if you have dexterity problem.

When it comes to bristles, the best choice is a brush with soft bristles. Some may think that those with medium and firm bristles clean the teeth better, but this is not necessarily true. Stiff-bristled toothbrushes can hurt the enamel, gums, and root surface.

Vigorous brushing, furthermore, can cause extensive damage like receding gums and sensitive teeth

The Need for Extra-Soft Bristles

In some cases, the dentist may recommend a brush with extra-soft bristles. This is especially true if you experience teeth and gum sensitivity or if those pink tissues bleed easily. Soft-bristled toothbrushes, however, are ideal for everyone unless you dentist told you to switch to softer varieties.

Dentists in Stafford, VA, such as Southpoint Quality Dental, note that firm bristles are only ideal for household cleaning.

Size of the Head

Bristles are important, but you should also mind the size of the toothbrush. Choose one that it is the right size for your mouth, which can be an inch tall and ½ inch wide. Brushes with larger heads are available, but they may not be effective in cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

The toothbrush should also have a long handle that you can comfortably hold.

Toothbrushes with Bluetooth

Some toothbrushes come with Bluetooth connectivity that pair with an app. This may seem overkill for some, but this will help you learn more about your habits.

Technology options may also keep you interested in the task, as such brushes can tell you to minimize pressure or provide notification if you’re brushing too long. This is not necessary, but you can try it if you want.

It is advisable to choose the right toothbrush with an ADA Seal of Approval. Do not forget to learn or improve your technique, so you can clean your mouth effectively and avoid damage to teeth and gums.