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How Digital Technology Can Help Mom-and-Pop Business Grow

Digital Technology in South JordanIf you’re the owner of a long-time SME, here’s what you need to know: you customers are online and that’s where the battle for consumers is being conducted. If you don’t have a website, you’re losing more customers that you can imagine, even if you’re already established and well-loved in the community. You need to make that shift and embrace digital technology.

Here’s what it can do to your daily operations:

  • Digital technologies can help you automate several day-to-day processes. From deliveries to storage to customer purchase histories, there are many free online tools that you can use to make your business operations more efficient.
  • Digital technologies provide a new way to introduce your business to consumers. Web design service providers can help you bring your brick and mortar establishment into modern consumerisms. Today’s customers look for services and products through online searches first, explains. If you don’t have a web presence, how can customers discover you? It’s not enough that you have posters and print advertisements. The battle for customers is already online and if you’re not a player, you’re losing more than you know.
  • Today’s online tools allow you to learn about your customers too — who they are, where they are, what they want, what they think and how they want their products and/or services to be. Apart from an optimized website, you also need social media presence wherein you can create conversations with customers in real-time.
  • Digital technologies help you generate more customers and retain them. Content marketing can help you in lead generation efforts, which then create engagement. Keeping your existing customers is just an important as generation new ones.

Time To Go Digital

Competition is tighter now and customers know they have more choices. It is also important to mention that customer demands, expectations and purchase behaviors are changing. Businesses need to adapt. Otherwise, they will be left behind even if they were one of the pioneers in the industry.

3 Travel Destinations for Your Mormon Vacation That You’ll Find Interesting

Travel DestinationIf you are presently planning to go out for an exciting, relaxing Mormon vacation with your family, you can find quite a few places that are truly remarkable. With the help of a travel agency offering affordable LDS travels and cruises, everyone in your family will surely have fun, reflective, interactive, and memorable escapade.

So here’s a rundown of the top travel destinations that will surely boost your spirit and energy:

Experience Panama Canal

Panama Canal is home to an array of exciting activities for your Mormon vacation, says Cruise Lady. Among these delightful happenings include: snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas, seeing the well-renowned cliff divers in Acapulco, climbing up the roof of the La Asuncion Cathedral, and more. On top of that, you will also hear pleasurable and inspirational lectures while on board.

Explore Australia / New Zealand

Your tour to Australia and New Zealand will certainly delight everyone in the family and will create memories that your will cherish for the rest of your life. You will be treated with stunning views the places have to offer and will have a glimpse of their rich colonial past as well. For example, you can head to Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park in Melbourne where you will get to meet and feed Wallabies and Koalas. You will also be stunned with great historical sites Hobart offers. In New Zealand, in the meantime, you will absolutely enjoy a tour to the country’s only castle named Larnach Castle. With private lectures and some evening shows while on board a cruise ship, the trip will incontestably be extraordinary.

Head to Holy Land

You will surely appreciate your trip to the Holy Land. Is it not a good idea to visit the sacred sites that are regarded as having a special significance in the bible? With this tour, scriptures will definitely come alive and you will surely have a greater understanding of the holy sites. While visiting various important places in the holy land, it will also be nice to hear from the best LDS scholars.

There you have it: three travel destinations perfect for your Mormon escapade. Heading over to these places will absolutely create memories that will last a lifetime.

For Men: How to Take Great Care of Your Scalp

Scalp Care in UtahGreat and healthy looking hair begins with proper scalp care. Unfortunately, the majority of men don’t really care about their hair and don’t really want to be bothered with caring for their scalp. However, it really doesn’t eat up that much effort and time, as you’ll see from these scalp care rules below:

  • If you really must wash your hair daily and use shampoo, opt for a mild shampoo that’s formulated for everyday use. Likewise, choose the right type for how oily or dry your scalp is and massage shampoo on your scalp — not your hair — unless you have long hair.
  • If you have dry hair, conditioning twice a week will suffice. Just remember to apply conditioner on your hair and not your scalp.
  • If you want to take scalp care and cleansing to a deeper level, consider exfoliating one or twice a week, suggests a hair and scalp expert from a renowned barber school in Utah. This will eliminate dirt, product, and dead skin buildup more effectively. You can use any kind of exfoliating scrub commonly used for the face.
  • Consider massaging your scalp once weekly before washing your hair. This will promote proper blood circulation to your scalp and help keep you feel more relaxed at the same time. Almond oil is an excellent massage oil since it contains copious amounts of vitamins D and A, while coconut oil is best for men who tend to have oily scalps because it has a light profile. Simply use your fingertips to massage your scalp in gentle, circulation motions for about five to 10 minutes and voila, you’re done.
  • Limit your use of chemical based hair styling products. Plenty of men like gels because they’re easy to use, but repeated use could result in dandruff, rashes, and itching, consider molding wax, mineral oil, or even glycerine instead. For visibly dry hair, opt for a smoothening serum.

The bottom line — don’t wash your hair every single day if you can, but if you really must, choose the right products for washing and styling your hair to ensure that your scalp is as healthy as can be.

New Paradigm that will Greatly Improve Your Business

Cloud-Based SystemThe advent of new technologies made it possible for businesses to shift to new operations paradigm. The same is true for service companies where the new way of doing things promises to make everything more efficient.

The advent of cloud-based systems makes it possible for managers to check the status of field tasks and make appropriate decisions even if field service personnel are still miles away. Best of all, the scalability of cloud systems, as revealed by Queensland Government Business and Industry Portal, allow businesses to quickly adapt to changes in the demands of its operations. If you are in the service business, you will definitely benefit from this new paradigm.

The Yesteryears

In the past, you are limited by the amount of hardware and software you have to accommodate needs such as CRM, scheduling, invoicing, asset tracking, and other similar requirements. This can quickly become a logistical nightmare, not to mention a very costly one. This manner of doing things has become obsolete.

Power in Your Hands

Today, there is no need for you to purchase additional hardware or software applications to answer your needs. As Business Insider puts it, instead of buying, you rent and access them through cloud systems. Since it is powered by the cloud, you can access the information you need, such as customer data, job request status, invoices, and much more, wherever you may be. This new service model will allow you to consolidate all the data necessary to make the proper decision.

Real-Time Monitoring

An expert from JobLogic says because everything is in real-time, you will be able to see how things are progressing. You can see whether your technician is finished with a particular job request so you can assign another task. This data can then be used when sending clients the invoice or quote. With this new approach to job management, service requests are quickly answered and the decision can be made on the fly.

Seamless Integration

The ability of cloud-based systems to integrate with financial reporting apps, scheduling, customer management, and other relevant software makes it very easy for service businesses to generate reports in one click. This will allow managers and decision makers to have a clear picture of what is going on with their operations.


Your business can scale up or scale down your operation and storage needs quickly to suit your situation, allowing flexibility as your needs change. Rather than purchasing and installing expensive upgrades yourself, your cloud computer service provider can handle this for you. Using the cloud frees up your time so you can get on with running your business.

While all the tasks described may seem overwhelming and would require additional manpower, the opposite is true. There is no need for additional manpower because most of the tasks are done by the system. This leaves you with more time to take care of your business and plan on how to make it grow.

Essential Style and Timeless Skills for the Modern Male

Modern Male in Salt Lake CityIs it really just clothes that “maketh a man”? Is it just being charming or having a lot of cash? What exactly creates the overall positive image of a modern adult male?

Social Graces and Table Manners

Nothing is considered more socially appealing than a man who can carry himself in front of any crowd. There are social norms that will always be considered charming, depending on your location. Take the time to study about a place’s customs, especially if it’s your first time traveling to a new country or even a new society. The closer people are to what they consider traditional and historic, the more these graces are given importance.

Writing Letters

Due to the importance of the internet in our modern society, it's a requirement to know about online ethics, email writing and messaging. However, as an adult, you’ll come to discover that certain people and businesses are much easier wooed with the handwritten note. Learn how to write proper business and personal correspondence. Practice writing smoothly and legibly. Also, invest in good writing materials and paper.

Fashion and Style

Trends and fashions come and go. However, a true gentleman must be capable of following what works for them. Every body type has a perfect style for each and uniqueness can always add charm to your character. Save up for a proper formal suit, interchangeable but branded shirts and pants, and a pair of leather shoes. Take it a step further by enrolling in a Salt Lake City barber school for various ways to style your hair. You can even make a profitable career out of your training.

Style, manners, goodwill, and bearing: these are timeless qualities that will always be appreciated and remembered by many. Adapting to fit the crowd's preference is not a bad thing if you intend to make a positive impression. Besides, improving yourself will benefit you the most so you should take these suggestions seriously.

For Him: Hair Care Tips as Easy as ABC

Hair Care Tips in MidvaleAlthough most men probably won’t admit it, like women, they too have bad hair days and wish that they had better or healthier hair. In order for your hair to maintain its strength, shine, and elasticity, you need a simple hair care routine. Start with these hair care tips below:

  • A quality shampoo and conditioner, those that’s specifically formulated to your hair profile will effectively clean your hair, hydrate it, and protect your hair cuticles.
  • While a super hot shower is great after a long day at work, it’s not really good for your scalp and hair. Extremely hot water will strip off your scalp and hair’s natural oils and will result in dryness.
  • To properly dry your hair, you should first wring out excess water and then lightly stroke it with a towel in the direction it grows. While this might take a bit longer, you will definitely see the difference after several haircuts.
  • Experts from Collectiv Academy remind that repeated chemical treatments such as perming and coloring could leave your hair dull, dry, and damaged, especially if you do it yourself using products you bought from the local grocery store. Consider going to a professional stylist to ensure that you get proper hair treatments, suggests a hairstylist from a top barber school in Utah.
  • Never brush or comb your hair when it’s wet because it’s extremely susceptible to damage. If you must, opt for a wide-toothed brush or comb to gently untangle your hair.
  • To avoid or minimize frizz, you should regularly use a moisturizing conditioner. When out, you could also consider applying smoothening serum to keep frizz at bay and get that healthy shine.
  • Even if you are intent on growing out your hair, you still have to trim it every six weeks maximum to avoid split ends and breakage.
  • A healthy mane starts from the scalp, so take good care of your scalp to ensure that your hair will grow strong and shiny.

Because your hair is a major part of your overall look, ensuring that it’s maintained properly will also help in making you look healthier. So keep these hair care tips in mind for that healthy-looking mane.

Secrets to Having Successful Food Labels

Food Label in New ZealandLabels and packaging are more than just creative juices put into practice. These are actually integral factors that affect the growth or loss of a business. So it would be wise to think through your food product labels and never compromise for mediocre designs just for the sake of having one.

Food labelling tips to help your products sell

1. Creativity vs. Simplicity

Creative packaging catches the eye of creative buyers. A chocolate packed in origami boxes is a better gift choice than a simple chocolate bar, after all. On the other hand, for some people, the simpler it is, the better. In the end, both styles work! You just need to choose one that would represent your product and label perfectly.

2. Colour Choice DOES Matter

Products change their labels once in a while to keep abreast of the changing preference of buyers in their respective fields. One thing that regularly changes, however, is the colour. For instance, going from red to maroon does make an impact in your product, cites Unimax.

3. …So Does Font Choice

Your product’s font affects people’s decision making as well. Choose a font that can reflect what your product is. After all, a company would not choose the classic Comic Sans as the main font in their wine label.

4. Keywords

Keywords are essential, especially in food and beverages. Customising your food labels to have the word ‘organic’, ‘trans-fat-free’ or ‘natural’ in big bold letters can attract both healthy (and unhealthy) consumers alike. Thanks to the media, people are now more aware of the kinds of fats and minerals they should consume or avoid.

5. Honesty Is Always the Best Policy

However, despite all the attention-grabbing efforts, do not forget that your company survives because of your customers’ trust. Putting your food ingredients and nutrition facts as honestly as possible never fails.

The perfect amount of imagination, combined with the right dose of creativity and choices can help give you labels that can make your products stand out.

Why Your Child Needs a Beautiful Smile

Orthodontist in LaytonCan you still remember the time that you didn’t have your front teeth? Didn’t you feel a bit embarrassed or were you teased by your classmates? Indeed, when something’s wrong with the teeth, even in children at that, it can lead to a whole lot of trouble, which, under ordinary circumstances, you may not like to be in. Take a look at some of the reasons why kids need to have good teeth.

Build their Self-Confidence

Haven’t you noticed that adults who have broken or ugly teeth tend not to smile a lot? Sometimes, they would even shy away from conversations and would rather keep to themselves. The reason? They’re ashamed of their teeth. This follows what Daily Mail said that many people find the teeth the most important asset.

This is actually the same for kids. Once they have bad teeth, they would rather not open their mouths, and this slowly erodes their self-confidence, which can wreak havoc to their emotional development. So don’t let this happen and ensure that your kid would make regular visits to an orthodontist in Layton.

Less Toothaches

Good teeth also mean lesser number of tooth decays, which in turn would mean lesser bouts with toothache. When toothache starts, kids with low pain tolerance tend to just stay in bed and couldn’t even study or make their assignments. This would result to missed schoolwork, which could greatly affect their school performance. If you ensure that they maintain their great smiles, then you are likewise making it a point that they do well in school. If you take care of your kids’ teeth, your kids won’t have plaque too.

Better Appetite

Kids with great teeth always have a good appetite. Think about it, they don’t have to contend with broken teeth that food particles can enter. When they have a good appetite, they will grow bigger and stronger. Compare this with kids who are somewhat skinny, just because they can’t eat well due to bad teeth.

So these are basically the reasons why it is imperative that your little one enjoy the best smile. It will greatly help his self-confidence, make him less prone to toothaches and it can promote better appetite.

Have a Disaster Recovery Plan? Lack of Testing Can Ruin It

Disaster Recovery PlanA study conducted by the Disaster Recovery and Preparedness Council showed that a third of companies test their DR plans less than three times a year. What’s worse, researchers discovered that about 23% of companies never test their DR plans at all, despite the recommendation of their disaster recovery service provider. Thus, no matter how detailed or polished a disaster recovery (DR) plan is, one thing can ruin it: a lack of testing. This puts the company at risk of executing a faulty plan that may result in financial and data losses.

The Goal of Disaster Recovery Testing

The goal of DR testing is to ensure that the actual capabilities of the plan, along with the DR technology, match the expectations of senior management. This, sadly, does not happen in most companies. A survey conducted by Forrester Research on disaster recovery preparedness found out that the biggest obstacle most companies encounter is not the disaster recovery process itself, but what they described as ‘mismatched IT capabilities with business expectations’.

Making DR Testing Work for Companies

How can companies make sure to test their DR plans regularly? First, they need to gather the support of all employees and ensure that senior management is onboard to perform the test, evaluate the results and act on them. At the same time, the IT department must have disaster recovery technology that utilises active testing. Companies should take note that while some elements of the DR plan may demand some form of interruption to the normal flow of events at the company, the testing of file transmittals, server failovers and other similar technological operations do not need to compromise daily operations.

When companies cannot compromise their business continuity, they may resort to sandbox testing for their DR test. Users can work in a sandboxed environment and fully execute the DR plans without sacrificing production.

Getting the DR Plan to Work

To get DR plans to work, companies need to go for the ‘practice makes perfect’ approach by constantly testing and refining their plans. In fact, companies can put themselves at an advantage simply by making their DR plans work. Furthermore, regular DR testing will make the company more resilient to business interruptions.

While lack of testing can derail a DR plan, routine DR testing can prevent it from happening. Companies should institute routine DR testing, even if the plan does not succeed on the first few tries.

Infiniti for the Family: Getting One and What You Need to Know

Family Car in VancouverInstead of a minivan or large car for your family, you may be looking at a brand new or secondhand Infiniti vehicle. A lot of first-time car buyers think that a luxury car is too much for their family’s needs, but experts say differently.

Here are some of the best reasons to look for an Infiniti from any Automall North Vancouver has to offer:

1. All-wheel drive

Even if your family doesn’t live in wintry areas, The cold will still come eventually or you’re going to be driving up the family for a ski trip anyway. What’s more, expert driver moms and dads out there can get more out of their vehicle with an all-wheel drive.

2. Top-notch safety features

While a minivan may be more cost-efficient, you have to pay a few thousand dollars more for a good safety and security system. An Infiniti, on the other hand, has the latest safety system and an assistance service for problems on the road. With the Infiniti, you get an Active Lane Control system, parking sensors, and a collision warning system. 

3. Luxury features

Let’s face it. When you have kids, you need something to keep them entertained in the car. This Nissan’s Infiniti has a great entertainment system that will help your everyday drive go smoother all the time — no matter how many kids you have in your back seat.

4. It looks great

Most of your kids are very particular about their image in school. Like it or not, they’re being judged on their looks and their family background. A luxury vehicle can be a bit of a help in adding to your child’s image at school, especially during the tween and teenage years.

If a brand new model is too steep for you, you’ll find that a used Infiniti performs great as well, as these cars are meant to last and perform over time.