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Cosplaying is Weird — The Special Kind of Weird

CosplayerIn 2013, a New York Post review about the upcoming SyFy reality show Heroes of Cosplay infuriated members of the so-called ‘geek’ community. The article painted cosplaying in a negative light, claiming the community was ‘weird’ and ‘confusing’.

True enough, cosplay can be expensive and insanely time-consuming. It is a representation of fandoms not everyone likes, which makes it jarring to the typical outsider. It is weird and confusing, as the New York Post journalist claimed.

But cosplaying is also a respectable art form. There’s a reason cosplayers rent from Global Gear or spend hours sewing a Doctor Who costume. It’s a creative process that is crazy and meaningful at the same time.

Cosplayers Represent All Walks of Life

No need to wonder about what these folks do to earn a living. Anyone can be a cosplayer — your dentist, a freelance writer or even you. Cosplaying invites people of all ages, sexes and cultures to express themselves through their fandoms. Comic conventions also see pets donning matching superhero costumes with their owners.

Cosplay accepts everyone who wants to join in the fun. Doesn’t matter if you’re past forty; if you wish to be Harley Quinn, then be her. The community will welcome your creativity with open arms — no matter who you are.

Not Just the Cash or Competition

Strangers to cosplaying might think cosplayers passionately dress up for the cash. With the countless competitions across the country, it makes sense they would invest money in exchange for money.

For cosplayers, however, it is not always about winning first prize. All the hard work and investments are worth it when they walk up on stage and the audience admires their hard work. There is a sense of satisfaction when flashes follow as they walk around, others capturing their moment.

It is also a great way to connect with other fans. Costumes reveal common interests, which introduces you to others who share the passion.

Cosplayers are weird in their own right — but it is the special kind of weird. It is that type of oddity that involves creativity, determination and a lot of heart in expressing themselves.

3 Types of Learning a Preschool Should Have in the Curriculum

Child PreschoolPreschool can be terrifying to some parents because it may be the first time that they will entrust their kids to other people. However, you have to face this because your kid will definitely learn a lot of things outside the four corners of your home. When assessing various preschools, you should keep in mind that learning is holistic. Here are three aspects of learning that they should incorporate into their curriculum.


Cognitive is the learning which relates to the brain or the intellect of the child. This involves recognizing shapes, learning how to read and write, and recognize sounds. This is important during the formative years of any child. That’s why most of the curriculum revolves around cognitive learning. Simple activities like storytelling, reading, watching education films, and using flash cards can help develop your child’s intellect.


Aside from cognitive learning, your child will also be exposed to more people and more social situations when they go to preschool. That’s why they will also learn some social skills in the process. The preschool should incorporate group activities to encourage kids, especially those who are shy, to develop their social skills and be more at ease with their teachers and classmates.


Your child will also develop their physical or motor skills in preschool. They are still growing, so this is important to help them use their bodies more efficiently. The preschool’s outdoor play equipment should only come from the most trusted manufacturers to ensure the safety of their students. They should also have regular cleaning and maintenance schedules for the playground.

Cognitive, social, and physical learning all happens in preschool, and the school you will choose should know how to incorporate all these skills to maximize the learning your child gets during the formative years. Be careful in choosing and don’t settle until you find a preschool that you can entrust your child to.

Fuel Contamination: A Vehicle’s Silent Killer

Contaminated Fuel in Saint JohnsOne of travel’s few downsides is the difficulty of tracing anything back, specifically when it is the substance used to refuel vehicles along the way. One would not be able to realise what is wrong until he or she has long driven away from the service station.

Vehicle or truck repairs can cost a significant amount of money and time, which is why it crucial for every motorist to avoid using fuel from sources they do not trust. Whilst these products do get vehicles up and running on the roads again, it does not take long before the contaminants they possess take the same vehicles off the road and into the shop.

Here are a few things every vehicle owners should remember regarding this issue:

  1. It is not always the petrol station’s fault.

One common mistake drivers make is pumping their vehicles with the wrong fuel. Whilst it is easy to misconstrue instances of engine breakdowns due to this error, one should be mindful enough to avoid running the engine once they realise their mistake. If you ever find yourself in this situation, contact a motor organisation to pump out the fuel from your vehicle.

  1. Always keep your fuel receipts.

Despite all the industry standards petrol providers are expected to uphold, contaminated fuel can get into products, a disheartening surprise for many drivers. Once the blame game starts up and compensation enters the equation, a piece of paper as simple as a fuel receipt can make your life much, much easier.

  1. Confirm the cause before taking action.

Fuel contamination is an issue members of the oil industry take very seriously. This means government investigations and compensation negotiations generally follow any fuel contamination report. Get a written confirmation from your mechanic before proceeding to the authorities or the company responsible.

Fuel contamination, as unpleasant of a problem it is, is entirely avoidable, as long as a driver exercises the necessary precautions to minimise the chances of this misfortune befalling them.

Roof Leaks, Why?

Roofing in Salt Lake CityRoof leaks can both be a bummer and annoying. No matter the age of your roof, leaks can still appear out of nowhere. The rain and the moisture can destroy your ceiling, insulation, and roof which will cost time and money to repair.

The Power of Weather

Now, there are many reasons why your roof will leak. One reason is broken shingles. You can easily identify this if your roof looks odd or shingles are strewn across your yard. Extreme weather of high winds and heavy rains can lead to broken shingles.

The Decay from Time

Of course, age is a factor. Older roofs are more likely to leak than younger ones. The shingles and other roofing materials will decay in time. They will have a difficult time to keep water out. Weather conditions, temperature, and sunlight can all affect the health of your roof.

The Weight of People

Movies and television shows sometimes have characters chill out on rooftops. Alas, walking on your roof can lead to leaks. You may break something, not because you are heavy, but because roofing materials are that fragile when under pressure. Human weight is not something roofs are designed for.

The Blocking Debris

A blocked gutter can slow the flow of water down the spout and allow water to seep in through the roof. Twigs and leaves can all block your gutter. The same principle applies to debris on the roof itself. A lot of leaves and twigs littered on your roof can trap water.

The Trapping of Water

When you live in a place with lots of snow during winter, an ice dam can form on your roof. An ice dam is when melted water refreezes at the edge of your roof and forms a small ridge. The ridge will then trap more water. The weight of the ice and the water can damage your roof.

Once you identify a leak, you can call for roof leak repair here in Salt Lake City. You can also learn about preventive methods to keep your roof safe.

Pawning a Diamond Ring

Pawning Your Diamond Ring? Check This Out

Pawning a Diamond RingDiamond brokers offer individual loans using diamonds as collateral. Using the best and most modern diamond appraisal materials in the market today, reliable brokers make certain that all of the clients will be delighted with their transactions.

Their Policy

The policy of these brokers should be to offer fair and reasonable loans based on the diamond collaterals offered by their clients. Considering all important aspects such as carat, shape, color, and clarity, they make sure all of these are weighed in before approving a maximum loan amount for applicants pawning their diamond rings. They are usually staffed with well-trained experts in the diamond industry.

Keeping in mind the heirloom quality of many of these diamonds, diamond brokers provide borrowers with every opportunity to pay off the loan and prevent foreclosure of the chattel mortgage.

They Buy Diamonds

It is also worth mentioning that these brokers also buy diamonds for those who prefer to part with their jewelry instead of using them as collateral. Speaking of fairness, these companies normally check all relevant factors before making a purchase. Customers need to be sure, though, that all of their prices remain faithful to the current trend of this precious stone.

They Sell Diamonds

Those who are seeking diamonds may also choose from their many selections. Remember, though, to pick a company that makes sure that every buyer, seller, or borrower is fully satisfied after transacting with their well-trained people.

You should also ensure that their prices are reasonable.

Check Their Years of Experience

It is likewise prudent that customers should check their broker’s years of experience. They should assess if the company is already established in the field and that the firm has positive reviews from previous clients. One may always check online, for example, with regard to the reviews from the broker’s previous clients. Asking also friends or family for referrals is a wise move.

With the help of the above-mentioned tips, you can be sure that you will get your money’s worth when pawning a diamond ring.

Price Comparisons: How to Monitor Competitor Prices the Easiest Way

eCommerce RetailerThe eCommerce jungle contains millions of online stores and continues to grow fast. As an online retailer, you should prioritize getting a leg up on your competitors. In the eCommerce landscape, while various competitive forces are at play, among the most effective and crucial forces is product pricing. However, while there’s no shortage of pricing strategies that deliver great ROI, these must work in conjunction with meticulous and accurate competitive intelligence.

Dealing with Price Competition

Because of the fast penetration of websites that specialize in comparison-shopping, the consumers could now easily search for the best online deals in just several clicks. Consequently, it significantly influenced consumers’ buying decisions, market competition, and price dynamism. The thing is, plenty of eCommerce retailers have yet to adjust and embrace this change. Businesses would manually monitor the changes of prices in their market, but this is simply time-consuming, frustrating, and not really that efficient. To counter this issue, smarter retailers are now relying on competitor price monitoring software for automatically monitoring competitor prices.

When using a competitor price monitoring tool, it’s important to note that you can’t just monitor everything. What you should do instead is determine which product segment directly influences your bottom line and prioritize tracking that instead. Your selection of competitors to monitor is likewise crucial and will require you to invest in some market research, says an expert from PriceManager. Next, you have to pinpoint which of your products is similar to those of your competitors — some tools actually feature product-matching algorithms, so take note of this feature. Once you’ve narrowed down your product list and competitors, the monitoring officially begins and the software will do all the work for you.

Monitoring competitor prices isn’t the time-consuming and laborious hassle it once was, or at least it shouldn’t be. By investing in an automated competitor price monitoring tool, you could save money on labor and resources, and more importantly, make certain that consumers won’t leave your online store to purchase the same product on a competitor’s site because of a lower price.

Want a Car Body Paint Business? Make Sure You Have This Tool

Car Body Paint BusinessFor those who want to start their very own car body paint business, the first thing that usually comes into mind is looking for an ideal spot for the shop, then, purchasing equipment such as application sprayers and protective gear for the body. What many of them fail to take into consideration during the budgeting process is buying paint removal and repair equipment too.

So when you want to open up and launch an auto body paint shop, you also have to invest in high-quality sandblasting equipment apart from the shot peening machine. Sandblasting plays a huge role in repairs and painting, so without this tool in your establishment, you can expect the result of your services to come out subpar.

A Coaching on the Sandblasting Process

Sandblasting does not just actually apply in the vehicle painting and repair industry; there are plenty of other sectors that rely so much on this process, including furniture making among many others.

Basically, the process revolves around the smoothening of surfaces and the removal of rust and corrosion. The machines used for this procedure comprise of three parts: the abrasives, air compressor, and blaster nozzle. Some industries also use this process for etching or carving. Sandblasters use an extensive variety of medias or abrasive materials, such as garnet, steel shot and/or grit, glass beads, crushed glass, and even corn cobs among many others.

Cleaning Away Rust and Corrosion

In many cases, car owners want to have their rides repainted because its body already show signs of serious wear and tear, such as warped, cracked, or bubbled up paint. In this case, rust and corrosion are primarily to blame. Through the use of the sandblasting machine, auto body repairers and painters can get rid of these issues efficiently and quickly, allowing them to give the vehicle a fresh coat of paint that sticks better and lasts longer.

As you can see, any car body paint shop will not function smoothly without a sandblasting device. So before you open up shop, you should invest in one first.

Handling an Event: It’s Not Just About the Attendance

Venue for an eventOrganising an event is one of the most stressful challenges out there. You will have to look into several aspects of it to make sure everything goes without a hitch. A simple mistake can cause a ripple of problems, which can tarnish the name of your company. You do not want your guests to leave with bad feedback or find themselves wishing to be somewhere else.

With all the things you have to consider when making plans, there are some things you really have to get right at the start.

Here are your top priorities for your event:

The Venue

This aspect can sometimes dictate the attendance of your guests. If it is too far or difficult to reach, most invited guests would likely pass it off. You have to be very careful in choosing a venue because your guests are coming from different places. Look into obstacles such as traffic on specific times and the availability of parking spaces. The type of function venues you get, says, may also dictate the attire you may require from your guests.

The Program

While you may think being spontaneous can be fun, it is not the same case for formal events. Guests should be aware of what to expect when attending the affair. This allows them to prepare in advance so they are sure to attend. Having a program also helps streamline everything so it does not appear chaotic. How you schedule the important elements now can affect the comfort of your guests throughout. Most of the time, it is better to serve food early and not make people wait so long for it. Also, put into the program some interactive elements such as games or raffle for guests to stay until the end.

Always think about your guests when planning an event. After all, they are the ones who should benefit most from attending.

6 Practical Preparations for an LDS Trip to the Holy Land

LDS TripThere are many things you can do before embarking on a spiritual journey to the Holy Land. For practical preparations, here are some things you can expect from the tour as well as some things you can do in advance to prepare for them:

  • Bring a digital tablet or a smaller bible

You will be doing a lot of walking, so it’s not advisable to bring your three-pound Bible. Bring a smaller version instead. You can also bring a digital version, like a PDF or an e-book file on your iPad. Other lightweight gadgets are also welcome.

  • Don’t forget to pack the tour basics

Going on an LDS trip to the Holy Land means you’ll be walking under the sun most of the day. Make sure you have ample skin protection, such as a good sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses.

  • Pack appropriate clothes

Make sure you’re wearing light clothes that cover the knees and shoulders. For the ladies, if you want to wear sleeveless tops, make sure you bring scarves for cover up since you’ll be visiting many religious sites. It would be rude if you don’t follow the dress code.

  • Bring life source for your gadgets

You would probably take hundreds of photos and videos, so make sure to bring converters or 220 adaptors. If you have power banks, bring them too. It can be frustrating if you couldn’t take photos because your phone or gadget died, right?

  • Prepare yourself for jet lag or sea sickness

Depending on what mode of transportation you’re riding for the tour, it might take you a day or two to adjust. During this time, it is important to keep hydrated. Always have water that you can carry during the entire tour. Cruise Lady recommends telling your tour guide beforehand if you easily get tired or have health complications, so they can plan the schedule carefully.

  • Do some cardio and get in shape

You don’t want to be that person who will be the last to catch up with the rest of the group. Prepare to do a lot of walking. Days before your trip, increase your cardio workouts. Walk briskly, take the stairs, and ditch the treadmill. Run outside and even better if you can practice walking or running on uneven terrains.

Going on a LDS Holy Land Tour could be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Many are fortunate to be able to visit every now and then. But if this will be your first time, you might want to follow these suggestions to help you prepare physically for the great adventure ahead.

Dunsborough: A Small Town With Big Attractions

Calm And Clear WatersAn easy three-hour drive south from Perth brings you to the calm and clear waters of Geographe Bay with the picturesque town of Dunsborough beside it. The town is brimming with secluded coves, swimming spots and incredible coastal trails. From wineries to restaurants to water activities, there's no doubt that this town is the go-to place for a family holiday.

Margaret River

Just beyond the edge of town, you'll find yourself in the cellar doors of the Margaret River region's wineries. If you are with kids, not to worry because you can visit the Margaret River Chocolate Factory. They even offer a free tasting for guests which is a sure hit with the kids. You can also buy your friends and family back home a little something with handmade truffles, chocolate bars and chocolate coated delights to choose from.

Wineries and Breweries

If you're looking for some good wine such as Chardonnay, Semillon, Cabernet, or Merlot, a winery tour by the Cape Classic Touring Company and the Wine Tour Company is perfect for you. Not to worry, beer lovers, there is also something for you. You can enjoy the local brews at the Bootleg Brewery and the Wicked Ale Brewery.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

With its history of over 100 years, this delightful lighthouse is a tourist favourite. There are also several whale watching spots in the area, which adds to its charm. Climb the lighthouse and enjoy some whale watching in Dunsborough.

You can also find the Cape to Cape track nearby, one of the most diverse walking treks found on the face of the Earth.

Experience a Thrilling Adventure

The best way to enjoy the coastal region is from above. How? Get on a flight to Margaret River, Yallingup or Walpole and be amazed at the stunning scenery below you. For the more adventurous souls out there, you can try skydiving. Dunsborough also has some awesome surfing beaches. Newbie surfers can still enjoy surfing with the help of Yallingup Surf School.

A town that just started as no more than a beach shack has grown into a tourist favourite.

From luxury accommodation to more budget-friendly places, you will surely find the accommodation that best fits your budget. A place filled with fun and adventure, this is the perfect destination for family, friends, and backpackers.