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MCSA 70-410: The Windows Exam All Computer Programmers Need to Pass First

Life of computer programmersThe life of a computer programmer is not easy. The road to certification is a long and arduous one, and will require diligence and hard work. Microsoft certification is a multi-level process – you will need to take a series of exams from Microsoft itself in order to prove that you have the skills and knowledge needed.

The MCSA 70-410 is an exam that tests your knowledge on installing and configuring Windows Server 2012. You can easily find sample versions of the MCSA 70-410 by visiting sites like CertBlaster, which is a Utah-based company that provides reviewers and practice exams to computer programmers.

The Hardest Exam

Computer programmers who are taking the MCSA 2012 certification path will likely encounter the MCSA 70-410 from the beginning, as it is the first of the three exams required. It is widely regarded as the hardest, largely due to the fact that it is the longest one, and that people do not know what to expect when they take it. It has a high rate of failure compared to the succeeding exams.

It is important to know what to focus on when studying for this exam. Challenging topics that crop up in the exam include:

  • Powershell
  • Group Policy
  • Gui and Core
  • IPV6
  • Hyper-V
  • IP4 Subnetting
  • Active Directory

The Latest Server

The MCSA 70-410 exam is meant to prepare computer programmers for the launch of Windows Server 2012. The server made its formal debut at the Microsoft Ignite conference, which was held earlier in September.

The server is set to begin shipping on October 1, 2016. It marks the sixth release Windows Server, and is a closed source proprietary software. One of the new features includes better installation options, allowing programmers to switch between Server Core and Server GUI, without having to reinstall the entire system.

The MCSA 70-410 tests whether you fully understand the installation and configuration procedure.

Ways to Take Better Care of Your Teeth

Better Oral Health CareTaking care of your teeth is important so you could preserve its appeal, keep it strong, and avoid oral health problems. You need to develop good oral hygiene and visit a tried and tested dentist to make sure you’re doing everything to keep your teeth healthy

Here are some tips you can apply and practice for the benefit of your oral health.

Preventing Plaque Buildup

Plaque is an extra layer that contains bacteria that slowly accumulates on the teeth, especially in hard to reach spots. Food high in sugar is the main source of plaque, but breads, cereals, crackers, and other food may also contribute to plaque buildup. To prevent this, you must brush your teeth after every meal, especially if you consumed sugary food. Flossing is also important to reach tricky spots.

Brushing Tips

Brush your teeth two to three times a day properly. urges you to follow these steps to do so:

  • Your toothbrush must be at a 45-degree angle against your gums.
  • Brush the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces of your teeth.
  • Use back-and-forth short strokes when brushing your teeth.
  • Don’t forget to brush your tongue.

Flossing Tips

Flossing your teeth is also essential for hard-to-reach areas to stay clean as well. Here are some tips to do it right:

  • Rub the floss gently between your teeth.
  • In the gum line, curve the floss to create a C shape, then slowly slide it in between the tooth and gum.
  • Always conform the floss to the tooth’s shape.
  • Use an up-and-down motion when cleaning the spaces between your teeth.

Going to the Dentist

Going to the dentist for an annual oral health checkup is important to be sure that you are free from any oral health problems. This is also a good way for your general dentist to assess your oral health care habits. Aside from annual checkups, you must also go to your dentist if you feel like you need a treatment.

Follow these tips to take better care of your oral health.

On Upgrading: Smart Appliances

Smart Appliances from WellingtonToday, it is rare to chance upon a bare home, one without any appliances. Even the most technologically conservative of people invest in at least a few essentials, like cooking appliances, freezers, stoves and ovens, among others. More often than not, a new home starts off with a few appliances or electronics, which are the necessary tools that enable and ease everyday living.

In New Zealand Homes

It is in the nature of New Zealanders to be resourceful and practical. Once homeowners have completely furnished their home and bought all the appliances they need, they are not too keen on buying the newest, state-of-the-art versions of existing ones, unless their current electronic device is broken beyond use.

Instead of buying new appliances and spending more than needed, most New Zealanders prefer to fix their appliances at home — if they can. The thing with DIY repairs, though, is it does not promise the same functionality as professional repairs and safety is no guarantee either. This is why there are services that specialise in appliance repair in Wellington.

Of course, replacing old appliances and upgrading is also an option. Today, smart appliances have already begun to take over the market. NetGuide, a consumer tech and gadget news provider, proposes a question: ‘are smart appliances aimed at dummies?

Upgrading to Smart Appliances

The past years have shown how the internet and advancing technology has come to change our daily habits. Take, for example, how smartphones have somewhat grown to be a necessity for the connectivity and multiplicity of features that they provide.

Smart appliances embody these same features, like Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator. It has a full HD screen with AV enhancements that play music, run TV shows and display calendar entries, photos and family notes. It also showcases three built-in cameras that enable owners to check the inside of the fridge from wherever they may be, like in the supermarket.

Patrick Pilcher of NetGuide questions the practicality of these smart appliances, such as smart fridges — how do they really make life any easier? Automation is a convenient function, but what comes after the warranty period expires and they break down? Costly repairs after spending a lot to upgrade. He emphasises how his old-school and low-tech vacuum cleaner still works efficiently, unlike his two Roombas that have died.

When it comes to upgrading, Kiwis are on the right track with regards to practicality. Upgrading to smart appliances, tempting as it may seem, should be approached with discernment and caution.

Top 3 Most Fun Places in Singapore for Solo Travellers

Beach in SingaporeSingapore is one of Asia’s most popular destinations. While there are a number of places to visit among family members and friends, Singapore also has a lot to offer for those who are travelling solo.


This is one fun place in Singapore where tourists can take advantage of Singapore’s hot and humid weather any day of the year by spending a day or two at the beach. While it is true that Singapore is one of Asia’s most modern places with its well-designed highways and infrastructure, it has managed to keep and maintain breathtaking beaches. These beaches are found in Singapore’s two main areas that include the Sentosa Island and Eastern Singapore.

Orchard Road

You can both enjoy walking around on your own while blending easily in a crowd in Orchard Road. With more than 20 shopping malls and as much as six huge department stores, it’s no wonder Orchard Road has become an all-time favourite both among the locals and tourists. Apart from shopping, Orchard Road is also known for its fantastic display of lights and decors in celebration of Christmas time.

Hawker Centres

Singapore has one of the safest hawker places in Asia for those who are looking to have a unique and stress-free gastronomic experience. Stall owners have made it a point to maintain cleanliness and hygiene as a way to meet the nation’s strictly enforced regulations and annual inspections. Chinatown has some of the nation’s popular hawker centres where food enthusiasts can indulge on Singaporean dishes. These include min chiang kueh (peanut pancake); roti prata (a type of bread that’s paired with curry sauce); Hokkien mee (noodles cooked stir-fried); chai tow kway (radish cake); and Hainanese chicken rice.

Called the “Garden City,” Singapore is a haven for delicious yet cheap street food, dozens of free parks and beaches and a long list of shopping places, all of which can be enjoyed in just one day.

How to Choose the Right Magnetic Drill for your Needs

Right DrillA magnetic drill or mag drill is a power tool used for a wide array of purposes. It efficiently combines the flexibility and versatility of a typical drill press with a solid electromagnetic foundation that allows it to cling to ferrous metals such as carbon steel surfaces. You could likewise position the drill upside down, vertically, and horizontally. When it comes to purchasing a magnetic drill, your prime considerations should include the particular hole size you’ll be drilling, speed requirements for drilling, the working environment, weight, and space restrictions, among many others.

Common Uses of a Magnetic Drill

Magnetic drills could be utilized for plenty of different applications. These applications typically include the following:

  • Drilling various equipment frames or trucks
  • Drilling holes for bolts in I-beams or other structural steel such as bridges
  • Drilling holes in tubing or metal pipes
  • Industrial and mining power generation
  • Marine or underwater drilling work

Each one of these mag drill applications will require a different magnetic drill type and annular cutter. For example, you will probably require a low-profile magnetic drill when working in constricted spaces. On the other hand, you will need a hydraulic magnetic drill might function better for underwater work.   

Choosing a Magnetic Drill

Prior to selecting a magnetic drill, it is important that you research the specific requirements of the job, the exact type of material you need to drill, and the particular environment type you’ll be working in. Below are some practical considerations you need to contemplate on before purchasing a magnetic drill:

  • The amount of holes you need to cut.
  • The biggest and smallest diameter hole you’re supposed to drill.
  • The specific type of material you need to drill.
  • Whether you are drilling a blind hole or through a hole.
  • The depth of the hole to be drilled.
  • Whether you are tapping the hole and the specific diameter.
  • Whether you’re working in a hazardous, dry, or wet environment.
  • The particular type of geared chuck or arbor you require for your tool bit.

Whichever type of magnetic drill you end up choosing, take note that you should always observe and apply appropriate safety measures every time you operate it. This includes eye protection, gloves, hearing protection, and safety chains among others. Make sure to follow all the directions included in the magnetic drill manual as well as the safety regulations that local and state law requires. 

The Realities of Working at a Nuclear Facility

Nuclear FacilityWorking for a nuclear facility is part exciting and of course, part risky. This is pretty much self-explanatory, but it’s exciting because the field is highly selective of the people who will work in it. It’s dangerous, knowing that you’ll be handling and dealing with chemicals, elements, some of which may prove lethal.

Don’t worry. According to Nuclear Care Partners, nuclear facility workers are generally covered, given the strict protocols and energy worker benefits. Read on to have you an idea what it’s like working at a plant.

Nuclear Power Plants are Built to Last

Many engineers and subject matter experts claim that the Chernobyl disaster is an isolated case. But with this single mishap, the entire industry is branded as unsafe. The problem stemmed from faults in design and protocol.

Modern nuclear power plants, however, are built to last. As it’s always susceptible to attacks of any kind, rigid security measures are put in place. The walls are thick and reinforced by protective materials. And each section of the facility is inspected by a regulatory body.

There are Many Procedures

It is important to promote a culture of safety in a nuclear plant. Each action inside a facility is bound by a set of procedures. For instance, checking a system may require an operator an inspector to do scheduling, a risk review, planning, record of review, verification, radiation survey, and finally the approval. Things get more complicated if you work for a much bigger facility.

It’s Like Any Other Workplace

If you look at it carefully, a nuclear facility is very much like any other workplace. There is a work schedule that mainly depends on maintenance requirements. Employees work on rotating shifts. Rendering overtime work is normal, especially if there are major repairs. They also get their weekends free, depending on the circumstances.

Power transmission is important, and thankfully, there are nuclear power plants to take care of it. What’s more fascinating about the industry is the dedication of the workers.

For The Love of Travelling: Why Work for the Tourism Industry?

Working in tourism in New ZealandEver thought about changing careers? How about a job in tourism or travel?

Did you know that tourism is one of the largest export industries in New Zealand? Since it is a big and booming industry, it has the power to enhance the country’s economies. It also employs around 6.3% of the country’s workforce. Why not try your hand at a career in either tourism or travel?

Why Work in the Tourism Industry

This is the perfect industry for those who love to go to different places. Not only will you get to travel the world, your employers also pay you to do so. Not all its benefits, however, are monetary; being in the industry creates adventures and memories for you that will last a lifetime. Experiencing various cultures and seeing wonderful places for the first time are priceless.

Another advantage of working in the tourism industry is that it continues to grow. Last year, it overtook dairy as the industry that earns the biggest in terms of export and they expect that by 2022, the country will welcome 4.5 million visitors annually.

If you are afraid that you will stay in one market for the rest of your life, think again. There are many niche markets in the industry and all you need is the right set of skills for you to grow in your chosen area of tourism.

Finding Love in What You Do

If you find a job that seems to be the perfect fit for you, it can improve your quality of life and overall performance at work. When you love your job, you tend to feel more fulfilled, productive and motivated, taking challenges in stride because you simply enjoy what you are doing and strive to be better at it.

It is never too late to change career paths. As long as you equip yourself with the necessary skills and expertise for the job, you will have a chance to grow in the industry you choose.

Nature and Wildlife Adventure in Sentosa

Sentosa Attractions Sentosa Island is one of Singapore’s favourite leisure destinations. From theme parks, water parks, and beaches, the island has it all. But if you’re tired of the usual offerings, here are some remarkable Sentosa attractions that will make you feel closer to nature.

1. Animal and Bird Encounters

Located in Palawan Beach, the Bird Aviary and Palawan Amphitheatre hold encounter programmes every day starting at 2pm. Children and even adults can learn more about birds such as lories, parrots, and cockatoos as well as monkeys and reptiles. You can also have photo opportunities with the animals at feeding time and during the animal shows. The best part? It’s free!

2. Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

A must-see attraction that guests will surely enjoy. It is a park built to display thousands of species of insects. Made to look like a tropical rainforest, complemented by thriving flowers and waterfalls, it is a refuge to more than 3,000 varieties of insects including around 1,500 live butterflies. In addition to this, they also have a Pupa House, a glass enclosure where the butterfly pupae are kept to give guests a glimpse of the metamorphosis process. If that’s not enough, they also have the Insect Safari Tunnel which includes the Firefly Enclosure Show. Aside from insects, they also have an aviary and an area exclusively for reptiles like lizards and snakes.

3. Sentosa Nature Discovery

Located at Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa Nature Discovery is a nature trail that goes around Imbiah Hill. The trail teaches guests about the delicate ecosystem of Sentosa. At the start of the trail there is an information gallery that introduces guests to the plants and animals they will encounter during the one-hour walk. Visiting the trail is free but you can also choose a guided tour for $8 per person. The Sentosa Nature Discovery also regularly conducts workshops for nature photographers.

Sentosa is Singapore’s premium island resort and is designed to cater to all types of people. says nature lovers will surely enjoy the attractions that the island has to offer. However, don’t be content with just sticking to what you’re comfortable with. After you’re done visiting these spots, try exploring all the other places Sentosa has to offer.

Knowing the Ideal Social Media Platform for Your Business

Social MediaSocial media has become a popular mean to connect with people all over the world. Its innovation has helped businesses reach audiences they have never imagined. If you’re planning to take your business to the world of social media, below are four websites that will help you do it successfully.


Every day, billions of people use Facebook to share updates, photos, and videos, making it the most popular social media site by far. Its high level of engagement is one of the main reasons why Facebook has become a necessity for businesses worldwide. It allows businesses — whether big or small — to interact with customers and advertise products or services, gradually increasing a company’s credibility and revenue. Facebook is also one of the best platforms to start a business or hype an existing yet dwindling one.


Many companies still haven’t discovered the marketing magics of LinkedIn. According to an agency from Minnesota, digital marketing efforts can increase dramatically thanks to the B2B powers of the social media platform. Businesses use LinkedIn for professional marketing; expanding business connections, sharing expert insights, and connecting with people from the same industry. With over 400 million registered users, LinkedIn is definitely the ideal social media platform for B2B marketers.


Google+ may not be as trending as Facebook, but this Google-powered platform is a great tool for businesses that wish to enhance their search engine optimization (SEO) value. Bloggers and B2B marketers typically use Google+ to hype existing posts coming from other social media websites. It’s great for e-mail marketing, too.


The micro-blogging capabilities of Twitter is ideal for targeting customers on-the-go or customers with a short attention span. Twitter’s 140-character limit has attracted 320 million active users, making it the top platform for information-hungry users. It is also the right social media site if you want to lead conversations, build your brand through mentions and retweets, or create a trend by using hashtags.

Social media for business isn’t all about posting and sharing — it’s about choosing the right platform and targeting the right people at the right time. Boost your business online by choosing the ideal social media site.

How to Secure a Better Retirement

Retirement in Salt Lake CityYour retirement seems like a distant future, but it is never too early to start planning for that prospect. Eventually, you will leave that job or close that business. Once you do, you need to know you can comfortably live in a style you’ve envisioned. Whether that means relocating to an exotic island permanently or traveling the world indefinitely, a good plan now secures a better (or million-dollar) retirement.

Discover Savings Before Tax Season

You can find savings if you only know where to look. Your income tax is a significant avenue to explore. Meticulous tax accounting can identify potential deductions and personal exemptions, which will vary with your status: individual, married or head of a household.

Eligibility for the tax credit is another way to secure savings. It provides a dollar for dollar decrease in the tax you have to pay because it’s deducted from tax liability, not from taxable income. You may qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit or EITC and Child and Dependent Care Credit, which are two of the more common tax credits. Know that along with other adjustments the Internal Revenue Service makes, the rates are also altered for tax credits; the maximum EITC for couples with three or more qualifying kids is up $6,269 this year from $6,242 in the previous tax year.

Build a Nest Egg

Before you build a “nest egg,” you have to know just how many “eggs” you need to put in. So you need to determine the kind of retirement you want. Do you want to maintain the standard of living you have now or do you want to scale up? Once you have a clear vision of your life in retirement, look into building your 401(k). Ideally, your employer should offer it. If not, you should contribute to an Individual Retirement Account or IRA.

Some people do both, while others cash out their 401(k) and put it into an IRA with an investment option. This strategy could work, but it could also jeopardize your retirement savings. The uncertainty and high fees of investing your IRA for retirement come with risks. It pays to carefully consider this strategy before diving in.

You deserve to retire in comfort, 10 or 20 years from now. Secure that goal today by planning for a life after a career. Explore potential savings with your income tax and make informed decisions about investments.