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Odd But Study-Backed Reasons Some Unions Never Last

argumentationWhen you tie the knot, you’re not promising each other a rose garden. Of course, there will be challenges here and there. However, the endurance of a relationship doesn’t really depend on how less bumpy the ride was, but how well they managed to ride together despite all the hardships they encountered along the road.

Reasons Unions Disintegrate

No unions are completely invulnerable to separation, most Denver therapists agree. Differences in interests, burnouts, financial constraints, and unfaithfulness are lurking everywhere, ready to seep into your relationship when you are not ready.

You might be thinking that you know all the reasons relationships fall apart. However, there are some things that might cause a union to disintegrate that you’ve probably never even heard of. Here are some of them:

– A study from the University of Michigan found that the likelihood of getting divorce is higher when the wife gets sick, but not the husband.

– CBS reported that frequent use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, may cause marriage to disintegrate

– A surprising study by the New York University revealed that taller men are at higher risk of divorce than shorter men, which means marrying a shorter guy could translate to a more stable relationship.

– A report by CNN revealed that children whose parents were divorced are also at risk of being divorced. According to the report, 50% of couples are at risk of divorce if one of them came from divorced parents, while the risk increases to 200% if both partners came from divorced parents.

As no relationship is really risk-free, it is important to seek professional help especially if you feel that managing your relationship without any guidance will do more harm than good. Fortunately, in Denver,  you may enlist the service of a therapist or a relationship counselor to help you rejuvenate your love and concern for each other


3 Essential Things Expats Should Know Before Working in the UAE

UAEThe United Arab Emirates is steadily on the rise as a top hub for global business and leisure tourism. It is one of the economic strongholds in the Gulf region, and with its heavy investment in infrastructure and many free trade zones, it looks to stretch its lead into the future.

This is why it is no surprise many expats are interested in exploring career opportunities and build business connections in the UAE. Make no mistake of thinking that working in the UAE is a piece of cake, though. If you want to do well and adjust to the business environment in the country, you need to be mindful of particular things.

Here are some things you need to know when you move to work in the UAE:

Know the cost of living

The UAE has a relatively high standard of living, so it is best to do a bit of research on housing and utility costs. Ask if your organization provides housing allowance, or ask other expats on good housing options before your move.

Get medical insurance

If you plan on working in the UAE for a long time, it is better to get medical insurance early on. Fortunately, there are reliable health insurance companies in Dubai who can provide sufficient coverage for you. Experts in medical insurance Dubai expats trust say it helps if you could work with broker so you can choose a plan that suits your specific needs.

Observe local practices

While the UAE is a melting pot of various cultures, you also have to respect local customs and traditions. The UAE is a Muslim country but open to other religions. Still, you should observe their local laws accordingly. For instance, you must dress modestly when in public areas such as shopping malls.

The UAE is a great place for those who want to expand their career. With better understanding of how it is like to live and work there, you can have a great experience as an expat in the Gulf country.

Office fitout

3 Hacks to Cut the Costs of Your Office Fitout

Office fitoutThe workplace your company uses dictates how productive every employee would be. There are even different layout tricks to foster productivity in the space. The point is that if your office looks dull, staff members would feel the same way day in, day out. This is where you have to improve the ambiance – something you can do best with a complete office fitout.

Of course, a fitout would cost you some money. Most likely, you would want to cut the costs as much as possible. Lucky for you, doing that is possible with these tips:

Embrace an Open Layout

Contrary to popular opinion, offices with open layouts aren’t all bad. For one, did you know that savings come after you remove the walls and cubicles of your office? It becomes easier to adjust the floor plan whenever you see fit if there are no walls to remove and reconstruct every time you do so. When you embrace an open layout, not only does it enhance collaboration, it also saves you resources.

Hire an All-in-One Expert

Don’t do the fitout part by part. Instead, look for the best all-in-one office fitout Perth companies can provide. Through this, you wouldn’t have to hire other people for other menial tasks. When you pay only one company to do the work, you save a lot of money – especially in the case of a fitout. You would want a deal that’s comprehensive and affordable.

Reuse What You Can

Some equate a fitout to removing everything you own and getting new equipment for the office. This, however, is just a common misconception. Sure, a fitout would remove your old stuff and upgrade it to better ones, but that doesn’t mean everything you own gets scrapped.

As a matter of fact, you can save a lot of money with what’s still usable post-fitout. This goes for your office chairs, computers, and other items that are still functional.

With these three tips, any office could become more appealing to work at. Revamp the vibe of your office and say hello to a more productive staff.


How Backlinks and Google’s Penguin Affect Your Page Rank

BacklinkingBacklinks are incoming links to your website from a post, a web page, or another website. If a person who read about your post wrote about it in his blog, and started linking his blog to your original post, it is called backlinking. Backlinking indicates how relevant, informative, and relatable your webpage is to other people.

That’s why Google uses backlinks, among many other elements, to measure how well your web content would rank in the search engine results pages, or SERP.

Google’s Penguin Update

There are instances when backlinks are the same reason your webpage doesn’t rank in the SERP as it used to. In 2012, Google launched an algorithm update called Penguin, which automatically detects and penalizes portions of a website with spammy, unnatural backlinks.

You can find spammy backlinks in self-promotional and completely irrelevant posts in the comments section of a website. For instance, it could be an Internet downloader software selling and backlinking itself on a web forum that talks about women’s health.

Why Backlinks are Important

Backlinking works like a referral in the digital world. As a trustworthy doctor, for instance, you want your patient to be taken care of by another trustworthy specialist for his optimum health, and so you refer him to a colleague who you really know. An expert in one field refers another expert for their credibility and experience, and Google wants to maintain that kind of online community through Penguin.

Recovering from Penguin

If you see that your pages are not ranking the way it should be in SERP, it could be that your website has been penalized by Penguin due to spammy backlinks. suggests a massive backlink cleanup to get rid of all the unnatural links.

Just as how people get referral from others in the real world, backlinking requires you to be an expert of your chosen field. With relatable, relevant, and informative web pages, you are sure to get not only traffic, but also some backlinks along the way.

Garage Door

Garage Door Material and Openers: Choices for Security, Convenience & Appeal

Garage DoorThe garage door is part of the curb appeal of any property. It’s natural for homeowners to upgrade and install new parts to make it more appealing. The problem is you have to choose a material that isn’t only good-looking, but also works with your garage opener. Here’s a short guide to help you choose:

Which Material is Right for Your Home?

HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, and A1 Garage Door Repair all agree that the material doesn’t only define appearance, but the frequency of maintenance.

– Wooden garage doors have better aesthetics because you can find them in different stains and natural grains. In fact, you can ask the manufacturer to carve a design especially for you. Even though it’s more costly, many find it worth the price because it’s also a good insulator.

– Steel garage doors are less costly, can be insulated or non-insulated, and need less maintenance than wood. Steel is more durable because it doesn’t warp and need sanding or refinishing. The only downside is that the dents and scrapes tend to be more visible. And it falls second to wood in appeal.

Which Garage Opener has Better Function?

There are three types of garage openers and each of them has their own function and benefits. It’s advisable to choose what works best with your garage door according to its material and dimensions.

– Belt Drive – This is a good choice if your garage is near the living area because it functions quietly and does not disturb the quiet indoors. Its 1/2 horsepower motor is among the most popular openers, as it can lift almost any garage door.

– Chain Drive – Manufacturers have designed this to lift the heaviest garage doors. Its 3/4 horsepower motor is long lasting, durable, and can lift a garage door at an average speed of seven inches per second.

– Screw Drive – This type offers maximum efficiency and power, which allows it to lift also the heaviest garage doors. It’s ideal for tilting one-piece doors. In addition, its one full horsepower motor functions more quietly than chain drives.

When installing a new garage door, it’s best to know which materials and openers fit your preferences. As such, you won’t regret the decision and spend more to fix problems that might occur in the future.


Work-Life Balance: Why You Should Stay Fit

exerciseStaying fit is one of the biggest problems almost all workers face and many do not make it a priority simply because it is almost impossible to balance with work. Apart from keeping you healthy, there are other benefits to staying fit.

Encourages an active lifestyle

Staying fit encourages a more active lifestyle that not only keeps you in shape, it also keeps you alert at work. When you get home from a long day, all you want to do is just sleep and rest your tired bones and the same can be said when the weekend comes.

Instead of spending your lazy weekends at home watching television, get out of the house and get active. By engaging in outdoor activities and exercises, you keep yourself pumped and ready for the coming week. A more energized body also means you will have an easier time getting out of bed, which can help you overcome those Monday blues.

You will feel good about yourself

Staying fit gives you that extra confidence and self-esteem, whilst making you feel good about yourself. This is not just about appearances, though; staying fit gives you that sense of well-being and can help you avoid getting depressed or developing anxiety while at work.

Staying fit and active while you are young also helps your body as it gets older. Apart from strengthening your body, you also improve your mental help and prevent your cognitive abilities from declining as you age.

Gives you social life

Many people are becoming more active and seeing the need to stay fit and have an active lifestyle. From wakeboarding in Dubai Marina to working out at the gym, these activities will allow you to have a healthier social life than simply hanging out at bars and drinking. Apart from making new friends, regular exercising is a good way to spend quality time with your family.

Staying fit does not mean you need to spend your entire weekends working out at the gym, though. Simply getting out more, getting regular exercise, and making your lifestyle more active will help you achieve this.

water cooler

Why Get a Water Cooler for Your Home

water coolerYou can typically see water coolers in office areas, school cafeterias and even in mall lounges. It usually is a place where people would congregate, talk to each other, just relax and have a drink of water. Most of the time, it also sees usage where there are lots of people passing by.

With its reputation, there are those who do not believe buying one for a residential space. The same people think having a water cooler and a refrigerator is redundant.

Still, there are some reasons to want your own water cooler in the house. Purity Water discusses three of them below:

1. Less Electrical Consumption

Continuous opening and closing of the ice box just to get a drink of water does not do well for the appliance, nor your electric bill. It also has a greater risk of damaging the appliance. With a water cooler, there is a lower chance of it breaking down due to repeated usage.

2. Ease and Comfort

Even if your fridge already has a water cooler setup installed and all you need to do is to load it up so it makes its own ice and dispenses cold water, an water cooler can still add ease and comfort for the homeowner.

No ice box is capable of keeping at 5 gallons of water readily cold at the touch of a button. The added task of refilling the fridge’s water supply can also be as bad as the continued opening and closing of the door for a drink. Having the water cooler ready and waiting will definitely ease the load off your fridge.

3. Multi-Use

Having several fridges all over the house is ridiculous but having ready water coolers in significant places such as the patio or the game room is actually feasible. It’s actually a very good idea if you have a large house with three floors.

You can even pack it up and bring it to a sports or family event, especially if it’s the smaller version. This saves you from having to pack up ice and water in separate containers. If the place you’re setting up in has an electrical outlet, then you’re all set.

So simple and yet so important, the water cooler has many uses even in a domestic setting. Just look for the best one that will fit your home’s decor and space.


Fun Travel Buddies

travelThe ultimate rule of being a wayfarer is to get to the right destination. Nevertheless, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind to make your voyages truly memorable: choosing the right travel buddies.

Finding the right travel companions is much like choosing the right suit: it needs painstaking attention, and it can be complicated at times. After reading this post, you will have an idea how to make your own selection process easier.


Apart from time, you and your travel partners should have similar budgets. You don’t want your pals depending on you. Similarly, you don’t want to find yourself burdening your companions with your little budget.

Talk to your candidates and gauge how much they are willing to deal with you as long as finances are concerned. Ask practical questions. Are they looking to spend a night at comfy lodging, such at, rather than at a hostel? Are they willing to take the bus instead of a private car?

Common Interests

See to it that your interests are aligned with your potential travel buddies’. They will not enjoy Louvre if they’re clearly into bungee jumping. Similarly, you won’t enjoy surfing that much if they are into skiing and snowboarding. Learn the art of compromise if your prospective partners have entirely different interests, but you still want to travel with them.

Ideal Characteristics

Choose someone you like conversing with, as well. These persons should be the ones you’re comfortable with even in deep silence. A good travel companion respects your space, so look for someone who highly regards privacy. More importantly, go for someone who is fun and willing to try new things with you.

Traveling is one glorious pursuit, but it gets better with the right people. It’s always nice to have someone you can relate to while you’re down hitting the road.

reese whitherspoon

Nothing Beats Home: Three Celebrities Who Used Their Homes as Their Wedding Venue

reese whitherspoonBrides-to-be search the Internet or their local areas for that perfect party venue to make their big day extra memorable. The following celebrity brides didn’t look far for their special wedding venues. They simply stepped out of their estates and contacted service providers for their special day.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts tied the knot to Danny Moder right at her ranch in Taos, New Mexico. Roberts’s house features an enormous space that accommodated everyone in her guest list. The couple also made the wedding more memorable by holding the ceremony at midnight.

If you want a late-night affair just like this superstar’s wedding, you can make special arrangements with Laruche and other upscale bars in Brisbane.

Jennifer Lopez

It was June 2004 when two household names in the music industry got married. Jennifer Lopez exchanged vows with Marc Anthony right at her mansion in Beverly Hills. According to news, the couple had a casual ceremony witnessed by special guests. With its spectacular design, the actress-singer’s Beverly Hills estate offered the perfect wedding venue for this power couple.

If you want a casual affair like J. Lo’s wedding, a cocktail bar can be the perfect location for the after-party.

Reese Whitherspoon

Award winning actress Reese Witherspoon also held her wedding to Jim Toth at her house. The Libbey Ranch in Ojai, California is a Mediterranean-themed estate that offers enough space for the actress’s humble guest list. The house has a pool, guest cottages, and a barn that made the entire property look more welcoming.

If you’re after a cosy venue for your wedding, there are restaurants offering themed function rooms for different events.

Not everyone has an estate that’s ideal as a party venue, though. If your house doesn’t have enough room for a crowd, you can always look for decent cocktail bars and restaurants in your area.


The 4 Tricks of Every Share-Worthy Content Master

wordpressAsk any Internet advertising agency and they will tell you that harnessing the power of social media has become one of the most powerful strategies that every website owner and content creator should master.

However, it takes more than just great content to keep the ball rolling. You need to establish your authority, show accessibility and of course, work on great visibility to pierce through the market.

Here are four secrets that experts use to boost their online visibility.

Know Your Target Audience

Who are you writing to? One of the most important things to keep in mind is that as you write content, you are speaking to your target audience. If you have a product or a content you want to share, you have to be aware of the people that you are talking to. Learn their ages, their interests and develop a voice and a tone that will cater to their preferences.

Pay Extra Attention to Your Titles

It all starts with an eye-catching title. It will not matter if your content is top-notch if no one will even bother to read it. Take the extra time and come up with a title that you know your target audience will find irresistible. Tickle their imagination by teasing them and work on several titles to see which ones work best.

Incite and Engage

Social media is now where it’s at. One of the key strategies used by every Internet advertising agency is finding which social media platform is most used by the target audience and using said platform to engage them. Create content that will pique the readers’ interests and will make them want to leave a feedback or two.

Work Magic with Infograms and Infographics

With the rise of mobiles and tablets also came the concept of accessibility. People are now more inclined to use their mobile devices to access their favourite sites. With the smaller screens, rather than text content, infograms and infographics are gaining more attention. You want to gain the attention of your readers through that great title – now, maintain their attention with engaging infograms and infographics that are both interesting and informative.

Research and trials are your best bets. Make sure that you do enough research on your material and seek out the best strategy for your content and your site. Use these four tricks and see the boost in results.