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What’s in Your Water? The Health Risks of Poor Plumbing

Poor plumbingPoor plumbing is a common problem. According to World Health Organization (WHO) Water Sanitation and Health Coordinator Jose Hueb, 1.8 billion people out of 3.2 billion are discharging their drainage to some sort of sewage system. Poor pipe connection to these sewage systems are often the cause of water-related diseases.

Potential Risks from Contaminated Water

Dr. Jamie Bartram of WHO explain bacteria from human wastes in sewage systems make their way to water supplies. This, in turn, leads to transmission of diseases like diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, and, in other occasions, Legionella.

Legionella, also known as Legionellosis, occurs due to the contamination of the bacterium Legionella pneumophila. This bacterium thrives in bodies of water like lakes, creeks, hot springs, and rivers. The common sources of this bacteria are poorly maintained water systems, such as evaporative condensers from air-conditioning units, humidifiers, and whirlpool spas.

Mild cases of Legionellosis cause flu-like symptoms like fever, headaches, and muscle pain that usually lasts two to five days. In severe cases, Legionellosis, may cause progressive pneumonia. If left untreated, it may lead to respiratory failure or even death.

Maintenance as Prevention

Scheduling a routine plumbing maintenance is the best way to effectively protect yourself from these diseases. As the experienced San Diego plumbers of explain, there are many simple ways to conduct a regular maintenance.

Start by checking your water heaters, sink drains, and toilet tanks for leaks and clogging. Look for signs of moisture, mold growth, and corrosion. It might take you a while to complete the job, though.

If you don’t have the time to do everything on your own, hire a plumber who can conduct a routine inspection of your plumbing system. Some companies even conduct pressure tests for hairline leak detection, drain treatments, water pressure assessment, garbage disposals and water heater cleanings.

As WHO reiterates, it is important to take into account the design and proper maintenance of plumbing systems. With constant vigilance, you can reduce the risks of water contamination and ensure health safety in the household.

home security

3 Door and Window Sensor Benefits That Make Them the Perfect Home Security Devices

home securityComprehensive security systems are now widely regarded as a must-have in every home, especially with the concerning increase in the number of break ins, burglary, and theft. People are now looking for affordable yet highly effective ways to strengthen the security systems in their homes. So, every homeowner should know that for a security system to give you the best return on investment, it should include door and window sensors. With these motion detection sensors in place, you can surely increase the possibility of deterring potential intruders, burglars and other criminals.

If you are still unsure, here are some facts that will help you make an informed decision:

1. Instant Alarm and/or Notification of Proper Authorities

In case intruders and criminals push try to gain access through these entry points, an alarm will be triggered. And, if the sensors are connected directly to the security system provider, it will instantly notify the proper authorities.

2. Security for Weakest Points of the House

Doors and windows are some of a home’s weakest points. In addition, these are the parts of a house that are often left unchecked. Intruders and other criminals can then easily gain access to a property through these vulnerable areas. But, with door and window sensors in place, outsiders who try to open them are going to trigger the alarm immediately.

3. Overall Peace of Mind

The greatest benefit of installing these home protection devices is a greater peace of mind, knowing that you have the most vulnerable parts of your home secured. You and your loved ones will feel more at ease and be able to sleep soundly at night.

Deter any possible criminal activities from taking place in your home. Your house should make you feel safe, and adding these door and window sensors can considerably increase your property’s security.

glass fencing

Glass Fencing: The Beauty It Brings to Your Home

glass fencingWhen people talk about Perth-made glass fence, quality is the best word to describe it. This is why many families in Western Australia choose to get glass fencing for added aesthetics and safety in their homes.

For the sake of making your home better, glass fencing is a good and cost-effective option. After all, no one wants to be behind the latest home design trends. Before anything, you must know about your different fencing choices and see how these can make a difference on your home.

Interior and Exterior Glass Balustrading for Unmatched Appeal

Glass, stainless steel or a combination of both are often the best choices for interior and exterior balustrades. You can choose between semi-frameless or frameless, depending on what suits your balcony, stairs and even your shower design.

Despite their transparent design, glass fencing can add privacy and security to your internal and external spaces. With glass fence, Perth contractors can give your space a more elegant touch and add that ‘WOW’ factor you’ve always wanted.

Added Details with Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Stainless steel and aluminium posts both make great options for semi-frameless glass pool fencing. Both materials are durable and versatile. With unique positioning, these posts can maintain the illusion of transparency for your pool area. Whichever you choose from the two, you will still have clear views of your pool.

Perimeter Décor for Your Home

Forget about steel fences. If you want to give your pool area or balcony a makeover, frameless glass fence is what you need. Some glass panels come with stainless steel edges, which serve as additional support for the fence. These fences just speak of classy and homey at the same time.

Installing glass fences goes beyond beauty; this can provide a natural appeal for even the simplest of homes. We’re sure you won’t regret having this in your property.

Goodbye Bugs

Goodbye Bugs: Why Hiring a Pest Control Service is Practical and Safer

Goodbye BugsKansas City is one of cities with the highest population density in the U.S. As more and more people are building homes and commercial establishments, pests are also multiplying. Pests can easily adapt to any environment, especially if they have access to food sources. Unfortunately, these happen to be in our homes.

Before the problem goes out of hand, call a pest control service. Here are some things to expect from pest control companies in Kansas City:

The Critical Requirement of a Pest Control Service

Pest control chemicals contain toxic ingredients; mishandling these chemicals can be dangerous to you, your pets, and your family. Pest control personnel know how to use pesticides and set up traps to protect your property without putting you at risk.

You may also contaminate your food if you don’t follow the proper pest management procedures. Apart from this, re-infestation may occur. Millions of properties are incurring damage from infestations every year because the owners overlook proper pest control procedures.

Eliminating the Nuisance

Pest control personnel undergo extensive training to complete their tasks. Experts can check, identify the pests, and recommend the proper control or elimination steps for the problem. With their experience, you won’t have any worries about creepy-crawlies invading your space.

Pest control companies are registered service providers that follow government and environmental safety standards. They know the appropriate pesticides to use for certain types of pests – even those that attack garden plants and crops. In this case, you have the assurance that these experts follow the safety regulations when it comes to pesticides applications.

In Kansas City, service providers only use EPA approved chemicals. If there’s a re-emergence of the pests, these pest exterminators can go back to your property and implement additional measures.

Nobody wants to be friends with pests. Take action before these creepy-crawlies create more disasters in your property.

Home Mortgage

A Millennial’s Guide to His First Home Mortgage

Home MortgagePredictions say that first-time homeowners will be the driving force in this year’s housing market. A recent report identified 42% of millennials saying they are looking forward to buying a new home in the next five years.

Navigating the home buying puzzle is not easy. Even for those who have done it more than once, the possibility of getting stumped is still a reality. How much more if it’s your first time and you have no idea if you’re doing it right?

Job History Lends Confidence

Millennials face the weight of judgment that comes with their lack of extensive experience in their chosen industry. Especially if you lack a stable work experience or anything that lasted at least two years, your lender may be less swayed to approve your mortgage.

Your job history is important to your mortgage company. St. George creditors are helpful when it comes to matters like this. A proper conversation and negotiation with your trusted lender can lead to positive results. If all else fails, ask your employer for help to give your chosen lending center more confidence.

Get Your Paper Work in Order

Prepare for a mountain of paperwork you need to file, complete and have signed if it is your first time. There is no easy way around this, but once you have it all figured out, the rest of the process will be a breeze.

Common paperwork you are expected to have at hand are your current month’s pay stubs, employment contract, driver’s license, and papers and files from the past two years, at least. Consult with a mortgage broker you trust for more information about other paper works you need to prepare beforehand.

Improve Your Debt-to-Income Ratio

Millennials suffer not only from their flaky job history, but also from the range of student debts under their name. While it can cost you points off, you can work around it and improve your debt-to-income ratio instead.

A debt-to-income ratio refers to the amount of your debt compared to the amount of money that you have or are making. The key here is to keep the number lower so you have better odds at securing the mortgage plan you are looking for.

Mortgage gets bumpy but knowing what you’re up against makes the process less of a puzzle. Keep yourself informed for smarter choices. You might be a millennial, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the mortgage you want.

Katong Antique House

A Touch of the Past: Where to Relive Singapore’s Rich History

Katong Antique HouseWant to take a walk down memory lane?

Singapore is not only famous for its shopping centres and vibrant nightlife. If you want to be familiar with the place, you should take time to know and understand its rich history. More than a century ago, the country was only a fishing village. Today, you will find yourself ogling at the stunning sceneries or enjoy the soothing atmosphere, which can surely tell the island’s notable past.

Perhaps there is a seemingly endless list of historical sites to explore – from the country’s darkest era up to the present day. This article aims to give you a brief history lesson on Singapore.

Katong Antique House

Here, you can find out Singapore’s amazing culture. Katong Antique Houseis a two-storey shop house that displays different types of traditional Peranakan costume – from “babas” and “bibiks” to “sarong kebaya.” In addition, it exhibits furniture and crockery. Owner and curator Peter Wee says anyone can step into this fully restored Peranakan family home. As you explore the place, you can also see a little gallery on the top floor, which is decorated with charming furnishings with intricate designs.

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Museums in Singapore are taking good care of their displays, allowing them to show vivid replications of historical moments. The Fuk Tak Chi museum was a temple in 1824, then restored and converted into a museum to exhibit artefacts that has a connection with the lives of early Chinese migrants.

Sentosa Merlion

Watch history come alive in Sentosa. In the country, you will see more than one Merlion, the official tourism icon. But industry professional shares that Singapore’s most visited attraction is on Sentosa Island. As the company puts it: “The legendary Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion’s head and a fish’s body – as a guardian of prosperity that personifies Singapore’s history as an important seaport. Unlike its predecessor by the Esplanade, Sentosa Merlion distinguishes itself as the only Merlion in Singapore, where you can discover the urban myth and uncover treasures within its attraction trail.”

Keep these must-visit places in mind, which takes you back in time to a long-forgotten period. Do not be afraid to discover the colourful stories of Singapore, which you can touch and see for yourself.

financial planning

Achieve the Retirement You Deserve With These Three Handy Life Hacks

financial planningMany seniors dread the thought of living in a retirement community for the rest of their life, fearing only boredom awaits them, but we’re here to bust that myth!

There’s a lot more you can do now when you’re free from work—lead your life to the right direction with these three solid tips from

1. Secure your retirement living with financial planning. It’s recommended to make a retirement planning checklist about five years before your retirement date so you have a lot of time ahead of you to think of the activities you want to do and the places you want to visit. Plan these activities according to your budget as early as possible for a trouble-free retirement later on.

2. Continue being physically and mentally active. Only you can save yourself from boredom! Keep your brain stimulated by learning a new sport, hobby or even reading books you never had time to read when you were still working. Some people even discover their hidden passion for playing instruments or writing poetry, and this proves that it’s never too late to look for the things you enjoy. Retirement communities also have programs and activities where you can participate and learn a lot from.

3. Grow your connections. Doesn’t it feel a lot better to know someone free from pressure since you aren’t talking to them for recruitment or contact for business transactions? This is the time to form new friendships based on interests, similarities and trust with no need to put up a front. You can also exchange stories with your relatives that you may not have kept in touch with for a long time. Lasting friendships help to increase longevity.

Following our advice, you’ll eventually realize that retirement isn’t so bad after all. Consider it as a reward for your valuable contribution as a member to the society by rewarding yourself with memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

guest blogging

Link Building Techniques for Your Law Practice

guest bloggingLink building was dead a couple of years ago, but it has energetically come back to life. Acquiring links is still vital to the success of any website. Haphazardly getting links without considering their source is a recipe for failure.

Lawyers face the same challenge as any other business looking to grow their online presence. There are ways to boost online presence through link building techniques, with help from SEO experts, such as

Guest Blogging

Guest posting has taken a massive hit after Matt Cutts made a statement about the death of guest blogging. It is only partially true, Google attacked major blogging networks to penalize spam guest posting. Guest bloggers who create high quality content are still a viable link building option.

Content is still firmly sitting on its throne as king. Create content that other people will love to read and a link back to your website will be your reward. There are mistakes that online marketers make that hurt their online rankings, create content that people will share and acquire links from quality websites.

Infographics Galore

Infographics are a creative and effective way of attracting and keeping website visitors. Infographics present information in an inventive way for readers.

An effective infographic visually presents data clearly, quickly, and in a memorable way that entices readers to share it online. Although their effectiveness has waned, they are still a viable option to acquire back links and to entice visitors to read your content.

Social Media Frenzy

You may have content that people want to share and read, but it is only half the battle. To win the war, it is imperative that you market your content through social media. Post links to your content on all your social networking sites. Submit the same content to StumbleUpon, Reddit, and other similar sites. Social media activity will help generate buzz for the content you create.

Guest blogging, creating infographics, and social media activity will help you acquire quality backlinks and gain influence in your chosen niche.

furnace replacement

Rising from the Flames: Mythical Creatures Born Out of Furnaces

furnace replacementYou might think that your plain, old furnace is simply a heat source that serves you during cold weather. What you might not know is that it has been a source of magic — at least that’s what the stories of old say.

Over a thousand years of folklore tell of mythical creatures born out of furnaces. While most of us might not have heard of such tales, these stories have become the foundation of many cultures. Even and providers of furnace replacement in Riverton might throw in a good story or two.

Here are some magical creatures that rose from the flames:


These fabled amphibians are born from the flame itself, as created by glassblowers. Legend has it that salamanders would materialize from furnaces that had been set ablaze for several days straight. The tale of their existence has been so widespread that even the great writer Shakespeare mentioned these creatures in one of his works.


These ancient, one-eyed giants have always played the role of the antagonist in many folktales. People believed these creatures possess great strength. Some scholars explain these creatures were once iron smiths who had a patch slung over one eye as protection from the sparks flying out of the furnace. They did that to avoid blindness. Cyclopes may not exactly have originated from a furnace, but the heat from boilers will remind you of them.


Many epics have described the chimera as a hideous creature with the head of a lion, the body of a female goat, and the tail of a dragon. According to folktale scholars, this creature can be vicious and strong. It erupted from a furnace, which alludes to its fire-breathing abilities.

It might be hard to believe these creatures existed and even came out from furnaces. After all, who are we to judge the tales of the old?

mini trucks

Advantages of Mini Truck Rentals for Businesses

mini trucksHave you lost productivity or profits because your products did not arrive on time or your employees wasted time moving items into the new office? These down times negatively affect your business and costs you potential profits.

Doing business in a thriving city like Brisbane requires you to be at the top of your game at all times; a slight delay in delivery or office transfer allows your competitors to get ahead of you. Hiring a mini truck or van is an advantageous decision for your business.

Efficient Delivery

Trucking companies focus on delivering your products to their destination. You can stay focused on your business without worrying about the small details of the move. Truck rental companies have policies about lost or damaged goods. You can make a claim if your products or office furniture and supplies are damaged or lost in transit.

Rental companies also have different sized mini trucks or vans that meet your needs. A truck that is too big or too small may cost you extra, choose a truck of the right size for the products or items you want to move.

Faster Office Transfer

The construction of your new office may have finished, but you have to move from your old office to the new one without disrupting productivity. Your employees already have enough work on their hands, and making them move office supplies and furniture is extra work. Hiring a mini truck to move all of your office supplies, equipment, and furniture is an option. Movers will pack all of your things in trucks and do all of the work without interrupting business operations.

The loss of potential profits, loss of productivity, and loss of goods hurt your business. The extra money you pay for a mini truck rental help you save money and time.