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digital signage

Reaching More Potential Clients: The Different Kinds and Uses of Digital Signage

The most obvious means of advertising any business is with signs. In the past, this was merely limited to traditional streamers, flyers, and posters, among others. Today, quality digital signage has become more sophisticated. Digital signs go a step further from the traditional by adding animated colors and real time content, allowing advertisers or businesses to change the message as they see fit.

digital signage

According to OnePath Systems, signage in a digital environment takes on three forms, namely:

PoS or Point of Sale – This is a common digital signage that most consumers encounter close to a service or a product. Its appeal is the call to action, which is immediate due to the screens installed in places where potential customers are making their purchasing decisions. Content on this kind of signage not only needs to be eye-catching but also relevant to the product that the customer may buy.

PoT or Point of Transit – These digital billboards or screens are identified with transit hubs. These function by attempting to grab the attention of passing customers for a short period. The target customers here are “on the go” viewers. The billboard screens concentrate mostly on attempting to establish brand value or identity by delivering visually appealing content in short bursts. Their aim is to grab attention instantly.

PoW or Point of Wait – This type of signage is for customers who are anticipating a service or a product. These are most common at healthcare locations, retail lines, hospitality hubs, and even business lobbies. Customers who appreciate these screens are called “dwell time” viewers. Many of these screens are interactive, such as those facing passengers when they are riding cabs. In that case, more “dwell time” can be collected. Longer messages, including serial types, can be planned out.

The use of digital signage doesn’t have to rest entirely on providing customers with information about products and services. It can be utilized to send other messages, such as training for employees, reminders, weather updates or even convey the date and time.

family photography

Family Photography: Say ‘Cheese’ With Your Loved Ones!

Any big event calls for inviting your extended family to share the moment with. Special gatherings that bring all members of the family under one roof need to be captured on camera.

family photography

A family photo session is different from individual ones. You’ll have kids, the elderly, and everyone else in between posing in a single frame. Only a photo expert can keep things organized in order to get that perfect click. That’s why special family events need professionals in family photography to capture the best moments on film.

Calling a family photographer will help you get the right images no matter how impossible the kids may be! But know that just hiring the best isn’t enough. You need to get a few other things in place if you want to create a memorable album for that special event. Here are some pointers from Jaylynn Studios:

Location and Props

Whether outdoors or indoors, make sure that the location has sufficient lighting and reflects your family’s persona to the tee. Throw in a few fun props such as a flower bouquet or a baby’s favorite toy to add beauty and a pop of color to the pictures.


For a family photo, it’s a good idea to highlight the relations in your family. That is, put your grandparents, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, and kids and their parents together instead of making them stand far apart. This will reflect how closely knit your extended family is.

Be candid and have fun

If you want the photos to reflect your true moods, then be as candid as possible, perhaps to the extent of ignoring the fact that a session is actually going on. Above all, have fun during the session. After all, it’s that one special day when everyone is around.

Engage in a family photography session and create a masterpiece that you can proudly show to your family’s future generation.

credit insurance services

It’s Almost May, Do You Know What Your Credit Status Is?

Bad credit is one of the most serious problems crippling small and medium sized businesses in the UK. Most establishments of this type, no matter how soundly managed, will inevitably run into bad credit. The only way businesses can be spared from its harsh effects is to anticipate them, and arrange for the proper protection.

credit insurance services

There are many credit insurance companies, such as CMR Insurance Services, that offer plans for protection in domestic and international trading. But why should there be danger of bad credit in the first place? Why can’t businesses just make profits like those that they’re supposed to?

Many people would love to just make money and be happy, but with profit comes growth, and growth carries risk. If a business provides excellent products or services, its customer base will inevitably grow, and that’s a good thing. But large customer bases, especially for small and medium businesses, mean more and larger debt tabs for customers.

Establishing a debt tab is a good way to keep customers coming through the door, but there should be a mechanism involved that ensures that debts are paid. Even though bad credit is a serious problem that affects most, if not all types of businesses, credit insurance companies estimate that only 20% are protected against their effects.

If local businesses want to survive their own growth, this number needs to grow faster. Businesses can get credit insurance through broker intermediaries or straight from the insurance providers. Going straight to the providers is the best option. Approaching brokers are for people who don’t have enough time to invest in understanding the entire system.

Either way, if it gets the business the protection it needs, the method of approach hardly matters. The biggest advantage credit insurance can give is the fact that businesses can trade without fear of bad credit. Managers can take risks that will give them greater gains, while simultaneously protecting any losses. This is what’s called in the gambling world ‘a sure thing’; get your own sure thing while there’s still a chance.

misdemeanor traffic

Fighting a Traffic Ticket: Know Your Rights

Driving without a license, speeding, and reckless driving are typical cases in California. Even the most seasoned drivers sometimes make bad decisions and end up having a misdemeanor traffic ticket. Getting a traffic ticket can cost you a lot more than just the fine, however. While everybody can commit mistakes, this doesn’t mean you can’t fight. Don’t be defenseless; know your options.

misdemeanor traffic

Right to hire a lawyer

There’s an old saying: less talk, less mistakes. This is true, especially in legal situations. Anything you will say may be used against you, so be sure to have a lawyer present. You have the right to remain silent if the police start asking you questions. You cannot just walk away from them, however, when you are under arrest. It’s best to hire a misdemeanor traffic defense lawyer to represent you, as they can increase your chances of winning the case.

Right to know the charge

When you pay a traffic ticket, you are admitting guilt. Doing this will require you to voluntary pay the fine of up to $2,000. You have a number of days, though, to enter a plea or pay the fine. Take enough time to evaluate your options. In this case, you can plead guilty, pay the traffic fine, and go to a traffic school. These could take the points off your records, if there’s any.

Right to appeal

If you feel like the police wrongly accuse you or believe you are not guilty, you can request for a trial. You can plead not guilty and fight to lower or dismiss your ticket. If you decide to contest a ticket, you should have witnesses and present necessary documents to prove you are right. Witnesses must know the incident to provide a solid evidence.

Fighting a traffic ticket is never easy. Fortunately, there are many options available to deal with it. You may be lucky if the police will dismiss the ticket. If not, you still have the option to reduce its cost.

landscape gardeners

Cutting Trees: What You Need to Know and Do

Let’s get the facts straight: you cannot just prune and chop a tree—even if it is within your property. Some trees in the UK are subject to a preservation order, which makes cutting, lopping, uprooting, or topping them an offense.

landscape gardeners

Tree Preservation Order

Preservation orders give local authorities the power to protect trees. This means you cannot easily cut down or prune a tree without approval from the council. If a tree is dead or poses a risk, you may not need consent, but you still have to check whether it is protected. If you do not, you might be prosecuted and fined.

Living in a Conservation Area

If the tree in question is not subject to a preservation order, but is located in a conservation area, you still need to contact the council before carrying out your proposed work. This applies to those with a trunk diameter greater than 75mm.Dead, dying, and dangerous trees are an exemption, but tree surgeons and gardeners in Essex, Kent, and Hampshire suggest checking with the local council to avoid future problems.

Preserving Good Relations

Under the British law, you can cut back any part of a tree, including the roots, which encroach on your boundary. This is as long as it does not have a preservation order and is not located in a conservation area. To preserve good relations, let your neighbours know of your proposed work. Offer back the cut-off parts of the tree, as they remain your neighbours’ property. Be careful to work only to the boundary; you cannot cut over the fence into the garden next door in anticipation of future growth.

You have a responsibility to take care of your trees so they will not cause harm to passers-by and to your neighbours. Check on them after a bad storm and keep an eye on their growth and condition. It is also a good idea to consult gardeners and tree professionals regularly.

inside a bar

Understanding Responsible Service of Alcohol and Harm Minimisation

Alcohol is a product that needs to be consumed responsibly. No one knows this better than those who work in the hospitality industry. It is a heavily regulated product, and the sector works hard to promote responsible service and consumption of alcohol.

RSA for Licensed Businesses

Making sure that responsible service of alcohol (RSA) measures are followed carefully will help in minimising harm or illnesses caused to people, or any group, due to the use of liquor. This is why RSA is extremely important in licensed venues.

inside a bar

The Australian Hotels Association (WA) or AHAWA supports Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) requirements and is the industry leader in delivering online RSA courses and RSA training in Perth WA. The AHA(WA) is an accredited training provider for responsible service of alcohol (RSA) training and has trained more than 100,000 people in all forms of RSA since 1997.

Topics Covered

The AHA(WA)’s Online RSA WA course is nationally accredited and covers all areas of RSA including: developing an understanding of duty of care and harm minimisation, the importance of house policies, how to identify someone who may be ‘drunk’ and people to whom it is an offence to serve and may be refused service. Students also learn about the physical and social effects of alcohol, strategies to use when refusing service, conflict resolution and harm minimisation tactics.

residentials in Carolina

Oh, My Sweet Carolina: Starting a Family in the Country

For some, the city is the place to be. All the things they need from shopping, dining, to entertainment are at their fingertips. For others, however, the hustle and bustle of urban America is not as inviting compared to wide open spaces.

residentials in Carolina

If you’re thinking about starting a family or maybe just wanting to have a more peaceful life, here are some things that make living away from the city so appealing, and some reasons it’s a better place to raise a family.

Wide Open Spaces

Open spaces is one thing that’s often lacking in the city. But if you live in The Carolinas, for example, there’s plenty of room to run around. If you have a mountain home in North Carolina, your children will have as much space as they want and they don’t need to share it with twenty other kids, which is the case in most city parks and playgrounds. Playing baseball or any other sport, learning to ride a bike, or just having fun outdoors will be a common thing.

Closer to Nature

In the country, it’s very probable that you’ll be woken up by the singing of birds rather than the honking of cars stuck in traffic. Living in a mountain home means you’ll be closer to nature, if not surrounded by it. Towering trees, rolling hills, and raging rivers will be your backdrop.

A Greater Sense of Community

In the country, everyone knows everyone. The locale may be small, but you will be more connected to the neighborhood. Talking to the folks at the French Broad Crossing or the good people of the city of Asheville will be easy, as people in the country are really friendlier. As singer-songwriter James Taylor sings in Carolina in my Mind, “There ain’t no doubt in no one’s mind that love’s the finest thing around…”

Settle down, start a family, and raise the kids in a peaceful small town; that’s the dream for a lot of people. And the country is a great place to make that dream come true.