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wedding gift idea

Wedding Surprise: Unique Gift Ideas for the Bride and Groom

Today, a toaster, a coffee maker, or a blender might not just cut it if you’re looking for unique wedding gift ideas. Wedding gifts must be special, but this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank during your search. All you need is a bit of creativity to give a meaningful wedding day present for the bride and groom.

Here are two wedding gift ideas to try:

wedding gift idea

A Trip to the Spa

The bride and groom take most of the stress during the wedding with all the planning for the event. Relieve some of their stress with a gift certificate to an exclusive spa salon. Whether it’s an aromatherapy or Swedish massage, the bride and groom would surely give you a big thank-you for your special wedding gift idea.

Personal Gourmet Chef Services

If the wedding couple loves to indulge in different gourmet cuisines, a personal gourmet chef can be a great wedding gift. You can find chefs offering exclusive services for private affairs, from parties to quiet and romantic dinners for couples. This way, the couple will have a taste of delectable cuisines and enjoy the best of fine dining right at their home.

You don’t always have to go all-out when finding a wedding gift. As they say, it’s the thought that really counts.


telephone systems

Please Stay on the Line

It may surprise you to know, but there have actually been multiple studies conducted on the effect of on-hold music for improving customer retention. Everyone’s been there; you call a service to get some information, and the representative requests to confirm the information while they put you on hold. The hold music player starts going, and you either get patient or frustrated while waiting.

telephone systems

The Study

Telephone system companies in the UK and America are constantly conducting studies using large sample sizes that placed callers on hold for one minute. The callers were divided into three groups; the first group was on-hold in complete silence, the second had music, and the third had music and information. Callers who didn’t hang up were asked to estimate how long they thought they were on-hold.

The Results

The study found that half of the callers in the first group hung up, everyone who remained thought they were on-hold for longer than a minute, with 27% even going as far as saying they thought they were on-hold for more than five minutes.

Thirteen percent of callers in the group using the telephone system with music hung up, and 44% thought they were on-hold longer than a minute. Only 2% hung up in the final group, and only 19% thought they were on-hold for more than a minute.

This only goes to show how something as simple as hold music can affect a business’ bottom line.

condo for rent

Renting the Best Condo: A Few Tips

Many vacation spots have different types of accommodation such as hotels, inns, serviced apartments, and independent houses. Choose which one works for you based on the size of the travelling group and the budget.

If you’re looking into having longer vacations, it’s better to rent a condominium. This is because if you’re in a large group, you might have to book many rooms in a hotel. The joy of travelling together will be compromised due to this disconnect. In addition, this can be costlier, too.

condo for rent

Here are a few things you need to know to help you choose a condo for rent:


Condominiums usually come in different styles. Some of the modern ones have all the amenities but may not be as spacious as the older types. For smaller families, this could be ideal as they come with parking facilities.


If you’re into larger, spacious types, look for some of the older, renovated condos. These have retained their large spaces but have been refurbished with modern facilities. These are usually located in close proximity to shopping districts and other entertainment centers. They also have ample parking, spaces for games, and swimming pools. They might even allow pets.

There’s a difference between renting a condo and renting a hotel room. So before signing your lease agreement, know your rights and the rules you need to follow to make your stay as stress-free as possible.


Lawn Survivor: Droughts and Deluge

Landscaping can be a challenge in Virginia, as the weather changes so quickly, it’s hard for gardeners to keep up. The state can and has recorded experiencing periods of drought and a deluge of heavy rains in the same year.


Lawn care pros have ways of coping with bouts of extreme weather, but they still need homeowners to know what to do to repair damage done to their lawns.

Puddles Are Dangerous

Sudden changes from extreme heat to rain may morph the turf to create puddle spots. Puddles should be cleared away from lawns, as they often serve as breeding grounds for mosquitos. Don’t contribute to the degradation of your lawn by leaving the sprinklers on. The last thing your lawn needs is more water. Soil saturation will be an issue, and may contribute to flooding if the rains continue.

Disease Everywhere!

If heavy rains continue, your grass may contract diseases like Rhizoctonia blight or brown patch. Lawns that have brown patches may require re-seeding, depending on the advice of your landscaper or gardener. Remedy brown patches immediately because it will infect your entire garden if left unchecked.

Lawns can pretty much survive anything nature has to offer, but there are extreme situations when they need a little help. Contact your lawn expert and see what they think you can do to better care for your lawn after sudden temperature changes.


mobile application

Standing Out in the Sea of Mobile Apps

Modern marketers don’t just confine themselves to traditional means of marketing. They use different ways to achieve their goals, and are still on the lookout for more methods. One of these methods is mobile marketing.

Hiring app developers in Melbourne is a practical choice, as many Australians are now using smartphones and tablets. Businesses think highly of this strategy, as it allows them to interact with customers in real time.

mobile application

Here are some tips on creating apps that are well-designed and easy to use:

Think unique

You are a marketer and an inventor in this situation. Try different ways to extend your message by trying each option and see what works. Through experiment, you’ll see if your app is user-friendly or not.

Prioritise design

Develop and design your marketing effort according to the device’s landscape. Create a mobile-specific marketing campaign. Focus on attracting customers and making your app usable. Fancy animations are fun, but if they serve no purpose, don’t use them.

Compete with yourself

A great business thinks about competing with itself. Don’t think about what everybody else is doing because you might end up following them. For new ideas and effective strategies, look for app developers that help businesses establish a mobile presence.

Building a great mobile app requires research, analysis, and planning. If you decide to build a mobile app for your business, it’s important to be clear about your goals to start formulating sound strategies.

data center design

Data Center Design: Keeping Your Company Files Safe

Technology today allows people to save data digitally instead of using paper documentation. This saves time, money, and effort, especially when dealing with numerous records and other important information. Multiple servers, however, need a home for proper storage and maintenance. This is why data centers, whether in-house or through service providers, are necessary.

data center design

A good data center design will keep the establishment organized, so servers, mainframes, and databases can work in their best condition.

1. Site – The location must be appropriate for high security establishments. Data centers can be set up in an existing building or in a newly designed structure that suits the needs of the servers. The area should have sufficient protection against security and other crucial risks.

2. Floor – The floor space should be enough for the servers and the people operating it. Pathways are necessary to avoid any difficulties walking around the area. This way, tripping due to wiring systems is avoided.

3. Power – Power distribution should be balanced and smooth. The data center must always maintain a stable temperature while the servers are running. Backup and power cleaning equipment are also necessary to prevent blackouts and power shortages that will stop operations.

Data center design processes should maximize the capabilities of servers. This way, the business can operate much better and avoid problems in the future. Hiring consultancy experts is also ideal for the necessary assistance.

download umplayer

Software Programs and Apps for the Music Lovers

You love the music and the Internet. Like bread and butter, these two things work well together. The music world online is vast, and you might not know about every single music software program or app out there.

From a free download of UMPlayer online to the SoundHound app, here’s a list of everything you need, from discovering and sharing songs to watching music videos.

download umplayer


UMPlayer is the media player that fills all your needs. With advanced features and built-in codecs, the program manages any media format and plays DVDs, CDs, radio cards, YouTube streams, and VCDs. It can even handle incomplete or damaged media documents. All you need is a good internet connection, enough free storage, and a free download software provider, like Video Softwares.


You try to remember a catchy tune on the radio and try to sing it to your friend, but unfortunately, you’re greeted with a blank stare. With the SoundHound app, there’s no more guessing. This app recognizes your humming or singing and pulls up relevant matches it finds.

VLC Media Player

The go-to media player for Windows also has a free lightweight version for the Mac. It plays almost any audio or video file you launch on it. VLC does it quick without eating up all your resources.

Download the free UMPlayer software, VLC, and the SoundHound app to start creating, discovering, and sharing music.