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US Government Promises To Fix Health Care Software Glitches Before Launch

healthThe Obama administration is about to succeed with their overhaul of federal health. Or maybe not. The launch of the insurance marketplaces happens in less than a week, but as early as now, the program’s premium calculator is having glitches. What a dilemma this would be if this goes unresolved.

Apparently, the computer software still miscalculates the premiums. News has it that tests on the software were only started this week, contrary to its official schedule set months before. If this goes on until the launch, the government has a big problem in their hands.

The government should focus on fixing this issue. This glitch could ruin the insurance of thousands of Americans. Even if there are ways to get coverage offline, many people wouldn’t have the time to process that. The glitch should be fixed before the launch on October 1.

Computer programs aren’t perfect. Coding a computer application takes time to complete. What bothers me is that the software seems untested; or it may have been tested later than planned. Testing software is important and this oversight from the government can be a major headache.

All we can do now is hope the government irons it out before the launch. Their programmers have long hours ahead.Let’s hope they do their job well and this hitch doesn’t happen again.

The Worsening Scenario For Journalists In Syria

Insurgents in Syria have kidnapped another journalist. This isn’t the first time it happened.Many journalists have been killed and kidnapped in Syria in the past years.

The situation for journalists in Syria is disturbing. According to a report, Syria is currently the most dangerous place in the world for journalists. The conflict hasn’t helped with the situation at all.


It pains me to hear about the increasing number of victims of the war. The problem worsens every hour. It’s time to draw the line before there are more casualties on any side.

I think the United Nations must step up and help improve the situation for journalists in Syria. There must be collective action to make Syria a better place not just for journalists, but for everyone.I think this conflict should be resolved peacefully as soon as possible. Any chaos wouldn’t help as it would just stir the anger of all affected sides and could refuel the dispute.

Hopefully, all those involved come together, discuss the problems and come up with a resolution that works for everyone. A compromise may not be the result everyone wants, but it could bring much-wanted peace in Syria. Bloodshed should never be an option.


YouTube To Moderate Comments, Finally!

The video-sharing site’s comments section has been perhaps one of the angriest places on the Internet. Soon, it probably won’t be as the developers of the site have finally decided to moderate its comments section. This Tuesday, YouTube opened a new commenting system to some users.

youtube1I like the changes in the commenting system. Before, the latest comment shows up on top of the list; now, the most relevant comments are on top. YouTube will roll out criteria for deciding which statements are more relevant than the rest.

Another good thing about the change in feature is that it is still optional. Users can interchange between the old and new commenting systems through a drop-down list. This is a very user-friendly move coming from the developers.

Google+ will power the new commenting system; so far, that’s the only possible drawback of this change. The use of Google+ technology is only logical as Google owns YouTube. Developers say that they won’t enforce a Google+ account only commenting system, but who knows what may happen.

Nevertheless, the changes on the comments section have been phenomenal. I’m all in for the changes. I hope YouTube finalizes the change soon as they had promised – that is, before the year ends.

Hopefully, YouTube won’t be as hateful as it is now when the changes roll out. I can’t wait for these changes to be implemented.

Positive Attitude Means Less Mortality Due To Heart Disease

Why am I not surprised that having a positive outlook in life is actually healthy? It’s an age-old notion that people who are happier, live longer. A new study done recently suggests that this may actually be scientifically true.

positive-attitudeResearchers did a survey among people with ischemic heart disease. An ischemic heart disease is when the heart doesn’t get enough blood due to the narrowing of arteries. According to the results, those who harbored a more positive attitude are also more likely to exercise and in turn, live a healthier lifestyle.

The problem with this, however, is that the scientists can’t actually pinpoint if the positive outlook is what causes these people to exercise more and live longer, or if they have a more positive outlook and live longer because they exercise more. It’s the classic chicken and egg dilemma.

Whether or not this is true, exercising has been tested and proven to make individuals, sick or not, healthier. All it takes is a few minutes of your day so I think we should all make a little effort in getting fit. After all, we only have one body and we owe our body to make sure that it stays healthy for as long as we live.

The Ever Exciting Emmy’s

There’s nothing quite relaxing like sitting back and watching your favorite show on TV. TV shows have been there for decades as a source of endless entertainment. It gives us that something to look forward to at the end of a long day.

Whatever your preference is when it comes to prime time television shows, you would certainly agree that watching the Emmy’s is very exciting. Who could disagree that creating a good TV show takes a lot of hard-work? At the Emmy Awards, it’s not only the actors and actresses who get the credit, but also the directors and everyone else who helped the show become a huge success.


HBO’s Game of Thrones, PBS’s Downtown Abbey, and AMC’s Breaking Bad are among the nominees for the best-TV show, along with this year’s newcomer, House of Cards from Netflix. In my opinion, of course I want HBO’s Game of Thrones to win! I have been a fan since season 1 came out. It has everything: from action to drama to suspense and even comedy.

To be fair though, I haven’t really been watching the other series as unfailingly as Game of Thrones. Maybe I’ll give those other shows a shot and then I’ll know for sure who should win, fair and square.

A New Logo And An App Launcher Button For Google

Change is here once again and I can feel a netizens’ revolt coming. It happened when Mark Zuckerberg changed Facebook users’ profile page layouts, it happened when Yahoo! changed its ever famous Y logo. It might happen again as Google has just announced its plans to change its insignia, albeit only slightly, and adding an app launcher button on its homepage at the top right part of the screen.


The app launcher button, as the name implies, is a shortcut button that launches apps, such as Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and many more. It is basically designed to make sure that the user can navigate the Google homepagewith ease.

Some users, however, almost always react negatively to change even though the said change is for the better. People just don’t like things that are unfamiliar, and most of the time, they cling to what they’re used to. I must admit that I don’t feel comfortable adjusting to new things as well, but if we want growth and development to ensue, we should put on an attitude, that is open to change.

Google has always been an innovator; they made our Internet experience simpler and richer. So make no mistake that whatever changes they’re launching anytime soon will always be for the benefit of users.