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Four Numbers that Should Be on Your Speed Dial

You can easily find the contact info of just about any service provider when you need to give them a ring. However, sometimes, the going gets rough, and you might find yourself in a bind with no Internet or mobile connection. This is where your speed dial comes into play. It’s still important to keep people’s numbers in your phone to help you navigate stressful situations.

Your Lawyer

You never know when you’ll get involved in something that will need legal assistance. In New York City, lawyers such as Marc J. Bern & Partners are essential. Many situations have a constitutional dimension that requires a lawyer’s help. Being proactive and getting a lawyer’s number can spare you from a lot of headaches in case you get into a tight spot.

Roadside Assistance

Many people are too confident that they don’t keep a roadside assistance number in their phones. They feel that it will never be an issue for them just because they know how to change tires. However, you’ll always think that you don’t need help until you do. In case your vehicle acts up, especially in a place where there are not many people, calling roadside assistance is still the best way to get out.

Poison Control

If you live in a household with small children and young adults, you are familiar with the possibility of things going wrong very fast. The ingestion of chemicals can easily be one of those accidents. It’s essential to have access to swift advice on what to do in case of accidental poisoning. Having poison control on speed dial can be a lifesaver.

Utility Companies

In case you lose power or any other service, it’s best to give your utility company a ring right away. With today’s world, getting your Internet or power shut off can result in severe consequences, especially if you work or run a business at home. Having their numbers on speed dial can also give you an expressway to information in case a natural calamity causes the outages.

These four numbers should be on your speed dial to help you navigate out of stressful situations. Having these numbers will give you peace of mind. Remember, you don’t need them until you do, so better save their digits. Stay safe!

Businesswoman placing orders on phone

Three Money-Saving Ideas to Help You Start a Business in Utah

Businesswoman placing orders on phoneThe Beehive State continues to live up to its name. With its focus on hard work and innovation, it is one of the top five states to do business. If you’re a startup, though, you need to pay attention to one thing. The costs of starting a company here are getting more expensive. Here is how you can save a lot of cash during your startup phase:

1. Buy Used Furniture

Furniture pieces are not cheap. It’s because you don’t buy a single table or chair. You purchase a lot of them throughout the year. The good news is that you can look for Salt Lake City office furniture that has already been used.

Buying furniture from a reliable store ensures that you’re spending on high-quality, pre-owned pieces. You can still maximize their purpose for at least two years. Hopefully, by then, your business has taken off. You now have the cash flow to invest in newer office furniture.

2. Use the Online One-Stop Shop

In Utah, it can take you about a month before you can have a business license. You can further extend that if you don’t comply with the requirements. These include your Employer Identification Number (EIN) and sales tax number.

You can spend less time and money by registering your business in most agencies online. The state has a one-stop shop. With a single account, you can now deal with the Tax Commission, the Labor Commission, and Workforce Services.

3. Secure Your Financing

You don’t need to wait until you have a lot of money before you start a business and get it going. Financing can help you. All you need is to raise about 15% of the initial costs to increase your chances of receiving a loan. You can also ask for a loan guarantee from the Small Business Administration (SBA). In this program, SBA promises to pay a percentage of the loan in case you default. This level of security can further improve your odds of approval.

Don’t pass up the chance to open a business in Utah. Its environment is excellent for growth. With these tips, you can start your dream company without having to worry about time and money.

Snowboarder jumping high up in the air

Walking on Thin Ice: Injuries from High-Impact Winter Sports

Snowboarder jumping high up in the airWinter in the U.S. is a magical and a particularly exciting time, especially for snow sports enthusiasts. During this season, people from all over the country flock to the Midwest and northeastern parts of the country to enjoy the snow and all the winter activities it brings.

In 2017, 23 million people engaged in winter sports activities such as skiing and snowboarding in the country, according to the Physical Activity Council.

However, the combination of the cold weather, the snow and ice, and the reckless fun of winter sports pose a serious risk to athletes and casual sports enthusiasts. Since most winter sports are high-impact, meaning most of the time, both feet of a person are off the ground at the same time, they can be dangerous to those who aren’t adequately trained or geared up.

Since winter is almost here, you might be one of the millions of people who are thinking about joining winter sports activities. If so, you better come to the slopes prepared for the following injuries:

Head Injuries

Concussions are one of the most prevalent injuries that people who engage in winter sports get. Skiing, snowboarding, even hockey, and ice skating, require high speeds and done on slippery surfaces. This combination heightens the risk of collisions and falls, leading to your head hitting the ground.

To protect yourself from concussions and other head injuries, you should always wear a proper helmet. Additionally, wearing mouth guards can limit the severity of your concussion and protect your mouth from other injuries according to Damage Control Mouthguards.

Knee Injuries

Torn ligament, fractured kneecaps, and dislocated knees are some of the most severe injuries you can get from high-impact winter sports. The knees absorb the shock to the body from the direct blow of landing or falling when you’re skiing or snowboarding. The strain the high impact puts on your knees makes that body part even more susceptible to injuries with one wrong move.

To prevent or at least minimize the blow of knee injuries, make sure to pack your knee pads and put them on while you’re on the ice. It’s also best to practice different fall techniques so you won’t end up landing on your knees and injuring them.

Hand Injuries

There’s a reason that one particular thumb injury is called a skier’s thumb. When you fall on an outstretched hand with a ski pole in your palm, you create a force that stresses the thumb and stretched or tears your ligament. Other hand injuries include broken wrists and lacerations, both caused by extreme impact.

Protect your hands from the cold and the injuries that come with it by wearing proper winter gloves. Choose gloves that help you grip things like ski poles tighter and ones that have wrist protection. Also, let go of ski poles and don’t use your wrist to brace against falls.

When you’re on the slopes or the rink, follow these safety precautions. Exercise caution and keep in mind the proper techniques each high-impact winter sports activity needs. Don’t let the snow freeze your fun this winter.

Mortgage loan agreement with house keychain

Can You Obtain a Mortgage Home If Self-Employed?

Mortgage loan agreement with house keychainThe simple answer to this is yes, but the process is a little intricate. While many self-employed people earn a good living, it’s always harder for them to prove their income as compared to those who receive their W-2. This is what complicates obtaining a mortgage for the self-employed.

However, even if you’re self-employed doesn’t mean getting a mortgage is out of your reach. It only means that you need to be aware of what lenders look for when assessing your credibility. This article will shed light on what matters in your mortgage journey.

Proof of consistent income

Lenders need to be sure you can afford a mortgage. For self-employed people, what you take home is likely to be inconsistent. To determine if your average monthly income will be sufficient to service a mortgage, the lender will want to see copies of your tax returns. Most lenders will review tax returns of at least two years.

An easy way to determine how much mortgage you can afford is to add your gross income for the last two years and divide it by 24. Lenders will also consider your deductions since this impacts your net income. Every lender has a desired income range applicant should have so you might want to consult a mortgage broker in Tempe on the exact numbers.

Credit score

You might be a strikingly successful business person. However, having a lousy credit score may hinder you from getting a mortgage. And if you do succeed to convince a lender, your rates won’t be favorable. To calculate mortgage rates, lenders consider your credit score, debt-to-income ratio and your down payment.

Your assets play a role, too

It’s a plus for you if you have a sizable emergency fund or some serious cash in SEP IRA. When you have either of these, the bank feels assured that you can still service the mortgage in case your income dried up temporarily. You should also document your business assets carefully.

Ultimately, mortgage lenders just want to know that what you’re making is enough to service the home loan. If you’re self-employed, you just need to prove that your income is consistent and sustainable enough to service the mortgage.

How Do Professional Baseball Teams Use Analytics To Their Advantage?

Pro player hitting baseballProfessional baseball teams have begun to rely on data analytics to resolve certain issues with performance among players, but the challenge involves applying the information on the field during actual matches.

For instance, a laser radar gun connected to a smartphone app may analyze a pitcher’s spin rate and speed, but it’s still up to the person if they wish to absorb the information and make the necessary adjustments.

Scratching The Surface

Some experts admitted that baseball analytics is still a relatively new concept, but it has become an integral part of the sport especially in the next 10 years when developments would be more noticeable. Coaches and team managers are careful about feeding too much information to their players.

Even if numbers don’t lie, the nuances of providing a lot of details on their performance could be overwhelming and may affect their in-game performance. Other clubs simply focus on a certain chunk of data such as improving their batting technique. There is a downside to this, however, as games tend to be riddled with strike-outs that cause most fans to lose interest.

Record Strike-Outs

The batting average has reached below .250 that’s considered a new low since 1972, due to a new statistic in baseball. The launch angle, or the vertical position of the ball after making contact with a bat, has become a more common strategy among hitters.

This relatively new method increases the chances of hitting a home run, but the risk is heightened through strike-outs. It’s more likely to see players change positions in the field, simply because many pitchers could throw a ball at more than 95 miles per hour.


Statistical analysis will always be a part of any sport, but it doesn’t have to be all about numbers. Some devices provide real-time information on a player’s batting or pitch speed, but these shouldn’t entirely define a player’s development potential.

Where are the Best Places to Live Outside Metro Manila?

CityMany Filipinos have chosen to live in Cavite not only to be away from the congested Metro Manila but also because of the relatively affordable residential properties in the province.

Property experts also expect land values in the province to increase in the next five to 10 years. That is something to consider if you are planning to buy a property as an investment.

Best of Both Worlds

Cavite has also begun to shed its image as a provincial area due to the availability of different transport links to reach Metro Manila. Other than public buses and UV Express terminals, residents will have a new option by 2021 when the LRT-1 extension becomes operational. Another reason to move into the province includes mixed-use developments that provide convenient access to shopping malls, schools, and other facilities.

For instance, the Lancaster New City is one of several mixed-use developments that provide convenient access to different amenities, such as the St. Edward Integrated School in Imus. As the cost of tuition fees increase, parents should know that there are other alternatives that provide the same quality of education similar to the schools in Metro Manila.

Education Costs

The Department of Education’s data showed that it cost almost P23, 000 on average to pay for private school tuition fees for the academic year 2018-2019. The actual figure depends on where the school is located; therefore, tuition fees may even cost up to P65, 000.

The government data also showed that 947 schools gained permission to increase fees, while only 114 schools reduced their tuition fees.

Filipinos should consider buying a residential property in Cavite while prices remain affordable. In the future, the value of real estate might linger in the same price range in Metro Manila because of the ongoing infrastructure and commercial developments in the province.

The Most Viewed: How to Make People Watch Your Videos ‘Til the End

a videographer workingIt may sound unbelievable, but according to recent studies, people today generally have a shorter attention span, compared to a goldfish — a total of eight seconds. With so much content online, it’s harder to filter out information and hold attention to what you’re supposed to pay attention to. In the context of video content, it’s so easy to click ‘skip’ and thumb-scroll through the news feed to find the next amusing cat video to pore over.

This presents a challenge for brands: how do you make sure that your video content is watched until the end? How do you make your videos unskippable and thumb-stopping? Here are some tips to do just that:

1. Hook viewer’s attention immediately.

Break through the clutter of content by capturing people’s attention before they click on your video. How do you do this? With caption and title. When people search for videos on YouTube or scan through their social media pages, one of the things they’d notice easily is the caption and title, so you have to be creative about crafting them.

The rule of thumb here is to tell what your video is about, but leave some mystery to it to tease the viewers to finally click on it. What marketers often do is to tell what the problem is, then tease the audience with the solution.

2. Provoke emotions right from the start.

The first 10 seconds of your video should make viewers feel excited, intrigued, surprised, amused, etc. The principle is you have to make them feel things. Emotions are powerful in sustaining one’s interest, precisely the basic human response you’re appealing to. Decide on which emotion to evoke, based on your brand tone and the message you’re trying to convey. Consult Denver social media marketing videos and production agencies as you brainstorm.

3. Create a compelling story.

A video that has no persuasive story sets itself up for engagement failure. Remember, you’re cutting through the clutter of online content, so a narrative that’s special to your brand will make you stand out.

Moreover, it makes you more relatable to your audience, which is another element of unskippable videos. Before you decide on the technicalities, create a compelling story first. You have lots of sources for this, from employees and customers to industry experts and general human relationships.

Your social media videos may be losing traction because people are losing interest over it. Capture the short attention span of your audience with these tips.

Children using laptop

Taming Tech Tantrums: 3 Ways to Cut Down Kids’ Screen Time

Children using laptopIt’s the struggle modern parents are facing today: limiting screen time for kids. Children just love poring over their tablets and smartphones that pulling them away from it will only result in either them throwing a fit or you throwing a fit. That shouldn’t be your case every time. Here are tantrum-free ways to help your kids break away from their gadgets:

1. Divert their attention to other stuff

One of the reasons kids refuse to give up their tablets is there’s no fun alternative to it. You’ve emptied their hands, but haven’t replaced it with any. So, what you should do instead is encourage them to engage in other activities. Being glued to the screen makes for a sedentary lifestyle, so why don’t you suggest physical activities?

One of the best exercises, which doesn’t look like an exercise for kids, is biking. It improves muscle strength, strengthens bones, and curbs obesity. Teach your children how to bike. If they’re not comfortable yet, ease them into riding by taking them on a family bicycle, suggests MADSEN Cycles.

2. Designate “technology-free” areas in your house

Children should be well aware that using their gadgets has limits. When you’re able to train the mind, tantrums will be less likely. So, assign spaces in your home where it’s not allowed to use tablets. For instance, the dining room is an ideal “technology-free area” since it should be dedicated for family conversations over meals.

Aside from assigning spaces at home where tech use isn’t allowed, designate times as well. For instance, an hour before bedtime shouldn’t be spent on screen time.

3. Deal with it like a reward

Screen time should be something kids earn, not freely given. It’s a reward, not a privilege. So, for instance, you can have a rule where kids can only play on their tablets when they’re done with their homework. On the flip side, when they weren’t able to do their chores for the day, take away the privilege of screen time. Make sure not to add hours of screen time though when they’re able to do over and beyond what’s expected of them.

Are your children spending too much of their time on the screens? Pull them away from the gadgets, with fewer tantrums, with these tips.

Graphic designers posing for a photo

Business Productivity and Management: How to Enhance It

Graphic designers posing for a photoAny company knows the onboarding process is vital in making people understand the office culture, the administrative guidelines, the employee requirements, and even the relevant administrative procedures. Many offices now see the use of team management software to attract new clients and set up new branches and offices. The experts at BEynd explain that technology has made it possible for businesses to focus on improving productivity and product and service quality.

Here are some of the benefits of using the latest technology for your management processes.

There is increased productivity

Efficiency increases in the workplace, and you can manufacture more products when you automate your production. If your company offers services, you can schedule them properly and provide them in a timely manner. These automated systems and software can help you manage the repetitive aspects of the manufacturing and scheduling process. Your products and services can satisfy more clients when you deliver it on time.

It saves time

Your business can save time when repetitive processes are automated. Saving time enhances team morale, lessens work stress, and lessens the incidence of human error.

You can improve customer service

Customer satisfaction is the key to the growth of any business and any technology that helps improve service and product quality can make your company a better service provider. Improved customer business will lead to an increase in the industry.

Improved tracking process

In any business, tracking the flow of cash is vital for understanding profit and loss. Keeping business and financial records digitally will help you keep track of your company’s financial profile. These transactions could also be filed electronically.

If your company could use some improvement, you should consider using management software to enhance your business productivity and your business processes such as onboarding. A team management software will ensure that your company stays ahead of the game.

How to Treat Male Erectile Dysfunction

man in painIf you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), you’re not alone. In fact, approximately 150 million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, there are various treatment options for it. Your options would largely depend on the severity of your condition, your preferences, and any health conditions that you might have.

Erectile Dysfunction Medications

These include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc. These prescription medications could increase the effects of nitric oxide, which is a chemical for relaxing penis muscles. ED medications could improve blood flow to your penis, so you could get an erection. Other medications could be placed inside or injected into your penis. Additionally, your doctor might recommend testosterone replacement therapy if low testosterone levels are causing your ED.

Vacuum Devices

Commonly known as penis pumps, these vacuum devices could aid you in getting an erection through directing blood to your penis. You just put the device’s tube over your penis and then use the pump component for sucking out air from the inside.

Wave Therapy

This includes Gainswave, which is a scientifically proven erectile dysfunction treatment that makes use of pulse waves to break up plaque accumulation in the blood vessels of your penis and encourage the growth of new blood vessels. Done right, as explained by The Urology Place and other renowned urologists, wave therapy would boost blood flow to your penis and enhance and restore sexual function.

Penile Implant Surgery

Also known as penile prostheses, penile implants are devices that could be surgically placed inside your penis. Penile implant surgery is usually only recommended if other treatment options have failed. Once you’ve had penile implant surgery, other ED therapies won’t work anymore, unless you get your implant removed.

Sex Therapy and Counseling

In the event that your erectile dysfunction is due to stress, depression, or anxiety, your doctor might recommend sex therapy or counseling. A sex therapist or psychologist could help deal with your mental and emotional issues that might be causing your ED.

Every one of these treatment options come with different benefits and risks. With this in mind, you have to work closely with your doctor to figure out the most appropriate treatment method for your case. Remember, just because a friend had success with a certain treatment doesn’t necessarily mean that it would work for you too.